TFDC Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65.2 - Senior brother was wrong

Feng Yege suddenly flipped over as he bent over and pressed down on Lou Qingwu.

His bonds had loosened some time ago as his lowered eyes looked laughingly at the stunned girl underneath his body.

“Junior sister, calling over Feng San would be too troublesome. Why don’t I take off my clothes now?”

Lou Qingwu slowly blinked, “Does senior brother want to be a rogue?”

The purple in Feng Yege’s grew darker, “If junior sister’s willing to be a female rogue, then senior brother won’t mind being a male rogue.”

“But I do mind.”

As she finished speaking, her arms were raised as a colourless and odourless powder flew towards Feng Yege.

Feng Yege’s long body swayed unsteadily as he shook his head and sighed, “Junior sister, the way you’re going about this is making it difficult for your senior brother.”

“Senior brother, the way you fall for everything too easily also makes it difficult for your junior sister.”

Feng Yege was even more helpless.

It was only her who could do that.

No one else would even be able to get anywhere as near as close, let alone make him fall for a tra.

It was only because he let his guard down that he fell for it so easily.

Truthfully, it was mostly him indulging her.

Or otherwise, how could a small little bewildering powder make him go unconscious?

Lou Qingwu lazily got up and looked at the Feng Yege who wasn’t too far away.

The flowing warmth in his purple eyes as he looked at her made the coldness in her body completely go away.

She couldn’t deny that her mood was a lot better.

She was afraid that in this whole world, there was only him now, who could let her fully believe in him, the only person who she could truly depend on completely.

She changed her wet clothes as Lou Qingwu wore the light green clothing of a maidservant and walked out of the inner rooms.

Feng Yege had already been waiting for her as his purple eyes were changed again with a potion.

They were as dark as ink again, like obsidian.

The way that he stared straight at her, and only her, gave off a deep type of warmth.

Lou Qingwu lowered her eyes, avoiding his gaze, “Master, is there anything for this servant to do?”

Feng Yege froze.

She went in this easily?

His mouth curled as he raised his long gown, lying down on the soft couch again.

He lazily spoke, “Then first give this prince a back massage, and knead my waist.”

Lou Qingwu’s eyes flashed, “Is the prince sure?”

“Of course.”

He’d known her for so long and had never enjoyed this type of privilege.

Just thinking about her soft and white little hands personally serving him made a strangely pleasant and satisfying feeling bloom in his heart.

Feng Yege’s handsome eyes became even more and more warm.

The laughter in Lou Qingwu’s mouth deepened, “This servant obeys.”

She moved towards the soft couch as her little hands fell on Feng Yege’s shoulders.

She began to lightly knead and massage, not lightly or heavily.

The laughter in Feng Yege’s eyes deepened but didn’t truly allow for her to get tired.

She only massaged for a bit before he generously waved his hands, “Change to another place.”

He’ll let her massage for a bit more and then he’ll let her go ….

But he didn’t see that when he said that, a strange light flashed in Lou Qingwu’s eyes.

Her fingertips soundlessly moved towards his waist.

The prince said to massage his back, knead his waist, so after massaging his shoulders, the next part would obviously be the waist right?

She mischievously blinked as her hands jumped to Feng Yege’s waist.

Feng Yege’s whole body stiffened and without waiting for him to react, Lou Qingwu’s fingers lightly started pinching.

In a moment, Feng Yege’s handsome face stiffened even more.

Lou Qingwu lazily pinched a few times as she watched Feng Yege’s face change a few more times until it seemed to crack.

Just as Lou Qingwu was about to go pinch him again, his hands grabbed her sneaky little hands and pulled them towards him.

In a blink, the two people’s positions changed to one was on top to the other.

His warm eyes fell on her face, bringing a sense of helplessness, “Stop messing around, senior brother was wrong, okay?”

Knowing that he was ticklish, and she still continued to pinch his waist? En?

Lou Qingwu raised a brow but didn’t say anything.

But just as she was about to speak, the door was suddenly burst open as Feng Er rushed in anxiously.

“Master, it’s all done, we should …” ah, prepare to leave.


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  1. Hehehe. Awww, the Author revealed that it's Feng Yege allowing himself to fall for some of her tricks. (not that it helps mind. In my head canon, he's still falling for all of them because she's sneaky regardless ;P)

    On the other hand, oooh. That's pretty high praise from her saying that he's the only one she would believe in 100%. Backstory hype? :D

    1. My head canon is that LQW is perf and is super sneaky and catches Feng Yege off guard all the time. But I can accept that Feng Yege's super doting and loves her a lot 😍😭

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