TFDC Chapter 103.2

Chapter 103.2 - Fell in love with him

But, “Master, your subordinate also found out something else.”

Feng Yege lowered his eyes, hiding his emotions, “What thing?”

“Those bandits seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, and the third prince’s appearance was too coincidental. So your subordinate suspects that the third prince had something to do with it.”

Also, the third prince didn’t normally have any relations to Mu Yunqing, so what did him entering monkshood have to do with him?

But he just coincidentally was free enough to not only go, but also coincidentally bump into Miss Lou? So … there was definitely something fishy.

“Master, do you want this subordinate to tell Miss Lou so that Miss Lou can clearly see the third prince’s scheming heart? Then Miss Lou would definitely not …”

He wiggled his brows, master, quickly compliment me!

But Feng Yege acted as if he couldn’t hear him at all.

He just continued to look expressionlessly ahead, his long eyelashes casting a shadow on his handsome face, “There’s no need.”

“Ah?” Feng Shiyi was very disappointed. “Why not?”

Feng Yege looked at him, “If even you can guess that, what makes you think she couldn’t?”

So even if she knew, she still fell in love with Xiahou Qing.

He’d only missed her by a step, so in the end … he still wasn’t able to protect her.

He slowly sat up, his long gown dragging on the floor as he walked.

He pushed open the secret passages’ door and headed towards the hotspring.

He walked all the way to the edge of the hot spring and then leapt into it …

Feng Shiyi was dumbstruck, thought for a moment and then understood Feng Yege’s meaning.

Damn it, his master had actually fallen out of love this time!

It was only an afternoon, now his future female master became someone else’s, this …

This was not looking good.

He sneaked a peek at the secret passage before uneasily tip toeing towards it, nudging a bit closer before he nudged towards the secret passage.

He saw he hot spring's dense fog but didn’t see Feng Yege’s figure.

Feng Shiyi jolted and quickly ran towards the hot spring, seeing the flat surface he quickly shouted, “Master!”

You can’t kill yourself over this!

You can still have a female master, you still have a chance with Miss Lou!

Feng Shiyi’s crying howls pierced through the water where Feng Yege was holding his breath and meditating.

Feng Yege’s brows furrowed deeply and finally wasn’t able to take it any mor3e.

He suddenly burst through the water, his dripping wet hair slicked to the back of his head as beads of water slid past his handsome face.

He casually wiped away at the beads before looking coldly at Feng Shiyi, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“That, master, actually, it hasn’t been set in stone. Miss Lou isn’t definitely in love with that … ah, third prince.”

Feng Yege swam to the edge of the spring, his long arms bent and pushed himself up.

Hearing that, he glanced at Feng Shiyi, “So what if she likes him? Anyone that prince likes, if it comes to that, I’ll just snatch her back.”

If she liked a person who was good for her, he wouldn’t have anything to say.

He’d even spent time and effort to help her and the person she loved.

But Xiahou Qing … he wasn’t the one for her.

A person who knew to hide his power many years ago, to scheme against the empress that raised him for so many years?

This type of person was too vicious, too cold and wouldn’t be able to truly love her.

Compared to many years of being used, why not just hold her tightly by his side, protecting her and loving her?

He had a whole lifetime to wait for her to … love him.

Feng Shiyi was dumbstruck, “...”

After half a beat, he silently retreated.

It seems like he thought too much.

His master was a strong type of person, how could he let someone snatch away a person he’d protected for so long?

He silently lit a joss of incense for his master’s path to chasing his wife.

Master, take care.


TL note:

Feng Shiyi’s a derp.

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  1. Good boi FY! You mustn't lose to that prince even though in truth she doesn't even like him *roll eyes*

    Anyway thanks for the chapter! And, yay! I'm first XD

    1. Feng Yege belieeeeeeves in her 💪💪 (even if he kinda thinks that she likes him)

      Lollipop for being first 🍭

  2. Wkwk it's so funny to see night price's subordinate.... Feng shiyi thinking to much

    1. The Feng guards are all embarrassing 😂😂

    2. All the more so to complemrnt their stony cold master!!😄

    3. That's true, we always need a balance 💗💗

  3. Aww poor FY, broken hear- ... Wait a minute, something seems a bit wrong with the script if he says she still has a lifetime to love him.

    ISN'T THE SCRIPT SUPPOSED TO BE BROKEN HEARTED FY GOES AWAY?! (also where were you in her past life FY? :( )

    Wonder if this means LQW's plans will go sideways~ I'm looking forward to accidental clashes between them now~ :P

    1. In this lifetime, Feng Yege met her in the capital by herself first.

      In her previous lifetime, Xiahou Qing saved her before they came to the capital and they came back to the capital as a pair - or at least, LQW was already pretty in love with him then. In that case, LQW and Feng Yege didn't get to interact like with the previous hot spring scene and LQW didn't know Feng Yege was her senior brother. Feng Yege also didn't plan on revealing his identity and dragging her into the mess that is palace fighting 😔😔

      Feng Yege may or may not just pop up every now and then to remind her that he exists 🙈

    2. Plausibly LQW is more mysterious/interesting to him this life time since her actions are definitely more eyecatching. I.e FY has a lot more reason to murderface Xiahou Qing rather than just accepting her decision.

      ... I have really weird mental imagery of FY just randomly Photo bombing scenes whenever LQW is talking to other people now. XD

    3. So Feng Yege was her senior brother even in the previous life, yes? And wasn’t it the other way round? LQW saving Xiahou Qing?

      And it seemed like she was looking for FY in the present lifetime before she even met him.

    4. @Hale LQW and Feng Yege definitely interacted more in this life. In her last life, she only remembers seeing Feng Yege as the Night Prince like twice before he leaves the capital forever.

      Same, I just imagine Feng Yege sticking his head in whenever Xiahou Qing gets too lose. Like stop 🙅🏻🙅🏻

    5. @GreenChillies Feng Yege was her senior brother but she didn't know that he was the Night Prince - this is why she didn't instantly recognise him when they first met at the palace. In this lifetime, she wanted to repay her gratitude to Feng Yege from the last lifetime and use his power (a lil).

      I can't remember but I think it should be Xiahou Qing saving her because LQW has really average to no martial arts skills. She's only good for her medical skills and brains which is what Xiahou Qing likes in her.

  4. Can't help but wonder if this what he went through last lifetime. To protect and love only to lost. So sad.

    1. I'd cry my eyes out if there was a chapter about his last lifetime. Xiahou Rui didn't get a good ending last time either 😭😭

  5. A sincere 2nd prince, scheming 3rd prince, the guy from the auction and basically any guy around her. they all not good enough to Feng Yege. Any husband to be for her is not good enough to him unless it was him. Logic taken

    1. Feng Yege is the best choice for now 💞💞


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