TFDC Chapter 60.2

Chapter 60.2 - Failed to prove innocence

“Dear nephew, dear nephew …” Lou Qufeng’s face was pale as he called out a few times.

He was afraid that there was a chance that Li Jingsheng would break off the engagement.

At that time, his second daughter would truly have no one to marry!

Ruan Zhen thought of this too as her whole body fell limp and crumpled to the ground.

Lou Lianxin cried out loudly “wah”, regretting ever listening to Ruan Zhen’s words.

Now, she … she really didn’t have anything left!

Lou Qingwu was walking towards the Leaning Wind Pavilion.

Her movements were slow as if what was happening behind her, wasn’t related to her at all.

She held her handkerchief and slowly wiped away the tears that hung on the corner of her eyes.

She wore a light pink gauze gown that in the night, looked like a white gown.

Her clothes billowed in the wind as her eyes looked empty like they’d been stripped of a soul, leaving only a body.

She walked silently like a ghost.

She pushed open the door in the Leaning Wind Pavilion.

The whole courtyard was pitch black and it was only until she walked into the side wing was it brightly light up.

At the same time, the door was pulled open by a “Chun Tao”.

Thousand face wore “Chun Tao”’s face as it split into a grin, “Master, you’re back! Did it go smoothly?

“Very smoothly.” Even smoother than she anticipated.

She was afraid that tonight, Ruan Zhen wouldn’t be able to get a good night’s sleep.

“Fantastic! Then afterwards, who do we deal with? To dare to hit master’s meridian points, their guts have gotten guts. We should smash their heads one by one, and then feed them to the dogs.”

He moved to the side as Thousand Face revealed the few people hung up from the roof.

He grinned to show his white little teeth and then closed the door.

The few black clothed people heard this and a cold shudder suddenly went through their bodies.

They … were about to die as martyr?

They struggled a few times but were helpless as their bodies were completely limp and weak.

Their hands were tied up to the roof and even when they tried as hard as they could to move, they could only reluctantly move a few times.

To think that they were top class killers who’d undergone many sword fights with arrows raining down, they would actually one day get felled by a particular bewildering potion.

If this went out, they’d definitely lose their number one spot on the killer’s rankings as the “Feng 12”.

Lou Qingwu lifted up her eyes and looked at them a few times, her mouth curled into a cold smile, “Who sent you here?”

“Wu …” The few people immediately shook their heads.

Master said before coming here, that they definitely weren’t allowed to reveal their identities in front of Miss Lou.

“Very loyal.” Lou Qingwu leaned against the door, languidly and slowly.

She looked good except for her eyes that seemed to be like a snake in hiding, and that if you weren’t careful, would bite you at any moment now.

The few people were regretting immensely that they underestimated their enemy.

But no matter how hard they thought, they would’ve never considered that a girl who had her meridian points hit and had no martial arts, would still be able to move.

And not only that, would be able to use bewildering powder to beat them.

This was the first time that they’d been captured before and this feeling was … peculiar.

Their bodies had already been tempered to resist all sorts of poisons and an ordinary bewildering powder definitely shouldn’t have worked on them.

Originally, that was the case but … once Miss Lou struck, they still got hit.

If master found out …

The few people turned to look at each other and tacitly agreed to stay silent.

Luckily, it was only the four of them here today.

If all twelve came, then their whole army would be wiped out.

“What are you all called?” Lou Qingwu suddenly changed the topic.

The four people froze and nodded at each other before beginning to truthfully answer.

“Feng Yi.”

“Feng Er.”

“Feng San.”

“Feng Si.”

Once they finished answering, Lou Qingwu nodded understandingly.

She looked at them meaningfully as she curled her lips, “Oh, surname Feng. In this whole capital, to be able to have the surname Feng, ah, let me think, who could it be? It does seem like there is one person with the surname Feng, what is he called? You guys know right?”

Feng Yi: “...........”

Feng Er: “..........”

Feng San: “..........”

Feng Si: “..........”

Master, it really wasn’t that we couldn’t hold out to the end.

It’s just that the enemy’s rank is too high, and doesn’t play normally!


TL note:

Feng 12 - So their names are Feng one, Feng two, Feng three, Feng four. Left the numbers in Chinese because Tang Er is Tang Two and I have to keep something consistent at least.

This arc is the gift that just keeps on givingπŸ‘Œ

(In the past few days, I did a blood test, got a flu vaccine and a meningococcal vaccine. My arm has three holes in it orz)

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