TFDC Chapter 12.2

Chapter 12.2 - She’s back

And she was right. In the next moment, a white jade-like hand was placed inside of Li Jingsheng’s palms. Just as the girl stepped out to stand in front of the carriage, Li Jingsheng swept his arms to cleanly embrace her.

The girl seemed surprised and said something to him, causing Li Jingsheng to laugh loudly. Then he pressed her head to his chest and began to walk towards Lou Lianxin.

All around, the silence was stifling.

From the carriage, everyone knew he was the second gentleman Li Jingsheng. And the person standing in front of the entrance was his fiancee Lou Lianxin.

But … in his embrace was?

Suddenly realising something, everyone turned to shoot pitying looks at Lou Lianxin.

She hadn’t even married into the family and had already been spurned?

No matter how you look at it, isn’t she totally pitiful?

But how amazingly beautiful must the girl in Li Jingsheng’s embrace be for him to turn away from the capitol’s number one beauty?

Lou Lianxin’s eyes were about to spit fire as she gripped her handkerchief and stared at the man who was walking towards her.

Lou Lianxin was still young so even though she was vicious, she hadn't completely matured.

So when Li Jingsheng walked past, she suddenly grabbed his arm, “Jingsheng! Who is she?!”

Her anger was blinding her and she hadn’t yet noticed that Li Jingsheng wasn’t walking into the Li residence, but the Lou residence.

“En?” Li Jingsheng unhappily furrowed his brows at being blocked. As he swept his eyes over, he finally realised that it was Lou Lianxin.

But he seemed to be shocked by her vicious expression, “It’s you. This general currently has to attend to some affairs, I’ll find you later.”

“You have affairs to attend to?” Lou Lianxin screeched. “Is your affair that sl*t?”

Li Jingsheng grew even more unhappy, “Why are you going crazy?”

“I’m going crazy?” Lou Lianxin was so angered by Li Jingsheng she was about to fair. He would actually not give her face in front of so many people? Damn him!

“Who is this sl*t? Why are you holding onto her? Let me see what kind of vixen can seduce you in just a few days!”

Her original personality was bursting out as Lou Lianxin reached forward to grab the girl’s arm. Her fingernails were digging into the girl’s arm.

The girl sucked in a small breath from the pain.

Li Jingsheng’s face darkened as he heard her, “Go away!”

If his hands weren’t full right now, he would’ve already thrown Lou Lianxin to the side already. Why didn’t he discover early that this woman was so annoying?

“Did you just tell me to go away?” Lou Lianxin had never heard someone talk to her so harshly before.

Her heart was strung so tight that it was about to snap. She fiercely pounced forward, grabbing the girl’s hair away from her face to see her clearly.

But as the girl’s face was revealed, everyone sucked in a breath.

What a face, skin like porcelain, eyes like autumn water and those big wet eyes were blinking as her red lips slightly parted, her small voice crying out in pain, “Little sister, you’re hurting me.”

Her soft and sticky voice made everyone feel as if their bones were melting, how could anyone be so mean to such a beauty?

But …

Little sister?

Did they accidentally hear something?

Lou Lianxin widened her eyes as if she had seen a ghost. Then she suddenly let go and screeched, “Lou Qingwu, how could it be you?!”

Lou Qingwu’s eyes were already red, “Little sister, don’t you want to see your big sister?”

Everyone: Lou Qingwu, ah, what a familiar sounding name. Yes! Wasn’t this that eldest miss of Lou family?

Three years ago, she had become infamous over night. But … wasn’t she an extremely ugly freak? This … why did she look so beautiful as if she had swapped her skin?

They all turned to look at the Lou Lianxin’s whose face was twisted in anger, then looked at the innocent Lou Qingwu who looked like a small little rabbit.

No matter how they looked, they all felt like Lou Lianxin’s number one beauty title was wrongly placed.

Lou Lianxin was completely muddled at this time, everyone’s eyes were on her and making it hard for her to breathe.

Her brain was filled with just one thought, this woman was back! She was back again!

Everyone else thought that this eldest miss of the Lou family was unbearably ugly but who knew that that was only the result of an allergic reaction.

Lou Lianxin knew better than anyone else that Lou Qingwu’s face was better than hers by miles!

Ah! Why! Why did this sl*t have to come back?


This chapter was easy to translate, LLX and LQW are pretty young right now. LLX's not even 15 yet.

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Mini review for an irrelevant book: I was reading this novel and it was so unexpected. This little chicken kept calling her mum which is fair because she was there when it came out of its shell. Novel seems to continue on swimmingly, and the male lead is typical. But then it turns out the male lead is a big chicken? And the little chicken was her biological son? Shook.


  1. Thank you for the chapter~
    Chickens are scary...

    1. It was such a normal novel and I got betrayed 😭😭

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  6. I mean can't they ever make better insults than sl*t when it doesn't fit... been reading these typos of light/web novels and the most common insult was sl*t (trying to respect the * rule)

    1. It's just commonly used in Chinese and it's the same word (贱人) which means like a lowly or cheap person. It's a term used to degrade and humiliate people so sl*t is somewhat similar 😩😩

  7. Que le pasa a ese pollo grande por andar abandonando hijos lindos e indefensos, este regalo a sido entregado muuuy efectivamente XD


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