TFDC Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 - Rebirth and return

The man swaggered outside and the crowds all gave away except for one person.

Liu Ziqing nearly bumped into her and was about to yell until he saw the girl’s face clearly. His eyes immediately went straight, “Miss, I didn’t bump into you did I?”


The girl didn’t say a word but smiled sweetly.

At that moment, Li Ziqing felt like he saw a hundred flowers blossom and his small heart beat “badump, badump,” like it would jump out.

Even the light behind her seemed pure and saintly.

“Could I ask miss’ name?”

The girl’s laughter grew deeper, this method of hitting on girls never changed. She slowly opened her mouth and her voice was soft and clear, like it lightly hit and teased the tip of your heart and made your body go limp and numb.

“.... Lou Qingwu.”

“What a good name …”

Li Ziqing stared at her foolishly as she left and suddenly felt that the flowers he had plucked before, were not worthy of being called flowers.

Only this name, Lou Qingwu, sounded a bit familiar.

Lou Qing Wu walked towards a horse carriage and her mouth contained traces of laughter. No wonder she couldn’t find him, it turned out, he was hiding in this little town. He made her look so long for him, really, too disobedient.

She lifted her foot onto the carriage and sunlight hit her body, a pure light that made her look dazzling and eye catching.

Fourteen to fifteen years old was her age, the most beautiful existence.

Li Ziqing was completely mesmerised by her. She was so pure, kindhearted and so beautifully seductive. If this type of girl moaned and called out underneath him in bed, what type of insane pleasure would that give him?

Unfortunately, he never had the chance.

That night, Li family’s Li Ziqing strangely disappeared.

And in the middle of the month, on that day, in a residence on the outskirts of Linyang town it was quiet and peaceful. A dancing shadow shone on the residence and wavered, making the silence of the residence even more eerie.

A moon white figure lithely moved from the empty front courtyard to the back courtyard.

Her white and thin fingers pushed open the dark door and as it closed again, creaked and frightened awake the man inside the room.

Li Ziqing widened his eyes as he watched the person who stood by the door for a long time. A sinister chill crept up his back.

“Wu wu wu …”

He opened his mouth and let out hoarse begging noises.

Looking at this kind of Li Ziqing, Lou Qingwu laughed, now he was scared?

She soundlessly closed the door and slowly walked over, lit a candle and the room suddenly brightened up.

After Li Ziqing clearly saw the person in front of him, he suddenly blanked.

The person in front of him was wearing full white, with beautiful eyes and eyebrows and a stunning appearance. Her eyes especially were filled with light and excitement.

His heart suddenly went limp.

It turns out that this beautiful woman liked him too, look, she personally captured him.

But this method doesn’t seem too good.

But the result was the same so the process doesn’t’ matter, this wasn’t a problem.

In contrast to his previous frightened expression, Li Ziqing’s eyes suddenly were filled with lust, “Wu wu wu…”

“You want to speak?”

Her voice was clear, soft and pleasing to the ear.

Li Ziqing nodded.

Lou Qingwu slowly crouched down and her ice cold fingers moved from his eyebrows to lightly scrape his chin. She laughed lightly and blinked, “But I feel like this method …”

To her, was really convenient.

Li Ziqing stilled for a moment but quickly, was captivated by Lou Qingwu’s finger. This cool sensation aroused his most primal instincts, exciting and wild, especially her face which was up close to his. It really was too beautiful … more beautiful than any other girl he had ever seen, so enchanting and captivating.

But, for some reason, it felt really familiar like he had seen her from somewhere before.

“It seems like you’ve really forgotten me?” Her clear and cold voice sounded but had hints of warm laughter which made Li Ziqing freeze. They had met before? “Maybe I should remind you, do you know Liu Ruyi?”

“...” This name was very familiar.

“Is Rouge Xishi even more familiar?”

“...” Rouge Xishi?!

For some unknown reason, Li Ziqing’s face suddenly lost all colour and became white as snow.

She, she, she ….

TL note: 

** Xishi - 西施 - one of the four major beauties in China but it's just a name here.

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