TFDC Chapter 235.1

Chapter 235.1 - He will take responsibility

When it grew dark, Feng Yege ‘slowly awoke’.

His phoenix eyes were half lidded as he looked around, questioningly before sitting up.

The brocade gown on his body slipped down as he sat up, revealing his chest as his eyes grew dark.

He turned around before meeting Ye Ji’s reddened eyes.

When she saw Feng Yege’s sharp eyes, she covered her face and began to cry.

In a place where she couldn’t see, Feng Yege’s eyes grew cold as he swept a look at the scattered and torn pieces of clothing around them.

“What happened here?”

“Brother Ye, I ….” Ye Ji began crying even harder, but she wasn’t howling as she cried, her tears only flowed harder.

When she heard Feng Yege ask, her hands that were covering her face, lowered, as she used her teary eyes to look at him, “Brother Ye, it was all my fault. If I didn’t come to find you, this wouldn’t have…”

Feng Yege pretended to not understand, “What did I do?”

Ye Ji’s expression became awkward, her beautiful eyes lowering as her face flushed red, shy.

When her eyes met Feng Yege’s, she quickly looked away.

After half a day, she mumbled bashfully, like a little bunny, “Brother Ye, Ji’er, is already … yours.”

Feng Yege looked at her mockingly, “Oh? Then why don’t I remember anything? And why would you be here?”

Ye Ji’s eyes widened as she looked at him before explaining in a small voice, “I, I was originally worried about your wound and when I came to the Night Prince’s residence, I just saw you and Qingwu little sister’s maid leaving. I was worried about you so I followed you, but because I was a bit slow, I came too late. But, who would’ve thought that just as I walked into the hut … brother Ye you … you just hugged me and ….”

Ye Ji stopped as if she couldn’t continue, her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

She wasn’t sure if Feng Yege would believe her but she was very sure that as long as she revealed her trump card, according to brother Ye’s personality, he would definitely take responsibility.

Her lips curved into a smile before she sucked in a deep breath, weakly pulling her arm forward.

She revealed a pale arm and where there should’ve been a virginity mark, there was nothing.

Feng Yege’s pupils shrunk, not speaking for a long time.

His expression was exactly what Ye Ji had already expected.

After all, she wasn’t the person he liked, and to do it with someone you didn’t like, she knew he’d need some time to process it.

But she was certain that with what happened to the old prince, despite how cold and lonesome Feng Yege grew up to be, as long as this would happen, he would definitely take responsibility.

So she was gambling.

Just as she had predicted, in the next moment, she heard a sigh above her head.

She heard Feng Yege slowly putting on his clothes as she sneaked a look at him, watching his long figure.

Her mouth corners curved but as Feng Yege turned around, she immediately lowered her head.

Just as he looked at her, single tear rolled down her cheek, making her look incredibly desolate.

“Brother Ye, don’t worry, this … was only an accident. I won't’ say anything. When we get back, I’ll return to the Yuebai clan and I’ll never return to the capital. I’m just … just …” When she got to the end, she started choking up again.

Feng Yege returned in front of her again, his expression solemn.

But he passed a handkerchief to her and after half a moment, his deep voice sounded, “Even though this was unexpected, I … will take responsibility.”

“Brother Ye …” Ye Ji suddenly looked up, her eyes teary as she jumped onto Feng Yege, who then stepped to the side and avoided her.


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  1. .... Why do I feel like Feng Yege's "take responsibility" is different from what Ye Ji thinks it is? :P

    Have a safe flight!

    1. Nopeeee, in this case, Ye Ji and Feng Yege are aligned 👀👀

  2. If I remember it right, you said before that everything between FY and FL will be cleared on ch 250 onwards. Do I remember it right?!

    Anyway, obviously FY knows the scheme and he seems to have a plan already.

    True love will prevail... Fight!

    1. A little bit after 250 I think? Things will get stormy before they get better 🙈🙈


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