TFDC Chapter 216.1

Chapter 216.1 - Being disliked

“En?” This was the first time that Leng Yichen had been sworn at and pointed at so badly.

He was already about to explode but hearing Lou Qingwu speak, his expression grew bad, “What kind of drug?”

Because she’d seen this girl once before, Lou Qingwu knew that she had some sort of unclear relationship with Feng Yege, she knew that she couldn’t just watch her die.

So she walked over to her and checked her pulse, “She’s been drugged with an aphrodisiac. Go tell your subordinates to investigate who did it.”

Leng Yichen heard this and his face coldened.

His eyes grew vicious as he waved in a direction.

In the main hall, multiple figures suddenly appeared, all nearly lined up.

Leng Yicheng ordered, “In fifteen minutes, find out for me!”


After the figures disappeared, the original guests who wanted to see a good show, all quietly retreated.

They’d heard for a while and knew that the pretty gentleman was actually a girl crossdressing.

But only a few moments later, a scene shocked them.

One of the four major dancer girls of Changle Lane, Yue Ji, actually appeared and in front of Leng Yichen, suddenly kneeling, “Master.”

Leng Yichen emotionlessly answered her.

Then he turned to Zi Li, “I will find the person who drugged you but you should also understand, being like this, I won’t look upon you! This is just a misunderstanding!”

Zi Li heard that Yue Ji, one of the four major dancer girls actually called this man ‘master’, and her face went completely red.

She finally knew that she’d falsely accused him but she’d originally crossdressed as a gentleman to see what this Changle lane was about.

Who knew that she’d only heard a few songs before a person suddenly crashed into, splashing liquid on her clothes.

A dancer girl came up to her and told her to go to a room on the second floor to change, so she didn’t think much and went upstairs.

But she didn’t think to ask which room on the second floor and just randomly chose one.

Who knew that she’d stripped down halfway before realising that the originally empty room had someone in it, and he was looking at her strangely.

No matter who was in her position, would think of him as a shameless pervert.

If she knew that this would happen, she wouldn’t have left the Night Prince’s residence even if you’d killed her.

Lou Qingwu originally wanted Leng Yichen to send her back to relieve her drug, but who knew that Zi Li was as stubborn as a donkey.

She insisted on finding out who drugged her because she’d only drank a few cups of tea as she listened to the songs, so it must have been those cups of tea.

The guests didn’t think that they’d actually meet the rumoured master of Changle Lane.

They all kept their mouths tightly shut as Leng Yichen’s subordinates worked quickly.

In less than fifteen minutes, they dragged a man and threw him in front of Leng Yichen.

“Master, someone said they saw him putting something in the miss’ drink. Afterwards, he followed the miss into the room, he probably wanted to sneak a look at her.”

“No, no! You’re falsely accusing me!”

The man heard that and immediately started objecting.

But as soon as he lifted up his small eyes, they flashed suspiciously, guilty.

Leng Yichen saw this and immediately grew furious, when had he ever been used as a target for someone else?

“You … you, you!” Leng Yichen hadn’t even said anything before Zi Li started shouting.

That man was a person who sat near him, someone who kept sneaking glances at her.

She’d looked at him a few times but she didn’t think that he’d actually see through her cover and realise she was a girl.

She was immediately furious as she lifted up her whip.

But the drug made her weak and she could only angrily glare at him, “You disgusting pervert, just wait for me!”

Leng Yichen saw this, and how could he not understand?

He immediately waved his hands, “Drag him out and beat him up. After you finish beating him, Changle Lane will never accept this person on its premises ever again!”


TL note:  

Poor Leng Yichen.

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  1. Leng Yichen seems very lenient.

    1. It'd be bad for business if he just killed a guest for screaming at him 💀💀

  2. It seems sneaking into a brothel to view the sites is not a safe thing to do when you are a pretty young girl.That is unless you got your manerisms downpat.

    Thank you for this chapter

    1. Yup, and she's not a main character so she was just asking for it 😤😤

      Thanks for reading 💞💞

  3. She finally knew that she’d falsely accused him but she’d originally crossdressed as a gentleman to see what this Changle lane was about. -> ???? At best it's a house for showcasing the skills of a girl, at worst, it's a brothel, what is there to "see"? This girl.... *shakes head*

    ???????? She walked into a random room and it was used therefore the guy is a pervert?

    This girl is annoying ~_~;

    1. She just wanted to see the pretty girls 👀👀

      She walked into a room and started changing because someone threw a drink at her. She stripped halfway before realising that Leng Yichen was in the room 💀💀

    2. but but... wouldn't you check to see if the room you're in is empty before LITERALLY stripping?! XD

      Wait, that would take common sense, and I think it's well established by now that this girl lacks that trait. =P

    3. She's lacking common sense 😩😩


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