TFDC Chapter 195.2

Chapter 195.2 - Remorsefully apologising

“Lan Bai!” Ruan Zhen seemed very anxious, her patience was wearing thin, “I don’t have time, tell Lou Qingwu to come out here and see me!”


“You!” Ruan Zhen’s eyes grew even redder as she glared at Lan Bai.

Suddenly, just as Lan Bai wasn’t paying attention, Ruan Zhen’s hand reached out to push her.

Lan Bai staggered backwards, only barely managing to stay standing up.

Anger formed on her face, “If the second madam wants to vent, you can return to your Happiness and Fortune Pavilion to do so. This is the Leaning Wind Pavilion, you can’t just force your way inside here!”

“Go away!” Ruan Zhen saw that being nice wasn’t working so she toughened up too.

She was about to charge inside.

How could Lan Bai let her?

She tried her hardest to stop her, and originally, even wanted to throw her outside.

But she was the second madam after all so she couldn’t actually do that.

Otherwise, it’d just make more trouble for her master.

So the two people twisted together.

Lan Bai didn’t dare to actually fight back but Ruan Zhen had no qualms about giving it her all.

Very soon, Lan Bai’s neck and arms were filled with long, red scratch marks.

“Lan Bai, let go of her.”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded from behind, a voice that was also a bit of languid because it came from someone who had just woken up.

Ruan Zhen suddenly looked up, seeing Lou Qingwu.

First, hatred flashed in her eyes before she forced it down, squeezing out half of a smile, “Eldest, eldest miss.”

Ruan Zhen’s sudden change made Lou Qingwu curiously raise an eyebrow.

But she didn’t speak.

Lan Bai saw that her master had been woken up by the disturbance and looked at Ruan Zhen unhappily.

But she could only reluctantly let go of Ruan Zhen and put her down.

Ruan Zhen’s heart was occupied with something else so when she walked, she walked carefully.

But the reluctance and viciousness in the bottom of her eyes was something she couldn’t hide, no matter what.

She walked towards Lou Qingwu and only stopped a few steps short.

She looked at Lou Qingwu, not speaking.

Lou Qingwu didn’t speak either.

Her body lazily leaned against the door frame, her beautiful eyes half-lidded.

Sunlight shone on her body, as if she was giving off light, making Ruan Zhen look even more haggard and wretched.

Ruan Zhen’s hands gripped together before after a long time, she finally looked like she’d made a decision.

She instantly dropped to her knees with a thud, kneeling in front of Lou Qingwu.

Lou Qingwu’s eyelid twitched.

“Second madam, what are you doing?”

“Eldest miss, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been so misguided, and done something that even an animal wouldn’t do. Please forgive me.” After speaking, and as if to show off how pitiful she was, Ruan Zhen squeezed out two crocodile tears.

She used her handkerchief to dab at them, looking a bit sorrowful.

But that’s only if you hadn’t already seen the fierce hatred that emanated from Ruan Zhen’s bones.

From an outsider’s point of view, you really couldn’t harden your heart against her.

“Ah, did second madam do something bad to me?” Lou Qingwu didn’t step forward to help her up.

“I ….”

Lou Qingwu pretending to not know anything made Ruan Zhen hate her even more.

But thinking of what the imperial edict wrote, she could only lower herself even more.

“It was second madam who was not virtuous of heart, because of jealous, I wanted to harm the fourth madam’s child. I even tried to push the blame onto the eldest miss, this was second mother’s fault! Second mother shouldn’t have done that!”

“Oh? It’s that matter.” Lou Qingwu smiled. “And I thought it was something else. In this matter, fourth madam is the victim so if second madam wants to apologise, you should go to the Fragrant Plum Park.”

“I will go to fourth madam’s place, of course. But I just hope that the eldest miss can look upon my many years of hard work and dedication to the residence, and help me say something to the emperor!” Ruan Zhen was really anxious.

She looked up at Lou Qingwu, her red and bloody eyes like a poisonous snake’s.


TL note:  

Second mother/second madam - there is a difference between the two and of course, Ruan Zhen calls herself ‘second mother’ in an effort to be closer to LQW. You might have noticed that Lou Qufeng calls RZ, LQW’s second mother too. He’s trying too hard.

LQW doesn’t feel too close so she calls her ‘second madam’ unless she’s trying to play innocent.

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  1. >:( Lan Bai got hurt again.

    Go away Ruan Zhen, no one wants to see you, just die by yourself somewhere else.

    .... ~_~; Annoying. At least give LQW a reason to do something.

    1. Lan Bai will be okay 😭😭

      LQW's just waiting for Ruan Zhen to die 😩

    2. I was worried that Ruan Zhen might have poisoned Lan Bai during the tussle.

    3. Ruan Zhen has too much at stake right now 🤧🤧

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