TFDC Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - Murderer

It was Li Ziqing as he stood up from behind.

His chest even had the dagger still in it but when he opened his mouth, his voice wasn’t the same.

“Master, don’t worry about that dead stuff. Worry about me instead. That Li Jingsheng really hit hard.” Falling from such a straight angle really hurt him, okay?

That “Li Ziqing” finished speaking then lifted his arm up to pull out the dagger that was still stuck inside of him. But what dagger? It was clearly just a wooden handle.

As it fell down to the floor, there was another crisp sound as something else fell to the floor. It was the tip of the dagger as it fell from his chest. Then he finally plucked out the bag of blood from his chest and let out a sigh of relief.

He lifted up his head and met the eyes of Lou Qingwu.

That face that was exactly the same as Li Ziqing’s split into a grin.

Lou Qingwu raised a brow almost imperceptibly.

Then that person seemed to think of something, using his hands to move about his face.

Like a hoodlum, he laughed, “Ah, I almost forgot about this.” His ten fingers nimbly rubbed his face and finally, removed it completely, revealing a plain face with eight pearly white teeth.

He leaned forward and started flattering her, “Master, didn’t I act well?” For the sake of pretending to be Li Ziqing, he had actually tried his hardest.


“Ah.” That person instantly looked like as if he was about to cry.

“Why is it only 90%? This young gentleman is the grand ‘Thousand Faced Lord with disguising skills so good that they’re even realer than the real person!”

Lou Qingwu’s mouth corner lightly curled up then pointed towards the human skin with her chin, “En.”

That person’s face looked even more tearful, “Why is it me again?”

Even though his lightness skill was good, and even though 9 days out of 10, he’d definitely be wearing a human skin mask, it didn’t mean that he liked wearing those human masks.

Aye, and in this case, it was the whole human skin. But complaints were just complaints as he still crouched down and slowly tucked the human skin from the floor to inside his chest.

Unable to restrain himself, he started to speak, “Master, you really are vicious. First, you put the human skin on the top of the tower, letting everyone know that Li Ziqing has died. Then as the news travelled to the capitol, it obviously attracted the attention of Li Jingsheng and just as Li Jingsheng came, you then played out the whole ‘resurrection of the human skin’ play for him.

I come in, pretend to be Li Ziqing as you use a hallucinogen to muddle his mind and provoke him, letting him “accidentally” kill his brother. So then he would obviously cover up Li Ziqing’s death to escape punishment, but actually, he’s just helping out you! Furthermore, that Li Jingsheng is never going to escape the nightmare of him killing his brother! But why are you going to let him see the human skin as he’s clear minded, wouldn’t this make him suspicious?”

Lou Qingwu walked towards the table, picked up the human bone flower and as her fingers moved over the detailed petals, she laughed innocently.

“He’s naturally suspicious, so let him doubt all he likes. Li Ziqing’s corpse has disappeared so he’ll definitely question whether or not he killed Li Ziqing. But even if there’s only a 0.1% chance, he won’t take the risk. The more he thinks about it, the more he’ll become scared. He’ll fear that one day, someone will suddenly appear and expose his crime. This way, not only will he feel guilty, he’ll also become frightened … because once his crime is exposed, prime minister Li won’t forgive him.”

Just thinking about Li Jingsheng jumping at every shadow was interesting.

“Ah …” Hearing Lou Qingwu finish her explanation, Thousand Face Lord blinked but why did his back feel cold?

“Let’s go.”

Putting down the bone flower, Lou Qingwu soundlessly left the room full of the exotic fragrance.

It was getting cold and she had to get back to the capitol. Little sister, ah, your big sister will have to start preparing for your first-time-meeting gift.

“Dong! --- Dong! Dong! The air is dry, be careful of candles--!”

The 11pm-1am bell sounded and sounded.

From far away, the city gate guard was woken by the sounds again, he opened his misty eyes and rubbed his cold arms. Suddenly, a strange sound sounded from above his head.

He shuddered and told himself, don’t look, don’t look.

But his shaking legs uncontrollably moved to beneath the tower and he slowly looked up …

“Ah! -- The human skin painting is back!”


TL note:

Lightness skill - 轻功 qing gong - the martial arts where the practitioner does quick and light movements, travelling very quickly

This arc was a bit creepy.


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