TFDC Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2 - Resurrection of the human skin

Why did this outfit seem a bit familiar?

The city guard wondered, then called out again because this person was definitely too suspicious.

This time, the person stopped and slowly closed his fan. His actions were stiff and slowly revealed his handsome face.

The moonlight was bright tonight and the city guard’s eyesight was good so he could clearly see the other man’s face.

He looked and looked and suddenly widened his eyes, his body started shaking.

“You, you …”

He pointed his finger at the man. The city guard was scared stiff and finally when that handsome face split into a grin, he screamed, “Ghost! The human skin has come back to life!”

Suddenly, his eyes rolled backwards and he fainted.

The other man tilted his head and the bones in his body creaked and creaked. He turned around again, slowly walking forwards and very quickly, disappeared at the end of the road.

Not far away, Lou Qingwu watched the whole affair with a smile. Her expression was clear and gentle, “Hm, everything seems to be going quite well.” She actually wasn’t too used to everything going so smoothly.

The next day, the governor’s office was crammed with people who were waiting to watch what would happen next. Despite not knowing what happened, everyone was still here causing a scene in the morning.

“Official!” The city guard till now, was still quite shaken by the whole ordeal. He was still shaking as he kneeled on the ground. “I … I personally saw that human skin come back to life!”

Once the city guard finished talking, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Human, the human skin came back to life? …

What …. What kind of joke?!

A cold snort sounded from above. Everyone looked up and found that at the top was a man wearing armour. His appearance looked overbearing, giving people a feeling of oppression and fear. The man coldly sweeped everyone in the office, “Official Tan, is this how you handle cases? My brother has been missing for a day and two nights. When I get here, you tell me that someone’s peeled his skin and made him into human skin art, but where is the human skin now? The art has disappeared and now you’re telling this generali that he’s come back to life? En?!”

The last part was cold and sinister, scaring Official Tan to the point where he immediately set his back up straight. Well, he, he, he didn’t know either?

God knows that when he received that news, he nearly plucked off his official black hat. Three years ago, when General Li personally sent the third Li gentleman to Liyang town, he warned him quite seriously to take care of him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been silent no matter what crimes the third Li gentleman had committed over these year, but … but how could he have died?

He tried to bootlick the second Li gentleman in front of him, smiling and trying as hard as he could to kiss up to this third grade General Li Jingsheng. “General, don’t be mad. This lower official will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly. I promise, I promise!”

Li Jingsheng received this news whilst he was on military drilling grounds, he hadn’t even had enough time to take off his armour before rushing here. So even if all that was left was some dead skin, he definitely had to personally see it!

Otherwise, how else could he see his father?

His third brother had only been sent to Liyang town for three years, but somehow suddenly died?

He couldn’t say that out loud!

“I’ll give you three days. This general wants to see a person if he’s alive, a corpse, if he’s dead!”

“Yes, yes yes yes! Lower official will definitely find the culprit with all of my might!”

Li Jingsheng snorted but otherwise didn’t reply. He used his eyes to sweep those around him but stopped at a person in all white. His eyes tightened and the other party looked at him too, eyes that were still gentle and didn’t look down in fear. Instead, they were magnanimous, dignified and generous. When he saw the girl’s face clearly, Li Jingsheng’s eyebrows furrowed together even tighter, how could this small town have someone so beautiful?


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