TFDC Chapter 181.1

Chapter 181.1 - Help her bandage her wound

Lou Qingwu just felt disgust rolling around in her heart but her lips curled up into a smile.

“Yes, I’ll save you.”

Almost instantly, she turned smilingly to Feng Yege, meeting his deep eyes, “No need for the Night Prince to waste your time.”

Feng Yege’s pupils shrank, his thin lips lifted up, “Really?”

The two people’s confrontational attitudes made Ye Ji and Xiahou Qing face each other.

Ye Ji immediately hugged Feng Yege’s arm, laughing, “Brother Ye, the day before yesterday, I learnt a new song, I’ll play it for you, okay?”

“En.” Feng Yege’s eyes then moved away from Lou Qingwu, as he turned to face Ye Ji again.

Ye Ji was elated, she quickly jumped up and left.

When she came back, she held a zither in her arms as she sat to Feng Yege’s left side and started to play.

Lou Qingwu calmly listened to her.

She couldn’t deny that Ye Ji really was good at playing the zither.

From that day they were on the pleasure boats, she’d already known.

But this song, <Conscious difference> was played beautifully.

It really sang about the bitter grievances a girl suffered because of love, and you didn’t need to think deeply about who it was about.

Lou Qingwu’s eyes subconsciously turned to the silent Feng Yege, her eyes darkening.

Ye Ji played until the end, a romantic and lingering sound as she looked at Feng Yege’s profile, love struck.

Her white fingers plucked the string but in the next moment, the string broke and blood dripped from her finger.

“AH!” Ye Ji cried out, gripping her hand.

“Miss Ye Ji!”

“Ye Ji!”

Lou Qingwu and Xiahou Qing turned around with concern on their faces.

This made Ye Ji’s eyes tear up even more but her eyes fell solely on Feng Yege, “Brother Ye …”
Feng Yege seemed to be thinking of something else before suddenly snapping out of it.

When he saw the blood on her finger tip, his brows furrowed, “How can you be so careless?”

Just as he finished speaking, he took out a snow brocade handkerchief from his sleeve and personally helped bandage her finger.

Lou Qingwu’s eyes darkened but her face stayed wooden.

Xiahou Qing then suddenly spoke, “Qingwu, ah, I suddenly remembered that I haven’t drank my medicine yet. Come and accompany me to drink it.” After finishing speaking, he blinked his eyes at her, gesturing to the other two people.

Lou Qingwu used her handkerchief to block her eyes as she nodded at him, understanding.

The two people quickly bid farewell and left the pavilion.

Their backs faced Feng Yege and Ye Ji but they could still  hear Ye Ji’s delicate and soft cries, crying out in pain.

Then they heard a rare comforting tone from Feng Yege as he comforted her.

Lou Qingwu walked forward emotionlessly but her hand that gripped her handkerchief was tight.

But her lips curled up mockingly, wasn’t this what she wanted?

She sighed.

Maybe she just didn’t want Ye Ji to be the one by Feng Yege’s side, after all, she was a bit too calculative.

She wasn’t a good match for Feng Yege.

But who could truly not be a good match for another person.

After all, there just needed an opportunity and two strangers could become one.

Like … her and Xiahou Qing!

Her eyes grew cold until they grew a dark black.

When Lou Qingwu left the third prince’s residence, she saw Lan Bai pacing outside of the carriage.

Her face was anxious until she saw Lou Qingwu, then she quickly ran to her and welcomed her.

But when she saw that the third prince’s housekeeper was behind her, she quickly shut her mouth.

When they both hopped inside the carriage, then Lan Bai finally couldn't hold it in any more.

“Master, did something just happen?”

“En? What happened?” Lou Qingwu almost carelessly used her handkerchief to wipe her hands.

When she heard Lan Bai ask her this, she tilted her head questioningly.

“Ah … it’s just that, when you had just gone inside the third prince’s residence, I saw Miss Ye Ji and the Night Prince also go inside.” WHen she saw the Night Prince, it nearly shocked her.

She was scared that the Night Prince would confront her master.

After all, her master seemed to dislike the Night Prince lately.


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