TFDC Chapter 188.2

Chapter 188.2 - Using a scheme to outwit a scheme

She was completely shocked and scared, but even more than that, she was uneasy.

How did she get found out?

“Godly doctor Xue, then that red scorpion voodoo worm won’t do anything to the fourth madam’s body …” Lou Qufeng still felt a bit uneasy.

The godly doctor Xue calmly swept a look at him, “Left prime minister, I just said that the threat has been destroyed. I think …”

He carelessly swept a look around the room before finally seeing Lou Qingwu, “Your noble residence most likely has someone with very good medical skills and I think, the only person here who knows how to counteract a red scorpion voodoo worm, would be your eldest miss, Miss Lou.”

Lou Qufeng’s body stiffened.

He followed the godly doctor Xue’s eyes to Lou Qingwu.

Lou Qingwu’s expression was still wooden, and when she met the godly doctor Xue’s eyes, she stood up and did a respectful greeting, “Godly doctor Xue is courteous, these small little tricks are nothing.”

“I … I remember!” Suddenly, Chi Mei’er who was lying on the bed, shouted unexpectedly.

“Last night, at the banquet, after second … madam injured me, the eldest miss was on my left side and said I had lost blood after all, so she gave me a pill to eat. I thought it was just for blood loss but who knew …” After speaking, when she looked at Lou Qingwu, the guilt on her face grew stronger.

Lou Qingwu sighed but didn’t speak.

Her watery eyes looked down, making Lou Qufeng’s old face redden, what kind of stupid thing did he do today!

“Qingwu, father only …”

“Father, you don’t have to speak, Qingwu understands. Originally, yesterday, when I saw second madam’s actions, I originally wanted to keep the peace and harmony in the family so I just gave the fourth madam to eat the antidote and thought nothing of it. But who knew that the second madam actually …” She sighed again, her reddening eyes blinking pitifully, with grief in them.

The servants and maidservants all thought about how everyone instantly turned on the eldest miss, and even them, and their eyes all started to redden too.

If the fourth madam had actually miscarried today, wouldn’t the eldest miss have been wronged to death?

They all looked at Lou Qingwu with complicated expressions, mixed with pity.

“Ruan Zhen!” Lou Qufeng was completely furious.

But when he saw Ruan Zhen’s forehead was still bleeding, he could only angrily throw his sleeves.

The godly doctor Xue seemed to have come for the sole point of making trouble for Ruan Zhen as he looked at the two rolls of brocade silk.  

He walked over to it, sniffed it before looking at Ruan Zhen meaningfully, “It seems like, there is quite a few things going on. This is indeed the juice of the ‘no sons’ grass wiped on this brocade.”

After the godly doctor Xue spoke, everyone jolted in shock.

“But, this ‘no sons’ grass has already been removed of all poison so there is no harm in it. There won’t be any effects on the fourth madam.” After he finished speaking, he didn’t mind everyone’s shocked expressions and walked towards Lou Qingwu.

His eyes were gentle, “I didn’t think that in such a short span of time that Miss Lou could already come up with the antidote to the ‘no sons’ grass. This old doctor can gracefully admit to being lowly to you, in the future, if there is time, please come by the Xue residence, we can talk well together.”

“Godly doctor Xue is courteous, I will definitely come by your residence at another time.” Lou Qingwu’s attitude was very humble, this godly doctor Xue really was famous for a reason.

She only knew how to cure it because she dedicated three years of her life to this ‘no sons’ grass, after falling prey to its poison.

From the time that she found the cure, who knew that this would be the time that she would have a use for it?

Originally, even though she knew that Ruan Zhen would scheme against her, she hadn’t thought of the brocade being the culprit.

It was just too coincidental, so when she sent over the brocade, she only had to look at it once to smell the ‘no sons’ grass fragrance.

So she used a scheme to outwit a scheme.

The godly doctor Xue laughed, using his hand to brush his beard before turning around.

But when he walked past Ruan Zhen, he spoke cryptically, “This second madam actually has the ‘no sons’ grass, this really is … a rare thing.”

When Lou Qufeng heard this phrase, his expression changed completely.
When he looked at Ruan Zhen, it was with disbelief and shock.


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    1. We get a small scene with the emperor soon, Lou Qufeng still needs Ruan Zhen. He won't hesitate to throw away LQW though 😷😷

  3. They can still bring it before the emperor if Lou Qufeng wants to

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    I'm curious as to why FYG is helping her tho...I thought he was still doing the whole jealous scheme lmao.

    Thank you for the chapter �� And for translating this story ��

    1. Feng Yege being jealous was just playing. When it comes down to it, he'll forever be on LQW's side. He'd never do anything to hurt her 💪💪


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