TFDC Chapter 197.2

Chapter 197.2 - Hereby swear

Even if she had become a stray dog, it was still a life.

As long as she stabbed down on the worm, Ning Xin would die!

Then we’ll see how heartbroken Lou Qingwu, that little sl*t, would be once her mother died!

Blood relations were blood after all, even if you break a bone, the ligaments and tendons would still be connected.

She really didn’t believe that Lou Qingwu wouldn’t care about Ning Xin’s life or death!

“Then you can try and stab down. Then we’ll see how you’ll die without even knowing why.” Just as Ruan Zhen was about to stab down, Ye Ji suddenly sneered at her.

“What do you mean?” Ruan Zhen’s brows furrowed, turning to glare at Ye JI.

“What the words mean. Auntie, your skills are really lacking. In the future, don’t say that you’re a Yuebai clan voodoo woman. You can’t even tell the difference between a ten year old voodoo worm and a one year old voodoo worm? You …” She clicked her tongue. “I really don’t know what to say about you.”

Ruan Zhen’s expression grew twisted, “Ten year old and one year old?”

Ye Ji slowly stood up, leaning closer to the voodoo worms.

Her hand suddenly shot out and grabbed the wriggling mother voodoo worm before placing it down on the table.

“Can’t you see?”

“...” Ruan Zhen heard this and grew suspicious, her eyes following Ye Ji’s hands.

She watched as the mother voodoo worm slowly wriggled and crawled around before suddenly shooting forward towards Ruan Zhen’s hands.

When it reached Ruan Zhen’s finger tip, it bit down on her finger, sucking on her blood.

At the same time, its head started to burrow inside the wound before being stopped by Ye Ji.

She lifted up an eyelid for her, laughing strangely at her, “Auntie, can’t you tell now?”

Ruan Zhen’s face paled completely.

“How could this be?” The mother voodoo worm for ‘Thousand Days Intoxicated’ would only be interested in the host body its son voodoo worm resided in.

So shouldn’t it only be interested in Ning Xin’s blood?

Thinking about what Ye Ji meant by ten year old and one year old, and then thinking of Lou Qingwu transferring her mother’s wet nurse, her whole body started to grow cold.

“This one … wasn’t the previous one?”

“Auntie finally understands.” Ye Ji laughed coldly. “So do you still want to kill it?”

“How could that be?!” Ruan Zhen instantly threw the golden hairpin away.

She’d stab it if she wanted to die!

“Auntie asks me, but I want to ask auntie that too.”

“It definitely has to be Lou Qingwu! It’s definitely that sl*t!” No wonder why the ninth madam was suddenly able to wake up, no wonder why Lou Qingwu wasn’t worried at all about her threats.

She’d already calculated it all!

Ruan Zhen couldn’t bear to think about what would’ve happened if she had stabbed down on that worm.

Just thinking about it made her whole body go cold as her teeth chattered, “Lou Qingwu, Lou Qingwu, I definitely won’t let you go this easily …”

Ye Ji watched her reaction, mockingly.

“If auntie has time to think about how you won’t let go of Lou Qingwu, why don’t you think of how to save yourself? After all, the son worm is inside your body right now.”

Ruan Zhen’s face paled, her expression growing worse. “I can’t die, can’t die …”

She hadn’t lived enough, she couldn’t die this quickly!

“Of course you won’t die. But, before that, you’ll have to protect the mother worm well.” Ye Ji’s eyes narrowed as the mother worm had somehow already wriggled onto Ye Ji’s palm.

By the time that Ruan Zhen had noticed, her eyes widened.


TL note:  

Ye Ji is a double edged sword, only looking out for herself.

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    ... okay, fine there's actually many many reasons to hate you, but this is the worst one so far!

    Welp, let's see what nonsense arises from this then. Sigh.

    1. So many, so many reasons to hate Ye Ji 😵😵

      (and many more to come 😭)

  2. Ruan Zhen, you might have just found out that Ye Ji the devil compared to Lou Qingwu. If you did nothing to provoke Lou Qingwu, she would have let you lived in peace. As for Ye Ji, you are just a tool for her.

    1. "Just a tool " is right.While Ruan Zhen thinks this young one is helping her. She is using RZ to set her own banquet table. You better watch outRZ. Did the imperial eunuchs arrive to make certain that RZ has moved?

    2. Ruan Zhen provoked Lou Qingwu by giving birth to LLX 😤😤

    3. Ruan Zhen is between a rock and a hard place 😫😷

      Ruan Zhen will leave on her own accord 😔

  3. I think it's been implied that RZ has a lot of trust in YJ (most likely bc they are both from YB clan) but it's being done in a way which makes RZ looks dumb lol so it kinda makes sense why RZ would lower her defense against YJ and allow herself to be a tool.

    I'm also somehow excited to see the scheming coming from this duo. Will there be an upgrade or will they remain as over confident cannon fodders? Lol

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    1. I'm pretty sure they're blood related aunt and niece, not that that means much to Ye Ji 🔪🔪

      Ye Ji will definitely upgrade, she's a lot smarter than she seems. Ruan Zhen on the other hand ... 🤧🤧


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