WNSYM Chapter 85.1

Chapter 85.1 - Epilogue - Running away from home

Recently, Mu Cheng was constantly in a bad mood. 

If he was in a bad mood, the whole cast would notice. 

Mu Cheng was normally as warm as jade, so even if Tang Xiao made him mad, he’d just laugh until they rolled in bed and he tormented her back. 

But recently, this producer boss frequently furrowed his brows. 

In reality, it wasn’t that he had only recently been in a bad mood, he’d been in a bad mood for years. 

For example, when little Tang baby was born. 

He’d finally been able to coax her to sleep so he could finally be in a two person world with Tang Xiao! 

He rolled over and pressed down Tang Xiao but then the baby cried. 

Tang Xiao didn’t say a word before immediately pushing him off her, “I’m going to see what’s wrong.” 

Mu Cheng furrowed his brows but didn’t say anything. 

ThenTang Xiao, taking a look, became Mu Cheng watching over an empty bedroom for a whole night. 

Then, afterwards when little Tang baby went to school. 

Mu Cheng had just finished filming a show and wanted to spend some time with Tang Xiao, be affectionate with each other. 

“I just received your previous set photos. They look so good! You really do suit historical dramas.” Tang Xiao happily put up a poster on the wall.

Mu Cheng kissed her on the forehead. 

Normally, when this happened, it’d be time for a happy time with the lights out. 

But who knew that little Tang baby would suddenly pop up from out of nowhere and jump onto her mom’s knee. 

“Mom, someone said you and uncle have something going on in-game, I helped you yell at him but then they killed me. Help me take revenge.” 

Tang Xiao didn’t say a second word before pushing away Mu Cheng and pulling little Tang baby as she huffed to the study furiously. 

Mu Cheng’s brows furrowed even tighter. 

Then, afterwards, little Mu baby had a period when he definitely needed someone to sleep with him at night or he wouldn’t sleep at all. 

Mu Cheng then put little Tang baby in a bed with him. 

As a result, little Tang baby rolled over half way into the night and woke them up. 

At this time, Mu Cheng had just taken Tang Xiao’s pajamas off. 

“Wait, is that Jiji crying?”  Tang Xiao paused. 

Mu Cheng sighed. 

If Tang Xiao went to take a look, there was an 80% chance that she wouldn’t come back. “I’ll go and take a look.” 

Tang Xiao stopped him. “I’ll go, wait for me.” 

In the end, Mu Cheng ended up waiting for his wife to come back holding his son. 

Mu Cheng’s brows were furrowed into a tight knot. 

He felt like, for the sake of his life, he had to go on the defensive.


After Tang Xiao went in-game and killed little Tang baby to the point where she couldn’t even lift a finger, little Tang realised that apart from bitterness, her days were only bitter. 

Her mom went on for a bit before going offline. 

[Now] I want to be Yimao: Have primary school kids already started to play games now! 

[Now] A family of Tang and Song poems: Who are you calling a primary school kid! You’re a primary school kid, your whole family is primary school kids! 

The little Tang who had only just graduated from primary school was so mad that she went into killing mode. 

After a long period of fighting wits and strength with her mom, Tang Xiao really beat her up with no techniques but because her level was higher. 

When she got caught, she’d get beaten up, from when she went online to when she went offline. 

After a very long time, little Tang felt like this was the enchantress technique! 

High ranking deities should play like her mom, making an enchantress act like a knight, an alchemist, a support nurse and just anything but an actual enchantress. 

She rolled up her sleeves and rushed forward but the other side flipped her over easily. 

Little Tang wasn’t discouraged, becoming more brave with each setback, reviving and coming back again and again. 

“Nian Nian, go and see if your brother’s back from walking the dog.” Tang Xiao called out from the kitchen. 

Little Tang mumbled an agreement but her bottom didn’t leave the seat. 

Tang Xiao called for her again and when there was no response, she got mad. 


TL note: 

Ji Ji = little Mu baby 

Nian Nian = little Tang baby 

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