TFDC Chapter 218.2

Chapter 218.2 - Already thought of an escape plan

“It’s the first time that I’ve seen you get so angry, you can’t take it just because a woman wrongly accused you of being a pervert?”

“If it was you, what would you think?” Leng Yichen shot her a look as he poured out tea for both of them.

Lou Qingwu laughed and went to the main point of the conversation, “Get it out, why did you call me out here today? Do you have any orders.”

“I don’t dare to say ‘order’, I just wanted to ask you for help.”

“Oh? What would you need help with?”

“Help me dig that woman out. Changle Lane’s news network actually couldn’t find anything her but I’m definitely sure that she’s in the capital. But my people can’t find anything on her. So someone’s either hiding her identity or she has an exceptional identity.”

If it was her real identity, then he could find it out but if it was an exceptional one, it would be hard.

“You’ve been in the capital for a while so I’ll have to borrow your strength this time.” Leng Yichen said.

“Alright, that’s fine. I’ll give you news in half a month.”

“You can’t do it any faster?” Leng Yichen drank his tea in a single gup.

His heart felt like after that crossdressing woman had made a mess, he had no mood to do anything.

“No, the capital has recently gotten complex. If I’m too obvious, it’ll mess things up.”

“Then … half a month it is.” Leng Yichen knew that she was doing something he couldn’t understand.

If his small affair ruined her big plans, that really would be a loss.

After he found that woman who dared to escape marriage, he’d drag her to the marriage altar and then divorce her immediately.

“Alright, I’ll organise it as soon as I can. But I also have something I’d like to ask.”

“What is it?”

“Help me move all of my business out of the capital.”

“En?” Leng Yichen’s head suddenly whipped up. “Why?”

“I think, in less than three years, Lou family’s eldest daughter might not be alive any more.” Lou Qingwu’s smile was mocking.

“You … what are you planning on doing?”

“After I finish with the capital, I might leave Dongyu country, for good.” After she had completely destroyed Xiahou Qing and tied up Tang and Ning family’s ends, she’d leave.

But before then, she’d already thought of an escape plan, even if it was for a while longer.

Leng Yichen saw the resolve in her eyes and after a long time, nodded his head, “Alright, I’ll send for people to start organising that.”

“I’ve troubled you.”

“You’re really being courteous with me? Give me more of the profits next time then.”

“En? Do you think that’s likely?” Lou Qingwu glanced at him.

The two people met eyes and laughed, seeing trust and light teasing in each others eyes.

Lou Qingwu returned to the Lou residence when it was already dark.

Lan Bai had already organised for Little Bell to settle in.

After Lou Qingwu had washed up, she blew out the candles.

But in the dark, she lied in her bed for a long time and couldn’t sleep.

Her mind kept flashing to Feng Yege carrying that woman in his arms, and his retreating figure.

Her heart grew increasingly frustrated.

She didn’t know how long it had been before she suddenly sat around, looking in all four directions before sighing.

In the following days, Lou Qingwu very obediently didn’t leave the residence.

Even though she wasn’t scared of bumping into Xiliang Mubai, it’d interrupt her plans if anything happened at this point.


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  1. Is Qingwu any closer to fianlizing her plan? I want it over.
    Will she go all the way with it? What about Feng YeGe. Her heart is troubled by him carrying that woman. She may not be able to take it if he finds someone else.

    1. TFDC is all about LQW's revenge so it can't be over too soon πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

      The novel has a happy ending so she ends up with Feng Yege πŸ’“πŸ’“

  2. Well... he made her drink vinegar at last.

    Though this whole moving away thing.... Worrisome to say the least...

    1. LQW is planning to go out in a blaze of glory πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

      Feng Yege's actions are maddening and they only get worse 😏😏

  3. She has already chosen revenge over love ! She must pay the price for her choice!

  4. Is LY , the fiancΓ© that ZL is running from ? Is she a princess from the same state as the guy LQW made unable to get hard??

    1. Yes the fiancΓ©e, and I'm not sure if she's from the same country πŸ€”πŸ€”


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