TFDC Chapter 66.1

Chapter 66.1 - Underground black market

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Seeing the scene in the room, Feng Er was completely stunned.

By the time that he’d finally reacted, he immediately smashed closed the door!

Awoo, he …. he, he, he, what did he just see?!

Prince, he actually …. he actually …..

The prince wouldn’t fly into anger from humiliation and kill him to keep him silent would he?

Feng Er’s little body stood straight and upright as he wanted to cry but no tears came out, “Master, your subordinate didn’t see anything!”

If he knew beforehand that he’d see something he shouldn’t have, then he should’ve let Feng San come here.

At least that kid had already been through the nightmare that was Miss Lou, so he’d already steeled his mind to be able to withstand things to a superhuman level!

The room’s door was opened again, but this time, Feng Yege had already gotten up.

Lou Qingwu stood behind him, her little face extremely calm.

That is, if you ignored her hands that were unnaturally held at her sides.

Originally, she’d only wanted to tease Feng Yege a bit, but who knew that she’d accidentally let his subordinate see.

She didn’t even have to think to already know what the dumb head was misunderstanding the situation.

She swept a gloomy glance at Feng Yege, her intentions obvious.

Feng Yege pursed his lips as he coughed, a hard-to-come-by unnatural expression was on his handsome face.

As if he was lazily asking in a careless manner, but was actually very forced, “Feng Er, ah, what did you just see?”

“Nothing!” Feng er immediately stood up straight as he shut his eyes closed tightly, yelling out, “Reporting to the prince, your subordinate didn’t see anything. Definitely didn’t see you pression down on a servant girl and definitely won’t tell Miss Lou that you did something unforgivable to her! Your subordinate swears to death that they will forever protect their master, so master, please be assured, your subordinate really didn’t see anything!”

Feng Yege: “.......”

Lou Qingwu: “.......”

After half a day, Feng Yege slowly turned around as his eyes fell on Lou Qingwu’s twitching eyelid.

He face palmed.

What a good … “I didn’t see anything!”

He didn’t see what he should have seen and what he shouldn’t have seen, he saw extremely clearly!

“What did you want to report just then?”

“That … we’ve already prepared what the master wanted prepared so … ah, we can go now.”

“En, I know.” He silently stood up as Feng Yege didn’t look at Lou Qingwu’s face.

He coughed and tried to his awkwardness, “Follow me to a place?”

Lou Qingwu nodded her head and didn’t ask anything.

She wanted to avoid Feng Er more than he did.

What did “definitely won’t tell Miss Lou that you did something unforgivable to her” mean?

For him to not see her face properly was one thing, but why did he report that he wouldn’t tell her, what did that have to do with her?

It’s not that Feng Yege didn’t feel Lou Qingwu’s confused gaze, it’s just that he decided to play dead and pretend to not see.

So he just continued forward to the Feng Er who had his head lowered down.

He collected the mask in his hands and passed one to Lou Qingwu.

Lou Qingwu looked at the mask and discovered that it was a fox-type mask.

Hers was white and Feng Yege’s was black.

She was curious, what type of place was he going to bring her to?

To the point where they have to wear masks?

Only after the two people left did Feng Er finally let out a relieved breath.

He wiped away the sweat at his forehead, and thanked the heavens that he was quick witted enough to understand his master’s loyalty and devotion to Miss Lou.

See, the master believed him and didn’t blame him for seeing something he shouldn’t have.

But just as he turned around, he saw two figures in front of him.

It was Feng Yi and Feng Si and the two people looked pityingly at Feng Er: “Your display of loyalty wasn’t bad, it’s just that, are you sure you don’t regret it?”

Feng Er was confused, “Regret what?”

Feng Si face palmed, “Did you not see the maid servant's face properly?”

Feng Er blinked, “Who could it be? If it wasn’t Feng Qi then it would be Feng Shi.”

Within the twelve people, they were the only ones who were female.

The other 10 were all tough as steel men.

Then again, the situation was too tense, how could he dare to look around recklessly?

It’s just that, the master had been clean with no desire and lust for so many years, so why did he suddenly …

He rubbed his face and felt a bit awkward.

Feng Yi and Feng Si looked at him and laughed drily.

They patted him pityingly, “Er, ah, stay safe. Even though Miss Lou didn’t understand your words today, once she becomes our female master and remembers your “loyalty and devotion” to the master today, at that time …”


TL note:

Feng Er - number two, in Chinese ‘two’ can also mean ‘dumb’ so there’s another reason why it’s Feng Er who walked in and made a mess.

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  1. He's definitely dumb 😂 and Lou Qingwu is so dense towards Feng Yege's doting (╯▅╰). Also, I'm now curious of these Feng Qi and Feng Shi.

    1. He's just a bit slow 😭

      Lou Qingwu never looked at him that way 😣😣

  2. Omg tho, Qingwu's certainly dense - how couldn't she get it??? And honestly, she's certainly unique - how can u not fall for FY??? Especially with how doting he is 😩 Poor Feng Er tho hahaha 😂

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