TFDC Chapter 233.2

Chapter 233.2 - Luring him away

After the guard spoke, he turned around and pointed to another guard before pointing to Little Bell.

The other guard also hesitated before hurrying into the residence.

When Little Bell saw this, she silently let out a breath.

Very good, as long as she got to saw the Night Prince it would all be fine.

That person told her that the Night Prince had investigated her before so he trusted her, and at that time, she just had to say what she was told.

She clutched the thing in her bosom tightly, glancing at the entrance every now and then.

Not too long later, the housekeeper came out with an angry looking Shiyi.

When Shiyi saw Little Bell, his brows furrowed.

He suddenly had a bad feeling that something might have actually happened.

After all, the person who investigated the people around Miss Lou was him and he knew Little Bell’s identity.

She was only a little maid that used to be with Su Sheng and after Su Sheng died, she came to serve under Miss Lou.

He walked over to her and looked down on Little Bell, “What do you have to report?”

“I … I have something to give to the Night Prince. It’s something to do with my master.”

“What happened to Miss Lou?” Shiyi heard her mention Lou Qingwu and immediately thought of those words from that night and rubbed his nose.

“Master, she … she’s in trouble!”

Shiyi hurriedly brought Little Bell to the Qingge little building.

Feng Yege hadn’t rested in the few days he rushed back and forth from the Medicine King Valley so his body was extremely exhausted.

He’d only finally lied down before hearing some noises from outside.

He slowly opened his eyes, his long eyes a bit suspicious.

At this time, Shiyi shouldn’t have let anyone disturb him.

“Master, are you awake?” Shiyi’s voice carried from outside.

Feng Yege made an ‘en’ sound, his voice still hoarse and languid, “What happened?”

“Miss Lou’s maid, Little Bell, just came and said that Miss Lou’s in trouble. This subordinate wanted to ask master what to do.”

“En?” Feng Yege froze.

He instantly flashed to the door and opened it.

He stood barefoot with a long black gown, his long hair untied over his shoulders. It gave off a more seductive languid aura, but his phoenix eyes were flashing dangerously.

His eyes bore straight into Little Bell, “Qingwu’s in trouble?”

“The Night Prince should look at this first.” Little Bell spoke as she took a letter out of her bosom to Feng Yege.

She seemed quite nervous, her hands were shaking.

Feng Yege took the letter from her hands and slowly opened it.

His eyes scanned the letter as his eyes grew dark before angrily crumpling it in his palm.

His phoenix eyes didn’t have any lights in them, and he didn’t even react when the letter pierced his palm.

It hurt a bit but it was nothing compared to how panicked his heart felt, and how uneasy he felt, “What exactly is Xiahou Qing eating? To go out at this time? Who gave this letter to you?”

“I don’t know. Sister Lan Bai just left the Leaning Wind Pavilion and then this letter was nailed to the wall. I was scared of wasting time and I couldn’t find anyone so I … I could only come to you, Night Prince. Night Prince, I’m, begging you, please save my master! Who would kidnap Miss Lou and the third prince?” Little Bell suddenly dropped to her knees.

“Get up first, I’ll definitely go and save her!”

“Master, we’ll go with you!”

“No, stay here. The letter said only for one person to go. Take care of her.”

“But …” Feng Shiyi was still really worried. “Master, you haven’t rested for days and you’re still injured, what if something happens …”

Even if they had a hundred lives, they still wouldn’t be able to die enough times to make up for if anything happened to Feng Yege.


TL note:  

Little Bell: I’m begging you, please save … (my life)

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  1. Hmm... Little Bell better gtfo. The moment Lan Bai and Thousand faces come back and hear what she did....

    Tangent: Am I the only one thinking that maybe it's about time for LQW to go save FY? Gender equality!

    1. Little Bell's plan is too devious 😭😭

      LQW has saved herself plenty of times! 😩😩

    2. .... That's true, most of the time LQW didn't actually need FY *sweat*

    3. LQW is the female lead for a reason 💕💕


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