TFDC Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.1 - She’s back

-- The capitol, Lou residence

From when Lou Lianxin found out that Li Jingsheng would return the capitol, she had been waiting outside of the Li residence.

But it was only after she’d been waiting for hours impatiently had her maidservant informed her that Li Jingsheng had first gone to the Lou residence.

Lou Lianxin was surprised for a moment before hurriedly rushing over.

Just as she arrived outside of the Lou residence, she saw a carriage arrive as well as Li Jingsheng’s bodyguards.

Lou Lianxin’s eyes brightened and quickly double checked her clothes and hair. Then she gripped her handkerchief to cover her mouth as she laughed and floated over.

She was immensely proud that even though Li Jingsheng had only left for a few days, he’d come to see her immediately at the Lou residence.

Even though she’d been waiting for hours for him, she was still happy, it wasn’t a total waste that she was lowering herself to marry someone concubine-born.

The only redeeming feature was that prime minister Li placed a lot of hope on Li Jingsheng so his career potential was unlimited.

This was why she’d wasted so much time to scheme her way to become his fiancee.

As for that sl*t Lou Qingwu, after that affair three years ago, who knows what she’d look like now.

In that country rural type of place, she’d definitely become unbearably coarse and vulgar.


Once she remembered this, she’d start to laugh uncontrollably.

In a few days when father would raise mother to become his legitimate wife, she’d become legitimate first born!

Then in this Lou residence, there would only be one legitimate born daughter.

“Shh --”

The ten or so horses quickly stopped in front of the Lou residence. They split into two lines, incredibly awe inspiring. The people passing by couldn’t help but stop and stare.

The carriage stopped right in front of Lou Lianxin as she stood there. She didn’t move forward but stayed there, smiling virtuously.

She was displaying the poise of the upper class without appearing like a snob.

She was waiting for Li Jingsheng to come over and flatter her, mother said, you had to play hard to get, they don’t like those who are too easy!

That year, Lou Qingwu was the perfect example!

But you couldn’t play too hard to get, you had to give him the carrot at the right time so that he wouldn’t bear to leave.

The more she thought of this, the more proud Lou Lianxin became.

At this time, the curtain raised and Li Jingsheng’s tall silhouette appeared.

His long legs stretched forward and with his handsome face, made some girls who were walking by stop and steal glances.

Lou Lianxin became even more proud, this man was hers!

Look, look, even if you’re pretty and dress well, you won’t ever get his heart.

But to Lou Lianxin’s surprise, Li Jingsheng didn’t come and greet her like he always did. Instead, he stood in front of the carriage and stretched out his hands.

He held out his long arms in an almost … pious manner.

Giving the person inside the carriage enough respect.

Lou Lianxin suddenly had a bad feeling.



Lou Lianxin’s mother being raised up to be a legitimate wife - LLX’s mother is a concubine so she’s also concubine born, ironic because she looks down at Li Jingsheng for being concubine born. But LLX has a reason for being so up herself as her mother’s about to become the legitimate wife, raising her status from the concubine/slave to a legitimate prime minister’s wife which would make LLX legitimate first born. Huge status change.

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