TFDC Chapter 61.2

Chapter 61.2 - Is servant girl pretty?

She flashed a smile with teeth, a smile that looked even uglier than if she were crying.

But she twisted her waist and lifted up her fingers in a lotus symbol, waved a handkerchief at him before her eye corners twitched.

However, she continued to show what she thought was a flirty and charming, but was actually terrifying, smile, “Master, is servant girl pretty?”

The slightly hoarse voice, a strange expression and a thick …

The medical book in Feng Yege’s hand dropped to the floor.

Save me …

In ten minutes, Feng San was kicked out with a crying expression on his face as he silently took small steps out of the room.

Feng Yi, Er, Si all immediately surrounded him: “What happened, what happened? What did master say?”

Feng San pulled at the female dress that clung too tightly on his body as he looked at them bitterly: “What do you guys think?”

He lowered his eyes before suddenly raising up his head.

He bit his handkerchief as he blinked at them, raising his eyes to look at them, “I’m really not pretty?”

Feng Yi, Er, Si were terrified as they froze, quickly tumbling backwards as they looked strangely at the Feng San who still had his fingers up in a lotus symbol.

“You, you, you’re not really …”

“Is servant girl what?”

Feng San coquettishly winked.

“AH!” The three people quickly disappeared, “Feng San, you don’t have to come back tonight!”
Their little hearts couldn’t take it any more.

After the three people disappeared, Feng San pulled away his smiling eye corners that were twitching.

He pulled a face at them, disloyal brats!


I’ll scare you guys to death!

I’m not taking off these clothes, and I’ll see if you guys can get any sleep tonight!

After the four people outside left, the Feng Yege in the room finally slowly stood up.

His long figure pulled a long shadow.

A person in black appeared behind him, “Master.”

“What happened tonight?”

“Feng San and the others received orders to protect Miss Lou but Feng San accidentally hit Miss Lou’s meridians points. He nearly messed up Miss Lou’s plans so that’s why Miss Lou made Feng San crossdress as a warning …” The person in black covered his mouth and coughed under his breath, as if he couldn’t speak any more.

Feng Yege thought of what he just saw as his expression strangely stiffened.

But all he could do was helplessly shake his head.

How was she punishing Feng San?

She was clearly just telling him something.

“.... order those at the Lou residence to all leave.”

If she wasn’t willing for him to enter, then he’d respect that.

But how much was there inside her heart?

Following what he’d investigated, what happened back then definitely shouldn’t have been enough to make her change so much ….

He rubbed at his forehead.

Feng Yege’s jade-like face flashed a dark emotion.

Exactly how could he melt the thousand miles of ice in her heart?

How could he make her believe in other people again, to stop placing them a thousand miles away?


Leaning Wind Pavilion

The sounding of midnight by the nightwatch sounded as the leaves on the trees lightly made a “sha sha” sound before immediately resuming its previous deadly silence.

Lou Qingwu’s eyes fell on a certain place before her expression became light.

The candle light swayed as she returned to her senses.

She placed her eyes back on the medical book placed in front of her but she couldn’t read any more of their words.

Thousand Face silently appeared behind her, “Master, the people have left.”

“En, I know. We, let’s go.”

Lou Qingwu stood up and pushed open the door.

Cold air blew in and rustled her white clothes.

The only piece of white satin holding her hair up also flew in the wind, her slender finger giving off an air of weakness and grief.

Thousand Face also wore white behind her, his hand holding a wicker basket.

The wicker basket was filled with white candles and paper money as the two people, one in front and one behind, walked away, their clothes flying in the wind.

In a place where they didn’t notice, another figure in white flew in the darkness.

His feet stepped on a tree branch as he soundlessly followed, silently accompanying them.

When Lou Qingwu came back in two hours, the candle in her room had already been extinguished.

The person who came watched her door before soundlessly lightly sighing.

They turned around as their figure flew like a crane, quickly disappearing in the night before entering the Night Prince’s residence.


TL note:

White candles and paper money - Chinese people burned white candles and paper money for the dead so in the end, LQW was going to burn sacrifices to her mother. Thousand Face, LQW and the person behind were all wearing white to show mourning/respect for the dead.

Fingers in a lotus symbol - done by coquettish women and eunuchs.

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