TFDC Chapter 141.1

Chapter 141.1 - Aggrieved ghost demanding a life

“Impossible!” From behind, Ruan Zhen exploded in fury, her voice high pitched as she screeched.

Lou Qingwu rubbed her ears before coldly sneering.

Right until she walked into an empty pavilion did she imperceptibly raise her hand, her index finger curling up.

Immediately, a black figure entered the second madam’s side room to wait.

Not too long later, Ruan Zhen hurried from the main hall into her rooms.

Her brows were furrowed as her hands gripped her handkerchief, worried and anxious.

Now, the only material she had in her hands was that mother worm.

If something happened to that worm, then she’d really have nothing.

Ruan Zhen hurriedly pushed open the door before scanning her surroundings and then stepping into the room.

She patted her chest to calm herself down.

She’d hid it in such a secretive place, there was no way someone could find it.

She double checked the side room again to make sure no one was there before walking to her bedside table.

She pushed the brocade cloth on top before using her thumb to press against the wall.

When her thumb reached a part of the wall that was slightly raised, her eyes lit up before suddenly pressing down on it.

In an instant, the sandalwood bed flipped up, revealing a hidden passage enough for half a person.

She turned around to take a look again before crawling into the secret passage.

Soon after, she crawled back out and walked out over to a table where she placed a jar on the top of it.

She slowly opened the jar lid, and watched as a dark red voodoo worm crawled up.

As it crawled, it flashed blood red.

It slowly crawled and wriggled with a thin silver needle stabbed into its back, horrifying and disgusting.

Ruan Zhen saw that the mother worm was safe and sound before letting out a sigh of relief.

She angrily punched the table to the side, “That damn Lou Qingwu, actually lying to me! The silver needle is still inside the worm, how could that woman wake up?”

She grit her teeth before laughing slyly.

She placed the worm back inside the jar before sealing it well and crawling into the passage again.

When she came out again, her whole aura was carefree and languid.

She replaced the bedding again and when she found it was exactly the same as before, turned around and left, locking the door behind her.

As her footsteps grew lighter and lighter, a dark figure jumped down from the roof eaves.

The silent figure with eagle eyes fell on the bed as he narrowed his eyes, walking towards the couch …

An hour later, at the Leaning Wind Pavilion, Lou Qingwu reclined on her couch as a dark figure appeared behind her.

“Did you get it?” She didn’t even raise her head as she lazily flipped another page of her book.

“I got it. I’ve swapped the mother worm. The second madam won’t discover anything.” Tang Er placed the voodoo worm jar on a table near her.

Just as he placed it down, the worm inside lightly knocked against the walls of the jar, provoking a dark glance from lou Qingwu.

“Very good.” She placed down the book inside her hands and sat up.

She lazily used a finger to knock at the voodoo worm jar as the the voodoo worm ran against the jar walls again.

Lou Qingwu opened the jar lid as the bloody red voodoo worm crawled up, light reflecting off the silver needle in its back.

“Master, be careful. The voodoo worm is poisonous.”

“En.” Lou Qingwu lightly replied as she took the handkerchief that Tang Er passed her.

She pinched the voodoo worm as she narrowed her eyes before throwing it back inside the jar.

When she heard it ‘cheep’ at her, she slowly closed the lid.

She waved her hands, “Find a place to hide it.”



TL note:

Ho ho ho.

(note: the ‘son’ worm hasn’t been placed in Ruan Zhen yet, we didn’t skip that.)

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  1. huh.. most of the time the mother worms are shown as inert(well.. at least in other novels i've read), kind of interesting that this one seems to have a temper. Things just got a tad more interesting. Wonder if this counts as mostly saving her mother too since although she's still poisoned, the mother gu is secured so the son gu won't act up at least.

    1. What other novels? Do you mind sharing their names as I'm interested in such ploys����

    2. Only one to come to mind at the moment is Demon Wang's Golden Wangfei (although that one is a whole nother level of head trip...)

      I'm sure I've read more just gu worms aren't THAT common and I'm blanking out on other translated novels that feature them....

    3. Who wouldn't have a temper if they were being impaled?

    4. @Hale Yeah, half of the reason is to make sure her mother will be fine even if LQW doesn't move this son worn onto her body 🤧🤧

    5. @Morbid Eel that's a better way to put it, I'd be annoyed as hell with a huge needle stabbed into my back 😣😣

  2. O.O such woman should be tormented with the same method. Cant wait for it to happen.

  3. Thank you .
    Ruan Zhen's happy days are numbered. I hope she's finished all that she's wanted to do. Qingwu has a treat for you.I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Definitely looking forward to an upset Ruan Zhen 🎉🎉

  4. Yup the end for RZ soon. Can't wait! Thanks

  5. hmm all these interconnected novels makes me rethink about the plagiarism with webnovels, some terms people recycle from other novels, and it's sort of ~ok~ seems like
    eeeiiiighhh the worm is creepy
    i wonder how they even contruct such hidden place in a noble lady's room, imagine them being all 'and here's a secret compartment, suitable for hiding kid, half a man, and maybe voodoo items you will use on your enemies!' and you'd think LQW'd have similar thing in hers
    still in the mood of picking on details, i wonder how the worm didn't die, all these years, living condition doesn't seem ideal

    1. Sooo many tropes are recycled but I just want to translate the marriage arc!!! 😤😤

      Ruan Zhen has so much power and wealth that she's accumulated over the years as a super sneaky monster that it honestly isn't surprising. Ruan Zhen also has a surprising background which kinda explains how she got her hands and knowledge of voodoo worms 🔪🔪

      The voodoo worms are probably just some weird voodoo stuff. Some worms live inside human bodies for years, just feeding off humans like parasites. If it's anything like other novels, Ruan Zhen might even feed the mother worm with blood occasionally 💀💀


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