TFDC Chapter 214.1

Chapter 214.1 - Heart beating faster

“Come here.” Feng Yege spoke again.

Lou Qingwu remained silent.

When she hopped onto the carriage, for the sake of avoiding the awkwardness of being too close to him, she purposely chose the seat furthest from him.

He was facing the curtains so she chose the seat that was diagonal from here, right next to the curtains so they were separated by a carriage.

She didn’t move.

Feng Yege’s eyes were on her the whole time, and in the end, he softened his voice, “The carriage is swaying so much that my head hurts, come here and let me rest my head on you.”

Lou Qingwu: … You’re already leaning against the carriage.

But she couldn’t bear to say it out loud so she could only slowly nudge closer to him.

When her bottom had only just touched the bamboo seat closest to him, Feng Yege suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms.

Lou Qingwu could smell a medicinal fragrance on him, she held her body tight as he pulled her close.

In the end moment, something heavy fell on her shoulder.

She turned her head around and saw that Feng Yege seemed incredibly tired, his eyes were closed as he rested his head on her shoulder.

His long eyelashes cast a shadow on his face, making his face seem less cold than usual and more approachable.

The two people were so close that Lou Qingwu could feel him breathing, his breaths were like a feather brushing against her neck, softly brushing up and down.

Her heart, suddenly seemed to start beating faster.

“Ah?” Feng Yege suddenly lightly sighed, his long eyelashes opening up.

His eyes were incredibly dark as they fell on Lou Qingwu’s expressionless face, “Miss Lou, your heart’s beating very fast.”

“Is it?” Lou Qingwu was even calmer than him, “The Night Prince must have heard wrongly.”

Feng Yege lightly raised a brow at her but he didn’t say anything else.

His thin lips curved into a smile as Lou Qingwu closed her eyes, pretending not to see.

She suddenly felt like she might not be the source of Feng Yege’s calamity, but he was hers.

The carriage smoothly made its way to the front doors of the Lou residence.

From outside, Feng Shiyi spoke, “Master, Miss Lou, we’ve arrived at the Lou residence.”

Lou Qingwu made a sound of agreement as she turned her head to face Feng Yege.

This time, he’d really fallen asleep but the two people’s voices made him open his eyes.

He straightened his body as his eyes were still a bit dazed before holding a bit of pity when he looked at Lou Qingwu.

He looked at her like that because time seemed to have gone too fast, it made him a bit frustrated.

“Night Prince, I have arrived. I’ll get off first.” Lou Qingwu finished speaking as she turned around to leave.

Feng Yege suddenly grabbed her.

Lou Qingwu turned around to look at him, not understanding.

Then she saw him passing a bottle of medicine to her.

Lou Qingwu froze, before seeing Feng Yege’s eyes fall on her knees as realisation dawned on her.

She hesitated for a moment before collecting it.

He probably knew that she was there that night when he was injured.

Feng Shiyi had saw through her disguise, so of course, if it wasn’t her own people, she couldn’t control them.

“There won’t be a next time.” Feng Yege spoke sincerely.

Lou Qingwu knew that his heart hurt at the thought of the hour that she knelt for.

She actually wanted to say that she was willing to do so.

Even though the empress dowager was purposefully being difficult, she was only doing it for his own good.

If she was the empress dowager and saw that the child she had been raising so carefully, was suddenly being sullied by a girl with an awful reputation, she wouldn’t feel well either.


TL note:  

Raising so carefully - the words are literally ‘raising a child within the palm of your hand’, meaning that you raised them super carefully and the second part of the phrase is ‘scared that if you put it in your mouth, they’ll melt’, meaning very treasured.

Sullied - literally ‘ruthlessly womanising’

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  1. Feng YeGe is so in love with Qingwu. This carriage ride showed him that she is attracted to him as well. As sad as he is he wants her to come to him and forget this revenge.

    1. He's trying his best to save her 😭😭

  2. We don't mind a flirt like him to be with Qingwu😏😎💕💕

    1. The only flirt in this novel that we like 😤😤

  3. Muchas gracias.
    Insisto... está bien que se vengue, pero de allí a planear casarse con el principe de porquería para traer al niño de regreso... prefiero que tenga uno con FY, al menos será mejor padre.

  4. She suddenly felt like she might not be the source of Feng Yege’s calamity, but he was hers. -> This earned a chuckle out of me ^^;

    Hmm... should we be happy or sad that LQW is perfectly willing to kneel for his sake since she knows the dowager only wants what's best of him?

    ... it's misguided but the sentiment counts....?

    1. LQW still cares for Feng Yege as a junior sister, and she kinda knows she likes him more than she should. She just knows that nothing will come out of it 😭😭

  5. Feng Yege is a really refreshing ML. It's nice to read about ML who does not throw himself on the MC but only behaves childishly and evokes compassion only that she come and meet with him. At least he is not a psycho throwing himself with deep kisses as part of punishing and training her beloved just because she talked with someone else. We can feel that he love her and it is not just lust to beautiful girl

    1. It's good to change it up every now and then. I sometimes like those psycho male leads too but yup, Feng Yege takes it easy and actually respects most of LQW's choices, even if they're crappy choices 👀👀


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