TFDC Chapter 70.2

Chapter 70.2 - Jinsi building’s owner

“What, does the eldest miss Nie not even have thirty thousand taels?” The girl coldly swept her eyes at her.

Her tone was clearly perfunctory, but still made people feel uncomfortable.

Nie Zhen’er’s face was shockingly pale, “Who, who said?! This miss just didn’t bring that much today, right now, I’ll get someone to grab the money!”

“That’s alright, but, with everyone waiting, we can only give Miss Nie half an incense stick’s time (~7 minutes).”

“Half an incense stick’s time?! How could they go back and forth in that time?”

The red clothed girl shrugged her shoulders, “Then there’s no way we can do business, after all …”

She smiled meaningfully, “This was a notice from Jinsi building’s owner. Unless, of course, you’re able to personally ask Jinsi building’s owner to change her mind.”

Nie Zhen’er was delighted, “Where is the boss?”

Rumours said that the owner of Jinsi building was extremely mysterious and barely anyone had seen their true face.

She’d always been curious, what type of gentleman would be able to create such a large jewelry empire.

The red clothed girl’s smile grew deeper, “Are you sure you want to beg them?”

“That …”

Nie Zhen’er bit her lip, but thinking of “Two birds flying together”, she nodded her head strongly.

“Tell this miss where the owner is and then this miss will see him. He’ll definitely extend the time by half a day, no, even two hours is fine!”

The red clothed girl heard this and her eyes moved around in a way that made people feel chilled to the bone.

The people below the stage looked confused, what was happening her?

But in the next moment, the red clothed girl stepped in front of Nie Zhen’er and placed both of her hands on her shoulders.

She slowly pushed Nie Zhen’er around, facing below the stage as her face leaned closely beside her ear.

She lifted a hand and pointed towards the languid Lou Qingwu, “En, that’s Jinsi building’s owner.”

Nie Zhen’er followed her finger, and when she saw Lou Qingwu’s face, her brain exploded.

This … how could this be?

Jinsi building’s owner is female?

And was a lowly and cheap maid servant?

How could …

Lou Qingwu met her eyes as her smile grew deep in a way that chilled Nie Zhen’er’s heart.

All around them, the crowd moved and grew restless.

They’d all witnessed the mocking way that Miss Nie had treated that girl, so … now ….

Those who stood at the entrance and watched the noble circle, especially, started excitedly whispering and gossiping around them.

In a few moments, the whole auction marketplace knew about Nie Zhen’er’s arrogant and stubborn ways.

Their looks all turned into contempt and disdain as they looked down on Nie Zhen’er.  

When had Nie Zhen’er ever faced this type of treatment?

She instantly growled, “How could she be?”

Shopkeeper Jin laughed coldly, “How could she not be?”

Nie Zhen’er didn’t have a response, her face became red and then pale.

If even shopkeeper Jin had admitted to it, then her last bit of hope had been extinguished.

But to make her beg a person that she’d just mocked and looked down upon?

How could she open her mouth!

Lou Qingwu had seen enough and finally decided to get up.

She walked elegantly and despite her clothes, her noble aura and proudness shone from her bones like a light, not allowing those who looked at her to move their eyes away.

When she reached the steps of the stage and finally stood at the stage, she looked at their eyes coldly.

Her gaze gave the crowds the feeling that she was looking down upon the sky.

She purposely lowered her voice, in a way that brought a certain something to the way she spoke, “Thank you for everyone’s appreciation and for all the support that you’ve given to Jinsi building in all of these years. “Two birds flying together” has a moral, that love will always find a way. Originally, Miss Nie had won the bid, but it was only a pity that she couldn’t pay the price for it.

But to bid again for it, would be too illogical … so this Mu today, will be the master and gift it to someone who has an affinity with it.”

“Good, who is it? Who is the person who has an affinity with it?”

To gift something worth thirty thousand taels just like that, an owner really was an owner!

“That’s right, who is it …”


Below the stage, the crowd grew noisy as Lou Qingwu smiled.

Finally, her eyes fell on the phoenix-tailed masked man whose eyes watched her with a half smile.

Her finger pointed at him, “The person with affinity is … him.”


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  1. ... Welp. ... Technically not rigged indeed.

    Wonder if LQW already knows who he is? or is she just thanking him for his earlier help? Hmm....

    Either way, Feng Yege, someone's getting close to your waifu :P you should get here asap, especially since you're supposed to be paying for everything anyway XD;

    1. This is why I was being vague 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Naw, LQW's just playing. Feng Yege has a cute lil display of jealousy later (but he doesn't come until the fun's over LIKE ALWAYS DAMN IT) 😫😫

      Also LQW pays for her own stuff, her Jinsi building is made of $$$ 😤😤

    2. But butttt FY promised she could buy anything! He wouldn't... *gasp* LIE to her now would he? :P

      >_> It's too much fun slandering FY. I should probably stop at some point. (although I doubt I will because it's fun >:3)

    3. LQW doesn't need Feng Yege's money 😤

      I like bullying FY too and tbh, I think it's ruining his image. I should actually stop because our male lead's actually a really nice guy and he does a lot for LQW. It's just that 99% of it is behind the scenes and we don't get as much interaction as we do for other novels 😭

    4. #weslanderbecausewecareforLQW?

      Hahaha. Makes sense in general, I mean he did help her out a LOT throughout her two lives so far, basically quite a bit of what she has can be attributed in some way to him (for her healing skills last lifetime, and for her poison skills this lifetime as well as getting away from the castle with minimal problems)

      True that she doesn't *need* his money, but come on, would you spend your own money if you had a boyfriend to uh... *appropriate* funds from? xD It's more fun spending other people's money, I assure you ;D

    5. Poor Feng Yege 😔 let's just blame the author for giving him no screen time instead~

      LQW wants to keep the lines between her and Feng Yege clearly marked 😫(I enjoy spending other people's money HA)

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      Thanks for reading 💗💗

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    1. Mostly to make Nie Zhen'er even angrier and to redirect her anger elsewhere 😊

      Feng Yege's playing it cool (not really, he's gonna be mad soon because he got delayed elsewhere.)

      Thanks for reading 💕💕

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