TFDC Chapter 198.2

Chapter 198.2 - Suspicious

“Nothing, I just want to see how stupid you can get.”

“Ye Ji, don’t think that you’re my only choice!” He’d hidden his strengths for so long, his influence had spread all over the land so he didn’t have to cooperate with her.

If he gave her a ladder, did she really think she’d be able to climb onto the sky?

“Oh, angry so easily? When you hear the next few words, I wonder how you’ll feel. After all, you’re the one who keeps thinking you have everything in the palm of your hands. I just don’t know how stupid you’ll feel after you find out that someone else has been playing you for a fool, this whole time?”

“What do you mean?” Xiahou Qing’s face grew dark.

“Of course, just what the words mena. Yesterday, the Night Prince was nearly assassinated, but did Lou Qingwu go to the Night Prince’s residence?”

“So what if she did?” Back then, the Night Prince had helped Lou Qingwu at the palace once.

Now that the Night Prince’s life is in danger, it’d be within reason for her to visit him.

“But she has Ostentatious Jade in her hands.”

“En?” Xiahou Qing’s eyes narrowed. “How could that be?”

“How could that not be? I spent a lot of time and effort to finally pry open one of the imperial doctor’s mouths. He personally said that Lou Qingwu had taken Ostentatious Jade out. So, now do you know that that woman isn’t simple?”

“So what if she has Ostentatious Jade?” Even though he said that, Xiahou Qing’s heart ripped.

What relationship did she have with the Medicine King’s Valley?

But thinking about her medical skills, Xiahou Qing’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“That really doesn’t mean much, but, what if she also had a relationship with the number one Jinsi building?”

“En?!” Xiahou Qing’s eyes darkened.

Seeing his reaction, Ye Ji laughed.

So he was starting to grow suspicious.

A smile grew on her face as she grew cocky, “Today, I went to the Lou residence and saved that divorced second madam’s life. Do you know why I saved her life? She was poisoned by the ‘Thousand Days Intoxicated’ voodoo worm, so, I think the third prince would know that worm well. One month ago, someone bought one from the black market. I followed the vine back to the melon and found out that the person was from the number one Jinsi building. And now, that ‘Thousand Days Intoxicated’ worm appeared at the Lou residence. So do you still not understand?”

“...” Xiahou Qing’s face was as dark as ink.

But when his face flashed to Lou Qingwu’s delicate and weak face, he still didn’t believe her completely.

Even though that his heart started to waver.

Ye Ji wasn’t anxious.

She watched his reaction quietly, waiting with excitement.

As long as Xiahou Qing started to grow suspicious of Lou Qingwu, alongside Ruan Zhen, she really didn’t believe that the three of them wouldn’t be enough to kill off a small little Lou Qingwu?

From when the Night Prince was in danger last night, her first reaction was to be frightened.

But when she thought about it, she realised, no.

With brother Ye’s martial arts, how could he easily let himself be injured?

So there definitely had to be something fishy going on.

Until Lou Qingwu went to visit him, she finally understood.

This was most likely her brother Ye purposely hurting himself just for a single glance from Lou Qingwu.

When she stood outside of the Night Prince’s residence, she nearly went crazy and wanted to kill Lou Qingwu.

But she knew that she couldn’t.

If brother Ye knew that she killed Lou Qingwu, then she’d definitely be done for.

So, she was going to use Xiahou Qing and Ruan Zhen to hatefully torment Lou Qingwu, and then kill her off without even a ghost knowing!

Xiahou Qing sat on his chair, his brows knitting together.

Just as he was about to make a decision, someone knocked on the door again.

“Third prince, Miss Lou would like to see you.” From outside, the housekeeper carefully reported.

Xiahou Qing’s eyes coldened as Ye Ji laughed, “It looks like her timing is impeccable. Well third prince, you might as well ask her yourself. I won’t interrupt. This is the perfect time to drop by the Night Prince’s residence.”

Ye Ji turned around to open the door and leave.

She just caught a flash of killing intent in Xiahou Qing’s eyes as her heart finally calmed down.

Lou Qingwu, ah, Lou Qingwu, I’ll see how you escape this time!


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  1. Oh Ye Ji, I wouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched.

    Just because you can bring up inconsistencies in LQW's story, does it mean that she has to be guilty of everything you're throwing on her head? Especially since you've been jealous of her from day 1?

    I'd be suspicious of Ye Ji's intentions as well considering how much she's tried to scheme against LQW because Feng Yege won't give her the time of the day.

    1. You gotta give it to Ye Ji for being sharp though, she could be a good investigative journalist 🙈🙈

      Xiahou Qing can be suspicious of them both, but he'd rather be wrong about LQW than Ye Ji 😣😣

  2. I believe that LWQ would have figure out that Ye Ji said words to Xiahou Qing and that she have plans on her life. If not, why bother to keep Ruan Zhen who serves no purpose other than cause problems to LWQ?

    1. LQW did and she has a good counterplan 💓💓

  3. I agree that the Third Prince is smart enough to know Ye Ji 's true goal is to have Qingwu dead. So she gets what she wants no matter if the prince doesn' get his gal. So hopefully Qingwu will be able to calm the waters rippling the prince's heart . Thereby staying the knife on the prince's hand against Qingwu.

    1. LQW has a plan that should work. Xiahou Qing knows that Ye Ji wants LQW dead but he'd rather have his kingdom instead 🤧🤧

  4. Ugh! I really hate Ye Ji.. (ಠ ∩ಠ)
    She thought she have everything under control just because of a shallow info she obtained.
    Can't wait for the time she fall in her own self-made cloud. (¬、¬)

    Thanks for the chapter~!

    1. It'll be super fun when Xiahou Qing and Ye Ji fight 😏😏

    2. True~! Will that ever happen? I promise not to intervene and will silently cheer on the side. ƪ(♥ﻬ♥)ʃ

    3. A verbal fight is still a fight? 🙈🙈


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