TFDC Chapter 213.1

Chapter 213.1 - Sharing a carriage

Renshou palace

Feng Yege stood in the hall, his cold face slightly helpless, “Empress dowager, Ye hopes that you won’t continue to make trouble for her.”

“Yege, ah, I’m only doing this for your own good.”

“But if it really was for my own good, you wouldn’t be like this.” If it wasn’t for him getting news and hurrying here straight away, would the empress dowager really have bestowed marriage on her to someone else?

“This child, that girl is definitely a source of calamity.”

“Even if she means calamity, then I can only accept it.” Feng Yege stood straight, his eyes were steady on the empress dowager.

The empress dowager’s heart grew increasingly unsteady, “But last time, you clearly promised me that you’d consider a marriage alliance with a countess or a princess!”

“I did consider it so why did the empress dowager try to bestow a marriage on her so casually?”

“What do you mean casually?” The empress dowager suddenly felt a bit guilty under Feng Yege’s eyes.

But thinking about how she was doing this for his good, her back straightened up again.

“The Minister of Revenue’s assistant minister, third gentleman, already has a proper wife, so does the empress dowager want to lower herself to be a concubine?”

“That …” The empress dowager suddenly grew unhappy with how Feng Yege was accusing her, “Her reputation is bad so finding a marriage for her was difficult.”

Feng Yege looked up at the empress dowager, his chest felt stifling, “But empress dowager, you know that it wasn’t her fault back then. She’s pure and clean, so why does she have to go be someone else’s concubine?! Furthermore, that third gentleman’s immoral and had nearly been killed because he got caught trying to steal a woman. It was only because the assistant minister came out and lowered himself that that affair was settled. So even with this, the empress dowager didn’t bother to investigate this properly?”

“Are you accusing me?” The empress dowager’s face coldened.

“Yege doesn’t dare to.” He lowered his eyes, his whole face looked submissive.

His skin was so pale it was almost translucent.

“Empress dowager, I have always respected you so even though my father-prince was a prince with another surname and I have no royal blood, apart from Miss Lou, you are the only one who was treated me sincerely after my father left. So I’ve endured it, time after time, because I don’t want you to be heartbroken. So apart from this, we can discuss anything else. So in only this affair, please forgive me because I cannot endure this!”

Even though his face was lowered, his aura was still strong.

This Feng Yege reminded the empress dowager of the old prince from the past.

They were both strong headed, as long as they had decided something, even ten bulls couldn’t tear them away.

She rubbed her forehead and in the end, was swayed by the resolve in Feng Yege’s eyes.

She waved her hands, “Alright, retreat then. Let me think.”

“Yes, Ye will first bid farewell.” Feng Yege turned around, his tall figure quickly disappearing from the hall.

The empress dowager’s face coldened again, turning around to her senior aid, “Get the right prime minister here right now. When I told him to find me a child with a clean background, he finds this type of person? To dare to recommend that type of gentleman, isn’t he clearly just trying to make trouble for me?!” The empress fumed.

The senior aide immediately went to go call for someone.

Li Miao had only arrived at Renshou palace when he was sternly lectured for two hours, until he left.

When Li Miao left, the empress dowager’s expression slightly improved.

But just thinking about Feng Yege made her head hurt. “Alright, alright, go and support me to go rest. This affair has completely provoked Yege, that child. In the future, I won’t worry about these affairs.”

A right prime minister couldn’t even investigate thoroughly an assistant minister’s third gentleman?

That really was a waste of his position.

The senior aide who was supporting the empress dowager thought of some rumours she’d heard and couldn’t help but speak, “Empress dowager, please don’t be angry but there are some words I don’t know if I should say.”

“What do you want to say.”


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