Character List

Character List

name meanings

Lou Qingwu - main character, is reborn back to when she is 12 or so (but the novel begins when she's already nearly 15), also the owner of the number one Jinsi building where she uses an alternative name (surname Mu) 

      Lou residence
  • Lou Lianxin - LQW's half-sister (also Lian'er), LJS' current fiancee, in the last lifetime, snatches LQW's husband and inadvertently causes LQW's death
      • Dong Mei - LLX's maidservant who in the past life, tricked LQW countless times 
      • Dongxue and Dongshuang - accompanying maidservants 

  • Lou Qufeng - LQW's father - left prime minister,  Qu (crooked/song) Feng (wind)

    • 2nd Madam - Ruan Zhen - LLX's mother, awful, hates LQW, tries to scheme her way to becoming the legitimate wife - lives in the Happiness and Fortune Pavilion 

    • 3rd Madam - Xia Zhuling, concubine, less awful than Mrs Ruan but still pretty awful

    • 4th Madam - Chi Mei'er - concubine, Lou Yun'er's mother, also awful because she needs to protect her daughter - lives in the Fragrant Plum Park 

  • Lou Yun'er - LQW's youngest sister, third young miss 

  • Housekeeper Uncle Liu - not Lou Qufeng's real uncle, uncle is just used as a term of respect
  • Lan Bai - LQW's personal maid who died for her in her past life time, LQW buys her at an auction to save her from suffering this lifetime 

     Royal Family - page on ranking for nobility - semi relevant for palace Chinese historical novels depending on dynasties

  • Xiahou Qing - third prince, major contender for throne, LQW's husband in her past lifetime
    • Ye Ji - XHQ's godsister - princess of the Yuebai clan, extremely gorgeous

  • Xiahou Rui - second prince, major contender for throne, in this lifetime, LQW will support him onto the throne, coldly handsome

  • Xiahou Liuyun - seventh prince, gossip addict, roguishly handsome 

  • Emperor

    • Empress - mother of Xiahou Rui, Xiahou Liuyun, raised Xiahou Qing

    • Concubines: Imperial High Consort Ruan - comes from LLX's mother clan so she's bad news too

    • Imperial Concubine Ying - Ying'er - truly ungrateful and easily tricked 
    • Main eunuch - Liu Jin, the emperor uses him a lot and is quite fond of him

  • Feng Yege - Night Prince - prince with different surname 
    • Feng Yi (one), Feng Er (two), Feng San (three), Feng Si (four) - 4 known subordinates of the Feng Twelve 
    • Feng Wu (five), Feng Liu (six), Feng Qi (seven), Feng Ba (eight), Feng Jiu (nine), Feng Shi (ten), Feng Shiyi (eleven), Feng Shier (twelve) 

Branched out royal family

  • Imperial prince Zong - the emperor's brother,  a ranked prince
    • Countess of Chaoxia - Xiahou Yiren - countess by virtue of being an imperial prince's daughter, LLX's friend

     Li family

  • Right prime minister Li Miu -  father of LJS+LZQ/head of Li family

  • Li Jingsheng - 3rd rank counselling general, second son of the right                                          prime minister, Lou Xianxin's current fiance 

    •  Li He - LJS's subordinate

  •  Li Ziqing - 3rd son of the right prime minister - useless flirt, deceased, is made into a human skin painting
  • Li Xiangluan - eldest miss of Li residence, Mu Yunqing's wife
  • Mrs Li - Li Miu's sister, mother of Fan Yi 

   Court officials
  • Mu Yunqing - Fifth ranked in the Justice Department, a young official who is quite handsome, Li Xiangluan's husband and has a questionable relationship with Su Sheng.

Ruan family

  • Ruan Xiuren - Ruan family's head, Ruan Zhen's brother of the same mother, vicious but Ruan Zhen has some sort of hold on him
    • Ning Xi - Ruan Zhen calls her "9th sister-in-law", also known as Ning'er
  • Ruan Er - Ruan Xiuren's younger brother, the second master of the Ruan family 
    • Ruan Xiang - Ruan Er's son, also known as Xiang'er, ran away 

     Jade Rouge Store/Lou Qingwu's people
  • Liu Ruyi - figurehead boss who is killed by Li Ziqing (along with 15 others) before the novel begins

  • Yi - LQW's subordinate, he's a youth but has a limp

  • Thousand Face Lord - master of disguises, especially human skin masks
  • Tang Er - surviving member of the Tang family, also chief guard of the Lou residence
  • Jin shopkeeper - shopkeeper for 'Number One Jinsi Building' 

  • Su Sheng/Wan'er - daughter of a businessman who gets sold into prostitution and has questionable ties with Mu Yunqing. 
    • Little Bell - her maidservant
  • Li Yuan - master of Anye guild which operates the underground black market auction and most of the underground black market. Also known as peach blossom eyes. 
  • Shangguan Yiyun - one of the ministry of war's official's daughter - excellent zither player and is talented in other arts too. The empress favours her as XHR's future consort. 
    • Fei Ye - her maidservant, questionable relationship with Ye Ji
    • Zhou Tong - Shangguan residence's zither teacher 
    • Yue Ji - famous and beautiful entertainer with renowned zither and dance skills
Xiliang country
    • Leng Yichen - manor master of the Number One Manor under the sky, also owner of Changle Lane
    • Xiao Mubai - a secretive handsome gentleman who teases LQW 
    • Shu Yunyan - Xiliang country's youngest prime minister
  • Royalty
    • Xiliang Li - the seventh princess of Xiliang country and his runaway fiancee 
    • Xiliang Feiyue - the third princess of Xiliang country 


  1. But who's Mr. purple eyes? 🤔🤔

  2. Hi! I just discovered TFDC and have been really enjoying it. Thanks so much for translating this wonderful story! I always make relationship diagrams to help me keep track of who is who. So here is the link for the diagram I'm making for this story. It only includes the characters mentioned on your character page and those we have met in the story as of chapter 30 (where I currently am) and will be updated as I continue to read it.

    I did take some guesses. For example, Lou Lianxin mentions that her grandfather's sister was an Imperial concubine (Chapter 22.2). I guessed that this was on her mother's side as it would be "their" grandfather if it was on her father's side. If you see any issues of mistakes, please feel free to let me know. You are also more then welcome to use or link to the diagram if you wish.

  3. Thanks for doing this 💕💕💕

    It's so detailed! And there's even cannon fodder that I forgot about on there 😱

    1. I'm glad you like it! :) I make them for myself anyway, but its always gratifying if others find them useful. I caught up with the most recent chapter today so the diagram is completely updated. It will have spoilers for those that are not current on the newest chapter, but is very useful when trying to remember a character that's not been around for awhile.

      One thing that I noticed is that in an earlier chapter they mention that Feng Qi and Feng Shi are both female (we haven't met them yet). So when Lou Qingwu sneaked off to the monastery and then got "kidnapped." The guards failed to follow because one of the female members (Feng Shi) had gotten injured and they all rushed back to check on her. Its not a big thing but kind of interesting to note that it was a female member of their group.

      I should also mention that I always try to include different spellings or changes to character's name. For example, the Emperor's favorite concubine is called consort Ying in the first few chapters that she appears in, but then its changed to Ning for the rest, so I listed both in her character box.

    2. That's actually just a typo because I'm careless. 😰😰

      Half way through, for some reason, I just decided her name was consort Ning but it should be consort Ying. Ying (颖) and Ning (凝) for reference. I've updated consort Ying's name in previous chapters 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️


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