TFDC Chapter 139.2

Chapter 139.2 - Being misunderstood

*before reading this, make sure you read the after note that I added on 139.1 which clarifies how Shangguan Yiyun+ a “man” was found because it wasn’t clear before


When Yueji and Shangguan Yiyun came out of the justice department, it was already four hours later.

The two people got on a carriage that was waiting for them outside of the department.

Shangguan Yiyun stepped inside first but when she saw the two people already inside the carriage, she froze.

“Big brother Zhou, Miss … Lou?”

Yueji also got on and told the carriage driver to start on their path.

Her beautiful eyes looked at Shangguan Yiyun mockingly, “Miss Shangguan, if it wasn’t for Miss Lou today, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be sitting here with gentleman Zhou and chatting so casually.”

Shangguan Yiyun’s small face paled, of course, she knew what would result from adultery.

Right now, she felt like she was covered in cold sweat.

When Fan Yi kicked open the door, she was completely scared witless.

Zhou Tong was only a zither teacher so he was scared and shocked as well.

But at that time, the window from outside suddenly opened and two figures appeared in front of them.

One of them was Miss Yueji and the other was a man she didn’t recognise but his martial arts level was high because he took Zhou Tong and flew him out of the window.

This was how they dodged that calamity.

Shangguan Yiyun let out a breath, sincerely bowing to Lou Qingwu, “Today’s favour will be one I will remember even when I grow old.”

Lou Qingwu then looked at her, her eyes falling on Shangguan Yiyun and Zhou Tong, “Did you really think today’s event was an accident?”


Shangguan Yiyun froze, “It wasn’t an accident … then it was planned by someone else?”

Lou Qingwu raised a brow and nodded her head.

“And the tea in your rooms had something added to it. Gentleman Zhou regularly walks along the streets, you should know what that means, right?”

Zhou Tong’s face suddenly turned white, “Aphro-aphrodisiac?”

Lou Qingwu’s smile deepened, “But it’s good that you didn’t drink it. Otherwise, it would’ve been more annoying to deal with. Even though Fan Yi was a bit muddle headed, if it wasn’t for someone provoking him, how could he just so coincidentally step into that tea house? And coincidentally run into your rooms? Shangguan Yiyun, is there a servant girl called Fei Ye by your side?”

Shangguan Yiyun’s face was pale with shock, “Yes, she’s my personal maidservant.”

“But when Fan Yi came, she disappeared. Why don’t you think again about why you were here?”

Shangguan Yiyun and Zhou Tong looked at each other, suddenly remembering what they were saying to each other before Fan Yi interrupted them …

“It was … Fei Ye?”

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “No, the person behind her.”

“Is … who?”

Lou Qingwu laughed, “It’s best if you don’t know.”

The two people’s faces paled even more.

Zhou Tong suddenly turned around to face Lou Qingwu, “This miss, please help Yun’er, I can … not see her again but nothing can happen to her!”

“I won’t let anything happen to her, but, can you really let go and let her marry someone else?”

Zhou Tong couldn’t. He’d been her zither teacher for three years.

Three years of emotions couldn’t be put down just because you wanted to put it down.

But he was just a zither teacher, how could he match up to a mistress like her?

If he could, he’d be willing to try.

But these weak chances nearly harmed her.

He angrily shut his eyes before nodding his head deeply, “Yes, I can!”

“I can’t! Brother Zhou, are you forcing me to die?”

Shangguan Yiyun’s tears began to fall, they held tears as she looked at Zhou Tong.

Her heart was a mess, “I don’t want to marry the second prince at all, if you’re like this, you’ll be forcing me to die!”

“Yun’er ….”

Zhou Tong covered his head with his hands, but what could he do?

He couldn’t even leave the capital, how could he take her away?


TL note:

Damned if you, damned if you don’t.

Don’t flirt with your students.

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  1. Ah... messy screwy ancient times messing up messy screwy love. Well, even in modern times, things like these still happen, especially to uber-powerful old families (who still holds money, power and influence) and have their kids' lives basically planned out (who they would be friends with, where they go to school, where they poop, eat... etc. etc.) before they were even born. But I digress. Who? Who was the one who planned SGY's downfall? I'm blanking out. Wait... was it the third prince, who wants to see the second prince wear a green hat and wrest the crown prince title for himself? I wouldn't put it past him. He (3rd prince) is a power-hungry megalomaniac after all. Well... LQW better get these people (her enemies) pretty much live a life worse than death soon and quickly. Gah... At least there's less than 500 chapters unlike some other CN.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Korean dramas seem to love this sort of matchup.

      The servant girl Fei Ye works for the girl that likes the Night Prince.

    2. @Diosa Boo

      Well Shangguan Yiyun was in love with her zither teacher well before she was engaged to the second prince. The third prince just took the opportunity to get her engaged to the second prince, knowing that she'd get caught with her zither teacher and cause the second prince to become an embarrassment πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    3. @Morbid Eel

      At least she's not the main couple, her arc will be over fairly soon 😢😢

    4. @soupybaozi

      I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. Gaaahaaaaaa!!! But the third prince did sort of underhandedly got the second prince engaged to somebody who's already in love with somebody and that the second prince would eventually be the laughingstock once news gets out of his fiancee canoodling with somebody else, even without this (SGY almost getting caught with another man) orchestrated by somebody else, I'm pretty sure that the third prince would find some means to make second prince wear the green hat. [Ha! I'm starting to get used to this weird idioms!] Oy vey! All these plotting and schemes are hurting my poor brain. When will LQW give in and snu-snu FY already! I want some LQW+FY bun-bun! LOL!

    5. @Morbid Eel

      That's why I stayed away from those dramas... and yet, here I am, reading it as a novel. Gah!

    6. @Diosa Boo

      The author spent a bit of time building up to it so it's a teeny tiny bit convoluted. Just wait until you get to like ~200+ chapters in when it gets really angsty. This isn't even close to angsty and dramatic yet πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  2. Ha, so it was one of LQW's people. @_@; Soupy's reply to my comment on the last chapter gave me a cold sweat because I went "if not LQW's people then it can only be.... Xiahou Qing's people....." Naturally, that means the game of thrones becomes a LOT more hectic :P

    Most probably a plot by Xiahou Qing though, which means since he's been thwarted, he's going to wonder who in the capital has the ability to do things like this.

    I don't think LQW's at the top of that list, but it's definitely not far from the top suspect. ... Then again, I think so far at least, he thinks he has LQW in the bag as a future consort so perhaps I'm overestimating the risk? ... We'll know soon enough.

    1. She's techniiiiiiically not LQW's person, she's someone else's but her master was collaborating with LQW 😏

      A plot by Xiahou Qing and Ye Ji. Xiahou Qing's very confident he has LQW in the bag 😷

    2. ... She's technically one of LQW's just by association for now >_>

      We can square accounts when it matters! Also, if it's FY's person. if he becomes LQW's hubby, then everything he owns is hers as well!

      ... Although I don't think everything she owns is his. >_>;;;

    3. Plot twist: Not Feng Yege's person either 😜

      LQW = me. Yours is mine, mine is also mine πŸ˜‹

  3. this plot does not even make sense if she did not want to marry him why win the contest to be his wife

    1. Because her parents forced her to, it's not like she volunteered to. The empress clearly already had her in mind before her performance as well, they were just going through motions 😷😷

    2. She could have just failed no matter what her parents thought she lost

    3. She's famous for having the best zither skills in the capital which tooootally would've not been suspicious if she lost. Especially with LQW purposely losing 🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️

  4. 'Don’t flirt with your students. ' moral of the story
    my heart still go soft when people are grateful to LQW awww
    Yueji is still so cool!!!

    1. It's an abuse of power because teachers shouldn't be bedding their students πŸ’€πŸ’€

    2. I'm concerned that yiyun's only in love with him because she didn't get to meet any other man and wanted to choose her own love subconsciously (and, he was the only one nice to her) this kind of power imbalance is always iffy... then again, i see them like senior-junior who bonded through similar arts/shared views ... then they kind of resemble YG-QW

    3. Yeah, there's definitely a power imbalance there but I guess he's only like a tutor. She definitely wouldn't have much exposure to other guys either but that's just an ancient thing 😩

      Feng Yege and LQW were different though, they were on the same level kinda as senior brother-junior sister. Zhou whatever is Shangguan Yiyun's teacher 😷

  5. Can't bring myself to like/pity SGY at all. She could have tried to "accidentally" mess up at the contest or done something to lower her reputation enough that the empress might have switched to a new candidate, but she didn't. Now, after she's made her bed, she's regretting and suddenly willing to die to be with Mr. Zither. Where was that bravery before the banquet? When she would have been the only one to suffer, she did nothing, but her courage is suddenly through the roof when she stands to drag down the 2nd prince and everyone else with her? I just feel like she's being really selfish.

    1. Shangguan Yiyun has to think of her family, she can't just suddenly be awful at the zither. Not to mention that the empress already had her sights on her, it would've been impossible for her to escape.

      She's just super helpless 😩😩


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