TFDC Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1 - Dead but will not close her eyes

Yonghe Year 23 End of the Year, Cold Palace

As the palace door creaked open with a sound, Lou Qingwu opened her eyes. A pair of bright yellow imperial boots slowly entered her eyes.

Her body was lying on the cold floor when in the next moment, the owner of the pair of boots kicked and flipped her over.

Her body laid flat and exposed her pregnant body.

Then Lou Qingwu finally saw that handsome face which was currently looking at her from above. It held contempt and disgust, “You’re still alive?”

This face was very familiar, so familiar that she had seen it for 8 years yet at this moment, it was just so unfamiliar.

He was asking why she wouldn’t die?

But she could clearly remember that year when she fought with him, side by side, in his most tumultuous and dangerous years. He embraced her body, affectionately, ‘Qingwu, even if this prince dies, I can’t bear for you to die.”

At that time, it was such a solemn vow.

But now?

Is it because now that he’s the emperor, residing over the whole land, that he has no use for her?

If so, then her death really didn’t concern him.

“Lou Qingwu, are you disabled? You want to lie here to try to gain this emperor’s pity? A person who is as vicious, merciless, promiscuous as you, even looking at you makes this emperor disgusted! Don’t even think about stepping outside of this Cold Palace! If I wasn’t still taking into account your previous year’s contributions, do you think this emperor would let you give birth to this bastard?”


Lou Qingwu laughed, if his own flesh and bone was a bastard then what was he? A beast?

She wanted to stand up but her good little sister wouldn’t let her. The sister that she had cared for and taken care of since she was young, had ordered for someone pick out her body’s tendons, so how could she stand up?

“Why aren’t you speaking? Are you so ashamed you can't speak? You slut, you still want to harm Lian’er’s child, you poisonous bitch! And Lian’er still wanted to see you!”

The interrogation continued.

A lithe and soft snake-like body appeared next to him at this moment, embraced Xia Houqing’s arm and choked out, “Emperor, don’t say it like that, this is what Lian’er should do. Big sister … even though she wants to harm our child, she’s still … she’s still my sister … Lian’er wants to speak to her alone …”

As she spoke, the girl lifted up her handkerchief and lightly dabbed at her tears.

Sparkling and pure, she was something that you saw and would instantly pity.

That was exactly her name, Lou Lianxin, to make someone pity and love, to love dearly.

The one who bore the brunt of it, of course, was her good husband, whose face was full of warmth as he consoled the beautiful woman in his arms, Xia Houqing.

He lovingly held her in his embrace and lightly patted her to console her, “Lian’er, you’re too kind hearted to this snake and scorpion hearted poisonous bitch. She should just die!”

Snake and scorpion hearted?

Lou Qingwu’s mouth curled and laughed coldly without sound. Who was it that pointed to the sky and vowed, Qingwu, you are the most pure and kind hearted girl in the world, in this lifetime with you by my side, this prince has no regrets.

But, how long ago was that?

Only a short eight years.

From the moment Lou Lianxin entered the palace, it had only been half a year and he had already eagerly rushed to pull her onto his bed, for her to have his child.

And this all happened as she was resting and pregnant.

She was dumb, thinking that Lou Lianxin would be all alone at their family residence. She was crazy to listen to her flowery words, to pity her, when she shed a few tears. After sending out an empress’ edict to let her enter the palace, step by step, she let her harm herself.

She was stupid to not raise her guard against her, drinking the tea that she gave, letting her good little sister send her to someone else’s bed.

Then they were able to catch her in the act of adultery.

She clearly remembered Xia Houqing’s expression, disgust, hatred and without any mercy, sending her instantly to the Cold Palace. He didn’t let her explain a single word, in their eight years of knowing each other, there wasn’t a single word left.

Yes, when she personally sent the jiangshan to his hands, when she had no more value, he didn’t have to pretend to be deeply in love with her any more. He probably already wanted to steal her power, letting the one person who had seen him at his lowest completely disappear!

She lowly let out a laugh, but her mouth that had already been ripped of its tongue could only let out a “he he” sound.

Xia Houqing could no longer stand this ugly version of Lou Qingwu so he turned around in disgust and left.

After he left, the palace door closed without a sound.

TL note: 

** this emperor (朕 - zhen), this prince (本王 - ben wang) etc - Xia Qinghou is referring to himself as the emperor, or as the prince during the flashback, this is a higher ranked person speaking to a lower ranked person, reminding them of their status. This emperor is exclusively for the emperor and when he is emperor, that's the only way he'll call himself to others except for those who are older and senior in rank e.g. he'll call himself (儿臣 - this child and subject).

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