TFDC Chapter 63.1

Chapter 63.1 - Discussing a marriage

Lou Qingwu followed a palace maid into Kunning Palace.

The empress wore a phoenix gown in true red as she sat in the master hall.

As she saw her walk in, her eyes immediately became gentler, “Qingwu, hurry and let this empress see. I’ve haven’t seen you in a few days so I’ve been really thinking about you, child.”

Lou Qingwu displayed proper etiquette as she bowed before walking towards the front.

She stood not too far and not too close to the empress, warmly and obediently.

She didn’t display too much fear but also not too much arrogance because of the empress’ favour.

Her whole person was gently and obediently standing to the side, as graceful and subdued as a Jiangnan ink painting.

The more the empress saw, the more she liked her.

But thinking about what she’d just heard, she exchanged some greetings before being unable to resist changing the topic: “Ah, Qingwu, did you suffer some grievances at the residence? If you have anything, tell this empress and I can get justice for you.”

From the gossip that spread from the Lou residence, to the clearly biased version spoken by the left prime minister in the early court, even though the emperor said he believed it, how could anyone with eyes not see clearly?

The emperor was only giving the left prime minister face, because after all, if they actually did end up arguing over this, there was no way of ending it well.

So they could only let this child suffer.

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “This subject girl’s well at the residence. Empress doesn’t have to worry.”

“....” The empress was stunned.

She originally thought that this child would at least complain a bit, unable to bear having to suffer from the false accusations.

Who would’ve thought that she wouldn’t say anything at all?

This type of Lou Qingwu made her heart hurt even more.

Towards the left prime minister’s clearly bias towards the concubine born and hatred towards the legitimate born, how was this not similar to the emperor’s attitude towards her and Consort Ying’s children?

Just thinking about the events then made the empress’ heart feel cold as pity welled up in her heart.

She pulled Lou Qingwu over and finally sighed, “You’ve suffered.”

But the imperial chambers couldn’t meddle with politics and even if she really wanted to persuade the emperor, she couldn’t open her mouth.

Furthermore, what happened that night at the banquet, she’d already seen clear the emperor’s heart and therefore would definitely not do anything that would give her no benefits.

It was only a pity for this child because even though the emperor acknowledged the left prime minister’s words, the citizens weren’t blind.

Having an illicit affair was having an illicit affair, so as long as it was secretly spread everywhere, once the Lou family’s second daughter married into the Li residence, she definitely would get her own rotten karma back!

“Qingwu, don’t worry. This empress will definitely find you a good family to marry you into!”

She thought and thought, unable to help but look towards behind the curtains.

As if she’d finally decided on something, coughed, then resumed back to normal, holding Lou Qingwu’s hand, “Qingwu, ah, I heard that you’ll reach marriageable age in ten or so days. In this capital, are there are any boys that have caught your eye?”

Lou Qingwu’s lowered eyes flashed as she lowered her head even more.

It looked as if she was too shy to even open her mouth and as if she’d finally been forced to the point of no return by the empress, finally lifted her head up with reddened eyes to face the empress, “N-no, no one!”

The empress covered her mouth and laughed, “No one’s good, no one’s good.”

As she finished speaking, sneaked a peek at behind the curtain before trying to sound her out again, “Then, why don’t this I find one for you? Who do you like amongst the princes?”

Lou Qingwu’s face reddened even more, bit her lips and didn’t say another word.

“You’re not willing?”

The empress’ laughter dulled but didn’t have any hint of blame in her words.

She’d suddenly only said so to sound her out.

Lou Qingwu shook her head, and after half a day, hoarsely spoke, “Qingwu thanks the empress for your favour, but … after last night’s affair, Qingwu temporarily doesn’t want to … empress, please don’t be angry at Qingwu.”

“Silly child, how could this empress be angry at you? Then we’ll just wait for a few more days.”

At this time, even if this child agreed, it wasn’t a good time for marriage any way.

So all they could do was wait.

The empress then pulled Lou Qingwu to say a few more words before letting her go.

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