TFDC Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21.2 - Deliberate provocation

“Yes, your son will remember!”

“Furthermore,” Li Miao’s eyes turned cold, “In just a few days, the second madam Mrs Ruan will be raised to be the legitimate wife. At that time, Lou Lianxin will become a fully fledged legitimate born daughter. So she won’t be a burden to you. So right now, you have gain the emperor’s favor at tonight’s banquet, don’t make any more blunders.”

“... Yes!”

“As long as you’re clear about what you need to do. Right, what about your third brother? Why didn’t he follow you back?”

“Third brother?” Li Jingsheng’s heart started to beat faster. His lowered eyes showed his panic but he kept pressing it down, trying to force himself to be calm.

Carefully, he spoke, “I originally wanted to bring third brother back but third brother had already gotten used to living by himself. When he heard that he had to go back, he didn’t say anything and completely disappeared. Your son was rushing back for the banquet so …”

“That child!” Li Miao furrowed his brows but his voice was full of affection. He didn’t question it at all, “As long as he wants to play, let him continue. We’ll just bring him back after a while.”

Li Jingsheng’s lowered lids flashed dark, but when he spoke, it was courteous. “Yes, your son will remember.”

When Li Jingsheng finally left the room, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He looked at the quickly darkening sky and his eyes darkened too.

His mind flashed Lou Qingwu’s beautiful and small face but he controlled himself.

In a choice between a beauty and the Ruan family, he would definitely choose the later.

As for Lou Lianxin, he’d marry her first and then think of a way to get Lou Qingwu too.

As for third brother …

He will wipe away all traces!

After thinking it all through, Li Jingsheng started to prepare for when he would enter the palace.

After a while, when he sees Lou Lianxin in the palace, he’ll just coax her a bit and then it’ll be fine.

But Li Jingsheng didn’t know that he would see Lou Lianxin that soon. Right as he got to outside of the palace and was lowered out of his palanquin, he saw two more not too far away.

One in front and one behind and when their inhabitants walked out, he saw Lou Lianxin and Countess of Chaoxia.

That Countess of Chaoxia was Prince Zhong’s only daughter and had been spoiled to the point of no return. Her personality was unruly and wildly stubborn but her base personality wasn’t bad.

She just had no scheming heart but her temper was short and would easily blow, to the point where she would blow up at anyone, including her relatives.

Lou Lianxin relied on the Ruan family’s connections to build connections with the other noblewomen in society circles.

Furthermore, she was good at bootlicking and would always gift expensive things so that curried a lot of their favours.

She also gained the empress’ favour and was close with the Countess of Chaoxia.

This demonstrates how crafty Lou Lianxin is, and cemented her as more of a help than Lou Qingwu could be to Li Jingsheng.

As he thought, Li Jingsheng looked towards Lou Lianxin.

And Lou Lianxin had noticed Li Jingsheng at the first moment too but because she was standing by the Countess of Chaoxia, she had no option to leave.

The Countess of Chaoxia knew that Lou Lianxin had him as a fiance so she looked at Li Jingsheng and then back at Lou Lianxin’s face that wanted to go over to him, but was slightly hesitant and pitiful, she couldn’t help but tease her.

“What? Did you two get into a fight?”

As she spoke, she didn’t think that Lou Lianxin’s eyes would immediately redden.

“Ah, I only said a bit and you’re already crying? Come, tell big sister, who bullied our Lian beauty? Look at how pitiful you look.”

Lou Lianxin held her handkerchief as she pressed it against her eye corners, hesitated for a bit before softly speaking, “It’s nothing, it’s only a small matter.”

“A small matter? A small matter would make you upset like this?” Countess of Chaoxia was full of disbelief. Her personality was straightforward and couldn’t bear for her people to bullied at all.

She immediately patted her chest, “Speak! Even if the sky falls down, you have this countess to hold it up for you!”

Lou Lianxin opened her mouth for half a day before softly saying, “My big sister came.”

“En? That legitimate sister who only knows how to steal your man three years ago? So what if she’s back? Why are you feeling so wronged? It’s not like she can flip the heavens?”


TL note

Countess fell for it, hook, line and sinker. LLX: 1, LQW: 0

Countess of Chaoxia: countess = junzhu (郑主), noble rank that’s below princes but above other noblewomen, she’s cousins with the emperor’s children. Her father is the brother of the current emperor. Important because of who she has a crush on. Cousins don’t count as incest, unless they share a grandfather.

So the 'countess' title makes her sound old but she’s actually around the same age as Lou Lianxin.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter πŸ’– This junzhu doesn't seem like a bad person but it seems like she's going to cause trouble for Qingwu 😩 I can't wait to see Qingwu beat down her sister tho hehehehe 😈

    1. She's not a bad person but she's easily influenced 😣😣😣

      Qingwu is going to do well πŸ‘Ώ

  2. Hehehe...Qing Wu is going to be full of fun schemes tonight >:DD Thanks for the chapter!

    1. I love her scheming 😍

      Thanks for reading πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. "As for Lou Lianxin, he’d marry her first and then think of a way to get Lou Qingwu too. "
    Wow..he's a total scumbag.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter Soupy❤️

    1. Li Jingsheng is awful so he gets his heart broken by Qingwu πŸ€—

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  4. This novel is ttrully fun, despite of following familiar patterns.

    I just wonder how would it be a novel of this sort of revenge, with or without rebirth, if the MC managed to scheme against the always strong back-up familiy, be it the evil step-new-official-mother, a favored evil concubine or the real first schemming wife.

    It'd be refreshing to sed for once the patterns reversed and twisted. First crippling the inner courtyard enemies, then killing the children first afirst and letting those evil figures of a mother suffer before succesfully getting rid of them and, finally, the usual stupid and greedy noble father to feel cornered and stripped of his power power after the MC has found her better path.

    1. It's a very stereotypical novel but still fun to read.

      Isn't that the trope? Her path to revenge after maiming/killing everyone and then going onto a better path with her new love? πŸ€”πŸ€”


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