TFDC Chapter 190.1

Chapter 190.1 - The person they like

“Oh? ‘No sons’ grass? Are you sure?” The emperor’s eyes became completely cold, a cold that could cut through your soul.

Liu Jin heard this as his heart immediately started to beat fast, his hands shaking as he quickly reported all he knew, truthfully.

“It should be true. This was personally confirmed by the godly doctor Xue.” The godly doctor Xue’s medical skills, without needing Liu Jin to remind him, was something that was definitely dependable.

After all, even without personally confirming it, a good amount of imperial doctors were all single handedly taught by him so if the godly doctor Xue confirmed it, it had to be true.

“Is the ‘no sons’ grass that was taken out of consort Ying’s palace still there?”

“Reporting to the emperor, it’s still in the imperial doctor’s pavilion. No one has touched it.” Liu Jin wiped away some sweat.

It was lucky that he had the foresight to run to the imperial doctor’s pavilion before reporting to the emperor.

“Oh?” The emperor’s face darkened, “So people still have the ‘no sons’ grass on hand?”

“It should be like that.”

“This second madam, Mrs Ruan?”

“This … this servant has investigated and it should be her.” To use the ‘no sons’ grass to harm the Countess of Rende, that means this Mrs Ruan definitely has some ‘no sons’ grass on hand.

But right now, the problem was how did she get her hands on it?

“Mrs Ruan … if this emperor remembers correctly, should be the younger sister of the Ruan family head.”

“Yes, she is the Ruan family’s sister, from the same womb and of the same family as the imperial consort Ruan.”

“Ha!” The emperor laughed coldly.

There was something indecipherable in his eyes, “So you’re suspicious that the person who harmed this emperor’s son, was someone related to the imperial consort Ruan?”

“.... this servant is scared.” Liu Jin’s forehead was drenched in sweat, scared that he might say something that would provoke the emperor.

“Scared of what? Speak the truth!”

“Yes!” Liu Jin’s head was bowed even lower, “This Mrs Ruan has the ‘no sons’ grass so the chance of the imperial consort Ruan having access to it is also high, after all … I heard that the imperial consort Ruan and Mrs Ruan have a good relationship.”

The emperor narrowed his eyes, his eyes looked darkly at a corner of the the room, “Call the secret guards, secretly investigate the comings and goings of the imperial consort Ruan. This emperor, wants to know it all!”

“Yes!” Liu Jin’s heart beat fast and wanted to leave before the emperor called him back again.

“Come back!”

Liu Jin immediately returned to the imperial desk.

“This servant is here!”

“Where is the envoy from Xiliang country?”

“I heard that they have entered the country and should be here in about two days.”

“En.” The emperor coldly replied and rubbed his chin.

When his eyes fell on the imperial memorandums again, he spoke, “Go, get the right prime minister here.”

“Yes. This servant will go now.” After Liu Jin left, the emperor’s expression became even more inscrutable.

This affair made him very frustrated, so he definitely had to give these people a display of his might before the envoys came.

That Su Gelao definitely had to leave before then!

-- Renshou palace

When Feng Yege entered the empress dowager’s Renshou palace, he saw someone unexpected there.


TL note:  

The empress dowager has set her sights on Feng Yege.

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  1. Hmm... interesting, even if Lou Oufeng doesn't want to bring this up to the Emperor, it looks like this is out of his hands. This is shaping up to be pretty fun~

    Though first we have this detour with FY I guess, get rid of her fast please =P

    1. We get our Feng Yege and LQW scene soon, and then we dump Ruan Zhen (kinda because she has Ye Ji on her side) 😭😭

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      Who says only protagonists get plot armor? Villains get layers upon layers of plot armor.....

    3. This novel in particular 😭😭

  2. It would be great if they could nail the whole ruan clan at one time with the emperor's support.
    What could they want with Feng Ye Ge at the palace?

    Thank you

    1. They want some of that Ruan $$$. The emperor is also a bit scared of Feng Yege usurping the throne so he has to be careful if he still wants to stay on the throne 💕💕

  3. I can't remember who is Su Gelao?

    1. Some old guy who supported the second prince as the heir to the throne because LQW bribed him 🙈🙈

  4. That heartbreak.... I wonder what is it this time... (´_ゝ`)

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. LQW being stone cold (but we all know she's soft hearted inside so it won't be too bad) 💓💓


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