TFDC Chapter 121.1

Chapter 121.1 - Revealing true feelings

Lou Qingwu’s mind was still a bit muddled as she silently swallowed the pill.

Unknowingly, her tongue also touched Feng Yege’s finger.

Feng Yege felt a slight electric shock from his finger as he narrowed his eyes.

Some deep emotion flickered in his long phoenix eyes before silently disappearing.

His handsome face was still cold and expressionless but his heart rate was increasingly rapidly.

He silently took back his finger and looked at a certain befuddled person, thinking that he had to teach her a good lesson.

“How do you feel?”

He sat by the side of her bed, his expression lazy.

Lou Qingwu froze for half a moment before lifting up her head, “My head still hurts a bit but I feel a lot better.”

“When you helped the ninth madam regain consciousness, did you ever think that your blood would also be infected with the poison?”

Lou Qingwu nodded her head, “I thought of that possibility but the poison wasn’t too strong, so I thought I’d be fine.”

She then tried to move her hand again.

She didn’t think that she’d fall unconscious so quickly, so she’d originally thought that she’d be able to hold out until she could find an antidote.

But who knew ….

“En, so how did I come here?”

“Thousand Face sent you over.”

“That ….” No wonder she woke up so quickly.

Even though the poison wasn’t strong, it was enough to make her fall unconscious for a few days.

Her hands slightly curled, and upon discovering that her strength was coming back, Lou Qingwu tried to sit up.

She’d almost completely recovered, her eyes lit up, “What did you just feed me?”

Feng Yege placed a pillow underneath her and hearing this, coldly looked at her.

His thin lips pursed together, “Something to restore your strength.”

“En, then thank you, senior brother.” Otherwise, she’d have to faint for a few days and by that time, who knew how much would’ve changed.

This was outside of her expectations.

Feng Yege sat back in his original spot, his handsome face not showing any other expressions.

“Do you have anything else to say to me?”

“En? Say what?”

Feng Yege’s original good mood somehow dampened again.

Did she plan to hide everything from him?

“The ninth madam’s poison was ‘Thousand Days Intoxicated’ right?”

Lou Qingwu slightly froze, nodded, “En.”

“Then how did you plan on curing it?”

“....” Lou Qingwu’s head hurt a bit. “I haven’t thought of a way yet.”

“But you’re considering it, aren’t you? Considering enticing the voodoo worm onto your own body? Don’t even think about it! That voodoo worm’s already been in the ninth madam’s body for too long, it’s already become reliant on it. The moment that it gets drawn out, it’ll become impossibly dangerous for you. Did you ever think about that?”

Lou Qingwu’s face paled, how could she not have considered that?

But … even if she previously did begrudge her, how could she just give up on her mother?

After all, she gave birth to her.

She looked down, her lowered eyes gloomy.

Feng Yege’s hands tightened before loosening.

Defeatedly, he rubbed his forehead, “Like this, did you ever think about …”

The people who care about her?

Feng Yege didn’t say the last part of his question out loud.

He was scared that if he revealed even the slightest bit of his feelings, she’d distance himself from her.

Because he cared too much, so it wasn’t even harder to speak.

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “Senior brother, I cherish my own life. Not until I absolutely have to, will I actually move.”

“Really?” Feng Yege’s expression brightened a bit, “You really won’t brashly make a move?”

Lou Qingwu saw the worry in his eyes and finally, nodded her head deeply, “Yes.”

“Alright, I believe you this once.”

As long as she didn’t brashly move, he could think of other ways to cure the voodoo worm poison.

Even though the ‘Thousand Days Intoxicated’ poison was incurable with medicine, voodoo worms were originally made to control people.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if she left a way out for herself.


TL note:

Feng Yege’s finger pushed the pill inside LQW’s mouth which is why her tongue unknowingly brushed against his fingertip. LQW was still pretty out of it at the start.

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  1. Good luck with the move~

    And uh... not sure you should be trying to imply you can take care of yourself considering a misjudgement here nearly cost you several days of bed rest.

    ... Even less sure FY should continue to listen to LQW considering how easily she gets into trouble that's over her head. XD

    Fy needs a firmer hand~

    1. right you are.If he had not acted the poison would be growing in her. Perhaps this poison doesn't need a blood related victim ....just a victim., like one
      of the Ruans

    2. I just imagine Feng Yege as a doting parent who's spoiled his kid and now his kid is a brat (LQW) 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. LQW probably didn't want to reveal that to avoid showing her hand to Ruan Zhen too soon. Ruan Xiuren would have more respect for her if she was doing funky voodoo instead of just putting a bit of blood inside the ninth madam 😔😔


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