TFDC Chapter 127.1

Chapter 127.1 - Got eaten

Ruan Zhen walked in from outside and seeing that Lou Lianxin and Lou Qingwu were speaking to each other, she pulled Lou Lianxin to the side.

She looked at Lou Qingwu and half mocking, half smiling, said, “Your big sister’s currently reached onto a higher branch but you’re here being a concubine for someone else. How can you thank your sister for being a matchmaker?”

Lou Qingwu looked at her, “I can’t take responsibility for being your matchmaker, but, second mother was the one who originally wanted to be my matchmaker. So it was only a pity …”

She wanted to continue but stopped.

Ruan Zhen was so angry that she was about to spit fire.

But the bustling drums and sounds from outside elevated her mood, “But Lian’er ended up marrying assistant general Li anyway.”

“Really?” Lou Qingwu looked up, looking apst Ruan Zhen to the Li Jingsheng and right prime minister, Li Miao who had just begun to walk inside.

She took two steps forward until she was right next to Ruan Zhen’s ear and whispered, “Second mother, ah, sometimes, the higher you climb, the more wretched your fall will be.”

After she finished, she didn't care about Ruan Zhen or Lou Lianxin and just left to the side.

Ruan Zhen stayed in her spot, gritting her teeth and glaring in the direction that Lou Qingwu left in.

Lou Qingwu, wait for me, when Lian’er becomes the matriarch of the Li family, that’s when you’ll suffer!

“Mother, what did she mean by that? She won’t want to split me and Jingsheng apart again, will she?”

“As if she’d dare to! Lian’er, just concentrate on being the best bride you can be. If she thinks that I’ll let her go after making you become like this, she’s wrong. I’ve already found a marriage match for her so as long as you marry into the Li family and she comes of ages, I’ll have my ways to make her marry out!”

She’d definitely found a “good” marriage for her!

Seeing Ruan Zhen’s hateful expression, Lou Lianxin was relieved.

“Mother! Just wait, I’ll definitely get the position of the matriarch of the Li family!”

“En, the thing you should be thinking about is how to first give birth to the Li family’s eldest son. At that time, I’ll definitely find a way for you.”


When Lou Qingwu returned to the Leaning Wind Pavilion, Lan Bai walked out and asked her, “Master, what did laoye call you over for?”

“In five days, Lou Lianxin will marry out.”

“Ah? Then why was there nothing about it today in the residence?”

Lou Qingwu turned to take a look at the direction of the main residence, “I’m afraid that the Li family had just confirmed it. Ruan Zhen obviously can’t wait to send Lou Lianxin to the Li family so everything’s just going to be simplified.”

She thought that the Ruan family would prepare a full and generous dowry for Lou Lianxin so she wasn’t afraid of a simple ceremony at all.

But in this lifetime, how could she let Lou Lianxin marry vibrantly and richly?

Especially when Lou Lianxin’s red gown like fresh blood made her … want to destroy her even more.

“Let Thousand Face see me.”

She turned around and entered the rooms as Lou Qingwu’s expression was obscured by the dark, sinister and cruel.


Thousand Face quickly came and pushed the door, entering.

He saw Lou Qingwu stand with her back facing him, facing the black jewellery box that Lou Qingwu had been carrying from the moment that he’d met her.

He’d always been curious about what was in it, but master didn’t say so he kept that question buried in his heart.

“Master, is there something you wanted of me?”

Lou Qingwu didn’t turn around, her fingers traing the carving of the box.

“Can you buy the voodoo worm, Thousand Days Intoxicated from the black market? A mother-son pair.”

“Ah?” Thousand Face froze.


TL note:

Simplified - meaning that the wedding will be bare bones just to get Lou Lianxin inside the Li residence ASAP

*cough* baby making machine *cough*

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