TFDC Chapter 117.1

Chapter 117.1 - Die and be resurrected

He didn’t know how long it had been but it seemed like time had stopped that night.

Hearing the even breathing from his side, Feng Yege turned to the side to look at Lou Qingwu’s tightly shut eyes.

The Lou Qingwu who slept after loosening up, was especially calm and silent.

He couldn’t help but prop himself up on an single arm, using his fingers to brush away the loose strands that had blown onto her face.

His finger lightly curved around her ear, slowly tracing over her face, the silky texture from her skin made Feng Yege’s phoenix eyes slightly narrow.

His finger moved slightly before finally falling on her red lips, they lightly traced over them.

Finally, he sighed and took back his hand.

He silently watched her before not long after, standing up and bending down to pick her up in his arms.

He held her and quickly disappeared into the night.

Feng Yege soundlessly placed her on a room’s bed before turning around and leaving.

Lan Bai and Thousand Face saw him come out and quickly surrounded him, using small voices, “Night prince, how is master?”

“She’s fine now.”

“It is the Night Prince after all who has his ways.” Lan Bai patted her chest.

She’d been scared by her master’s expression from before, nearly jumping and thinking that something happened.

But when she saw the portrait and how alike the ninth madam and her master was, did she only realise why her master would reveal such a complicated expression.

But it was good that her master was able to get back safe and sound.

Feng Yege turned his head to look back at Lou Qingwu’s room once more, “If there’s anything in the future, at any time, look for me.”

Lan Bai: “Yes!”

The sounds from outside of the room slowly disappeared.

The Lou Qingwu who was supposed to be in deep sleep, slowly opened her eyes.

Her clear eyes were extremely alert and awake, without a single bit of sleepiness.

She thought of something as she lifted up her hand, her fingertip touching her lips as she fell into a daze.

After half a moment, some sort of complicated expression left her eyes.

She regained her usual calm and coldness as she flipped over to close her eyes again, not knowing what she was thinking inside.

The second day, when Lou Qingwu left her room, she only just opened the door before facing Lan Bai’s face.

She stepped back, “Lan Bai, what are you standing here for?”

Lan Bai pitifully leaned her head on the door frame, using her fingertip to point at the dark circles underneath her eyes, “Master, ah, I don’t know where you went with the Night Prince but I thought for a whole night, and I’m still curious.”

From when she began to follow her master, she’d seen the Night Prince once or twice so how did that Night Prince know where her master would disappear to when she was feeling upset?

Even she didn’t know.

This, made her feel as if she wasn’t being very professional.

“That, ah.” Lou Qingwu crossed her arms over her chest, her hand propping her chin as she thought.

Lan Bai opened her big eyes as she waited for her answer.

As a result, Lou Qingwu’s lip curled up and answered, “Secret.”

Lan Bai instantly wilted. “Ah! Master, you can’t be like that, tell me, tell me, okay.”

After she finished speaking, she was just about to pounce on Lou Qingwu before suddenly getting dragged back by a Thousand Face who had just appeared out of nowhere.

At the same, Thousand Face also appeared in front of Lou Qingwu, “Master, I’m more curious about who the woman on the portrait is?”

“Oh? You want to know?”

Thousand Face nodded his head furiously, “Want!”

Lou Qingwu’s expression became even more careless, “My mother.”

“En?” Thousand Face and Lan Bai hadn’t reacted before it finally sunk in.

Lan Bai’s small frame suddenly stood up straight, “What? Master, your ….”

As if she was scared they hadn’t heard clearly, Lou Qingwu answered again, “You both didn’t hear wrongly, she’s my real mother, the former Lou residence’s eldest madam.”

Even though there are a lot of similar looking people in the world, a single person also has an aura that is affected by the individual’s own experiences, in a way that is extremely unique.


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