TFDC Chapter 135.1

Chapter 135.1 - Suffered a grievance

“What have you found out?” Ye Ji furrowed her brows, and wondered who else wanted to kill brother Ye?

Furthermore, it wasn’t just brother Ye.

Those people today seemed to also aim at Lou Qingwu.

But if it wasn’t Xiahou Qing who sent those assassins, who else in the capital wanted to kill them and had the ability to send out such high levelled assassins?

“I can’t find out anything. The people that I’d sent out couldn’t find anything before they killed themselves. They all seemed to have a good plan, first to attempt an assassination, escape and even commit suicide if they get caught. It all seemed planned out, every step was cautiously implemented, even their suicide was flawless.”

This was what made him the most worried.

Was there another power that he wasn’t aware of?

But if he couldn’t investigate them and didn’t destroy them, they might be a hidden danger in the future.

“Then what do we do?” Ye Ji slumped defeatedly into a chair.

Such a good hunting trip and it was all destroyed!

“First, let someone investigate. Do you think I’m really not as worried as you are? Today, during the morning court, that Su Gelao mentioned making second brother the crown prince in front of father again. Father also seemed like he was about to sway, so you know what to do, right?”

“I know, as long as he gets a nasty scandal, Xiahou Rui will become the laughingstock of the capital and the emperor will forget about making him the crown prince.” Even if he didn’t forget about it, he’d at least delay the decision making.

As long as he temporarily didn’t choose a crown prince, she’d have methods to let him recover.

“Ye Ji, we’re on the same boat now. I hope you won’t make me disappointed.” XIahou Qing walked to in front of Ye Ji, his finger slowly trailing down her cheek.

Ye Ji turned to the side to avoid it.

“Of course I know that, but you know what I want too, right?”

“Wait for me to become the crown prince, then I’ll take Lou Qingwu as my side consort, then that time, there naturally won’t be anyone competing with you for the Night Prince.”

“Hmph! It better be like that. I’ll go prepare, you can just rest and wait for my good news.”

“Then, I’ll wait for you.”

When Ye Ji left the third prince’s residence, she quickly turned into another narrow alleyway.

She followed the alleyway until she disappeared into a family store’s back residence.

Not long later, the coffin store’s housekeeper received news and quickly rushed out.

When he saw Ye Ji, he immediately dropped down to one knee, “Princess.”

“En.” Ye Ji lazily replied, taking out a letter from her sleeve before passing it to the shopkeeper.

“Tell Fei Ye, make another opportunity for that Shangguan Yiyun and her zither teacher to meet up, and then add a bit of ‘medicine’. Do you understand?”

“Yes! This subordinate will go immediately.”

“Don’t leave even the smallest clue, otherwise ... “ Ye Ji dangerously narrowed her eyes, her beautiful eyes becoming vicious and sinister.

The innocence and naivety from earlier on completely disappeared.

“This subordinate understands! I definitely won’t disgrace you!”

The shopkeeper wiped his face, only hating that he couldn’t swear a poisonous oath to prove his determination to complete his mission.

Ye Ji was satisfied and then left the courtyard.

When she finally walked back onto a main road, she walked past a tea house, her mouth curling up into a cold smile.

She took a few turns before re-entering the third prince’s residence.

At the same time, in the minister of war’s residence, a pigeon flew into a standalone pavilion.

A girl wearing a maidservant’s outfit quickly looked around and after discovering there was no one, quickly jumped and shot out at the pigeon.

The pigeon quickly entered her palm as the girl took out the letter from the pigeon’s leg.

She quickly glanced at it before swallowing the letter.

After she swallowed it, she threw out the pigeon again.


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  1. .... Putting his finger on Ye Ji's cheek? *raises eyebrows* You sure you want to trust this sorta person Ye Ji? maybe before you even start on FY you'll already have fallen for him lol.

    Also. LQW as a side consort? HMPH.

    Oh, it's her zither teacher.. I thought it was Xiahou Qing himself, I guess this works too.

    Looks like Ye Ji has some backing as well. ... I am really wondering who arranged for those assassins now. Hm.

    1. Xiahou Qing's a total flirt. He's dreaming if he thinks LQW would settle.

      Nah, Xiahou Qing wouldn't lower himself to be a honeypot just to get XHR in trouble. If he liked her, he could've taken Shangguan Yiyun as his own consort.

      Ye Ji is full of surprises + there's more to the story than this small little capital 😷😷

  2. too much exposure to flies and no honeys ヽ(´□`。)οΎ‰
    I forget about this part a bit... like who that girl at the end
    Wish you the best, yiyun, don't fall for fly trap~

    1. Mild spoiler


      Shangguan Yiyun won't be here for long 😢😢

  3. Ahaaa that princess very scheming, showing her true color.

  4. Well we know that no matter what she does , no matter who Qingwu winds up with the Night Prince will never settle for this fake hearted princess.

    1. Probably don't hold your breath on that one. This princess is unexpectedly strong and somehow managed to curry favour with the emperor too 😷😷


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