WNSYM Chapter 80.1

Chapter 80.1 - Come and kneel to lick at my feet

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Because of that misunderstanding, Tang Xiao and Mu Cheng continued to live out a shameless (- -) life.

Mu Cheng found a new way of threatening Tang Xiao.

Previously, when they were playing games, and Tang Xiao was asking for death, July and the others would swear at her and say that this would make Su Muzhe beat her to death.

But now, it all changed to, this way, you’ll easily be f***ed by Su Muzhe.

Her dog, slept his dog.

This was karma, and had to be repaid by the poop collector.

As a certain person said, he’d already controlled himself quite a bit.

Tang Xiao then shyly said: I already pleaded with the emperor to share his rain with other lands, but the emperor didn’t listen and only wants to dote on me. Aiyo, f*** my kidney really hurts.

Xiao Lin was expecting to give birth in spring but in March, the baby in her stomach already couldn’t handle it.

The baby was crying to come out already.

Her birth was quite smooth, but Chief Ning didn’t calm down until he saw Xiao Lin come out of the operating room.

Tang Xiao ran over and opened up the baby’s nappy to look at it’s peepee. “Ah, it really is a son.”

“F***! You actually won’t even let go of my son, don’t perv on him, okay!” Xiao Lin’s face was very unhappy.

Her recovery was fast but Chief Ning still wasn’t completely at ease, so she spent the next month after her birth in hospital.

Tang Xiao pouted. “I just took a look, it’s not like he’d lose a pound of flesh.”

Xiao Lin wanted to palm her forehead, she really wanted to shout, can’t you just look at Mu Cheng’s!!!

Why did she have to look at her son’s!!!

“Right, when are you and Mu Cheng planning on going public?”

Tang Xiao and Mu Cheng’s relationship was discussed heatedly nearly every month.

Her assistant and Chief Ning’s relationship was also mentioned.

These four people’s relationship was enough for her fans to come up with enough conspiracy theories to enact a huge drama.

Every month, an ‘insider’ would always ‘leak’ something new, and this ensured that there was always interest and speculation surrounding the four people.

Last week, there was an ‘insider’ who leaked that Tang Xiao and Chief Ning had already given birth to a son.

However, she hadn’t read up to this week’s new plot yet.

“What is Chief Ning planning?”

“You keep sticking around Mu Cheng, so when Night Changan broadcasts, find an opportunity to go public. Chief Ning said that Night Changan is an opportunity for you to reach new heights. The Third Gender’s second season’s script has also come out. A few people have also reached out to Chief Ning with new scripts so you can go and see if there are any that you’d like to participate in. A few reality tv shows have also reached out, inviting you to attend. Chief Ning’s sent some more details to you, so go and choose some.”

Tang Xiao kept poking the baby’s face, using her finger to tease the baby.

When she saw the baby was about to cry, she smiled cockily.

Xiao Lin watched on the side and couldn’t help but roll her eyes, swearing at her inside -- childish!

“I haven’t even spent all of the salary I got from acting in Night Changan, so I won’t be choosing a new drama so soon. It’s too tiring. I’ll just choose a second female lead.”

“No ambitions. Also, Night Changan’s scheduled to be released during the summer holidays, so you should start posting things on weibo to drum up some interest. This could be a good chance for you and Mu Cheng to build foundations for your relationship.”

Xiao Lin said a few more things before letting Tang Xiao go.


TL note:

Emperor sharing his rain - encouraging the emperor to also sleep with his other concubines

Spending a month after birth in hospital - it was customary to not do anything a month after giving birth, as it’s believed that the mothers need to rest and repair their bodies - sometimes this could even include not showering or even getting out of bed for a whole month after birth. However, this is quite an old tradition and I don’t think many modern mothers do this.

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