TFDC Chapter 29.1

Chapter 29.1 - Four clawed golden dragon

The soaring dragon only had four claws.

There’s a common saying that says, five claws makes a dragon, four claws makes a serpent; one is a dragon that soars in the heavens, the other rolls around on the ground.

This … isn’t this saying that the emperor doesn’t deserve to sit on the throne?

Saying that he shouldn’t be sitting up high on the throne, but instead …

Everyone turned around to face each other and all kept their mouths closed.

If they opened their mouths at this point in time, they’d just be asking for death.

Unfortunately, it seemed like the left prime minister would find it hard to escape death tonight.

The cunning right prime minister Li Miao’s sly eyes flashed a dark light, and looked warningly at Li Jingsheng who was about to open his eyes.

The latter’s eyes flashed and slowly nodded his head.

He lowered his eyes and became silent.

Li Miao’s thoughts darkened.

When he saw Lou Lianxin appear in front of everyone, he believed that his decision was correct.

But now, it seemed like this concubine girl from the Lou family was impossibly stupid.

For her to be able to stir up so much trouble from such a simple embroidery as a birthday gift, she really was …

He dangerously squinted his eyes, his mind full of schemes as his face showed none of it.

On the other side, Lou Qufeng could clearly see his current situation and was nearly about to die of fright.

He immediately called out, “Emperor, please don’t be angry, emperor, please don’t be angry! This little girl definitely didn’t have that meaning, this … this must be a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding? A misunderstanding, you say?! Lou Qufeng, this emperor right now is questioning your loyalty!”

If even this  magnificent emperor of Dongyu who lords of this country could only be a four clawed dragon, who would be worthy of being a five clawed dragon?

Could it be that this Lou Qufeng was harbouring the fantasy of becoming emperor himself?!

When the emperor finished speaking, Lou Qufeng’s face was drained of all colour.

To be questioned by the emperor of his loyalty wasn’t just to be punished by losing his official rank, it meant losing even his head …

In just a moment, he was so frightened he became to kowtow continuously, “Emperor, investigate clearly, this subject is definitely loyal to the emperor! This subject is definitely loyal to only the emperor!”

To the side, Lou Lianxin still didn’t understand what was going on?

She distractedly looked at Lou Qufeng who kept going up and down, kowtowing his head to the floor, his face shockingly pale.

But she still didn’t understand why …

She could tell it was because of her but, why … exactly why was it?

On the other side, Lou Qingwu was a lot more calm.

Some time ago, she had already raised her head and her clear eyes shone coldly and no one noticed her because their eyes were all on Lou Qufeng and the emperor.

Apart from the second prince Xiahou Rui who was not too far away.

At the beginning, he had also been captivated y Lou Lianxin’s soaring dragon embroidery, but when he discovered that it was only four clawed, he couldn’t help but also worry.

It was likely that the left prime minister could really be gone now.

But he accidentally was caught by Lou Qingwu’s eyes and suddenly, he rejected that thought.

For some reason, when he saw her calm and still profile, he suddenly felt like that she could definitely turn around tonight’s events …

Even he thought he was going crazy but for some reason, his heart just unknowingly had belief in her.

His mind flashed to when he was at the Lou residence and she was being bullied by that concubine born little sister, and then, she was still impossibly calm.

Xiahou Rui’s eyes became deeper and deeper until they became dark like a dried up well, filled with a steady emotion.

Just as this play was about to reach its finale, Lou Qingwu opened her mouth.

“Emperor, please don’t be angry. This subject-girl has something to say.”

Her voice was light but in this Peony Garden where even a pin drop could be heard, it made her voice sound even more clear, low and cold.

Her voice seemed to penetrate into the depth of people’s hearts, extinguishing everyone’s current frustration and unhappiness.

The emperor had been attracted by Lou Qingwu’s voice, as he lowered his eyes to see a girl in front of him with her eyes lowered.

But even then, it didn’t hide her extremely attractive face so he froze, and despite his bad expression, his furrowed brows did ease a bit.


TL note

Emperors are always suspicious because they’re power-hungry and always scared that some dastardly subject’s going to scheme their way onto the throne.

Lou Qingwu here to save the day though.

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I got a job offer with the federal government starting next year so I don't have to job hunt as hard any more yay which means more translating time! The new novel is hilarious and the female lead is ridiculously shameless, perverted, bites off more than she can chew and somehow, is also incredibly oblivious even though she swears like a sailor. I adore her so much.

Link to the intro for more info and then link to the contents page to start reading!


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