TFDC Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1 - Floating scent of a hundred beasts

“En?” Lou Qingwu lifted up her eyes and followed his line of sight.

On top of the stone table was a bloody mandala flower displayed in the sunlight, so beautiful it seemed to captivate your heart and soul.

Li Jingsheng felt like his breath had been taken away as he walked towards the bloody mandala flower. The closer he got, the more he felt like there was a strange scent coming from it.

Unable to resist, he lifted up the bloody flower and held it in his palms. The scent grew even stronger.

From behind him, Lou Qingwu lightly walked up towards him and looked at the bloody flower, her smile clean and pretty, “It’s a bone flower.”

“Carved from a bone? It doesn’t look like it.” Li Jingsheng peered at it even closely.

As he looked at it, he saw that it seemed to glimmer like a crystal, as if it had been carved from white jade. “Do you know what type of animal bone it is?”

“What type of animal, ah?” Lou Qingwu’s voice became even lighter as if she was remembering something unpleasant.

She tilted her head and thought for a moment, “It’s elk bone.”


Li Jingsheng’s excitement grew. He loved all types of souvenirs made from elk. He fiercely turned around and almost forcefully, “Can you give this to this general?”

“... second gentleman, are you sure?”

“Of course.”

Lou Qingwu’s brows curved and as the sunlight hit her face, for some reason, her expression became unclear.

He could only seem to hear her happiness, “Okay. I’ll just hope that you won’t regret it.”

This general never regrets anything! But, what is this smell, it smells so good.”

“Floating scent.”

“Floating scent? I’ve never heard of that spice.” Li Jingsheng furrowed his brows, no wonder he’d never smelt this scent before.

“It’s not made of a spice. It’s made just for seeping into bones. A bone flower is still a flower, so how could it have no scent?”

“... That’s also true.” Even though, it seems a bit strange.

Li Jingsheng came from a martial background so he didn’t have much interest in these things.

He waved his hand to stop the discussion, held onto the bone flower and walked back to his rooms.

When his silhouette disappeared, Lou Qingwu lifted up her hands and used them to wave the scent in front of her face. She leaned into to take a deeper smell and comfortably narrowed her eyes.

A sound slowly came from her red lips, “Hundred beast floating scent, enchants the consciousness, confuses the person into a floating dream, easily … causes hallucinations.”

The sun on top of her head started to head east and go down. Just as the night entered, Lou Qingwu’s rooms emitted light. She stood in front of the candlestick, used the hairpin in her hands to poke at the candle.

A clattering sound was heard as the candle fire suddenly grew fiercely. The smoke from the fire interlaced with the smoke from the fragrance furnace, causing an eerie image.

The door soundlessly opened and a person stood behind her.

Lou Qingwu slowly put down the hairpin and searched below.

She used her hands to wave around the scent from the fragrance furnace and narrowed her eyes as she spoke lowly, “Does it smell good?”

“Yes.” The person respectfully answered.

“Have you finished preparing?”


“Then … go.”

“... Yes.”

The person turned around and soundlessly left the room. As he walked, the exotic smells swirled around.

He navigated around the South Pear rooms and entered Li Jingsheng’s courtyard before standing just outside of Li Jingsheng's room.


TL note:

Pro tip: don't take things from strange pretty women.

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