TFDC Chapter 101.1

Chapter 101.1 - Meeting an old friend

The leader of the black clothed people furrowed his brows before letting out a breath of relief when he confirmed that Lou Qingwu didn’t see his totem.

His coarse eyes narrowed as he dragged Lou Qingwu by her clothes before pressing her down on the bed.

He looked at her from above as a light flashed in his eyes.

Lou Qingwu didn’t move, she just looked at him with a frightened expression, her mind was a mess too.

It was like she could only see that totem as her chest started to move up and down quickly, like she’d really been so scared that she couldn’t speak.

The leader smirked, the cloth covering the lower part of his obscured his expression but his eyes gave him away.

Seeing that it was nearly time, he sneered, “Little girl, serve me well and if I’m happy, then I might let you go …”

“Master!’ Lan Bai saw that Lou Qingwu suddenly stopped moving and her face paled.

The man in black blocked Lou Qingwu and not being able to see her expression, Lan Bai became even more anxious.

Just as she was about to resist, she suddenly heard fighting sounds from outside.

Inside the wooden cabin, the men looked at each other and immediately let go of the two people.

They then head outside and at the same time, the fighting sounds grew more intense.

Lan Bai climbed up, running towards Lou Qingwu’s side.

She helped her up and apart from a bit of dirt on them, there were no other signs that they’d been bullied.

But she still felt like something was off as her eyes fell on Lou Qingwu’s somber expression, “Master, what is it?”

“It’s nothing.” Lou Qingwu’s expression slowly steadied.

She stared fixedly at the half open door and through the gap, saw two different groups of people fighting intensely.

One of them was tall and imposing, his manner carefree as his handsome face was obscured because of how far he was, but even though she couldn’t see clearly, she’d been by his side for eight years, so how could she not know.

Even if he’d been turned to ashes, she’d still be able to recognise him.

Xiahou Qing ….

She was just about to say, why the men in black looked so familiar.

Right until she saw the totem did she finally remember, in her past lifetime, she’d seen it on a few people’s bodies before.

They were secret guards that Xiahou Qing had secretly trained and had tattooed some sort of strange totem on.

It was Xiahou Qing’s personal emblem.

First, he made his personal subordinates kidnap them and when she’d suffered humiliation, he’d suddenly appear and rescue her.

If she was just like her naive self in her past lifetime, maybe she would’ve treated him like a god after this, living only for him.

But she wasn’t, she’d already experienced two lifetimes.

And he, owed her two lives.

Xiahou Qing, our vendetta, still hasn’t been sorted clearly yet..

The fight outside quickly stopped and it was clear that Xiahou Qing’s side won.

She looked at the man who was walking towards her as she quickly got rid of the emotions in her eyes.

Instead, shock and fear replaced them as she held onto Lan Bai and hid behind her.

She widened her big eyes as she looked at the people approaching her.

Just as Xiahou Qing was about to push open the door, she quickly grabbed the closest thing to her and threw it at the door, “Don’t come over here! You bad people!”

Lan Bai was shocked as she looked at the Lou Qingwu who’d turned into a little white bunny.


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  1. Ugh... Why did he kidnapped Qingwu?

  2. Knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress... you know what follows...

    1. Oh~ is he interested to our Qingwu now? To orchestrate something like that, he must be interested

    2. More like interested in using her 😒😒

  3. Hmmm... I wonder if he did this in her past life too?

    As for the TL, one lifetime owed is long enough :P Don't be mean. hehe

    1. Well he and her sister did cause her and her child to die so that's two lives.

    2. He saved her in her past life but not like this because in this life, she meddled with MYQ's affairs 🙆🏻🙆🏻

    3. Yup, LQW's unborn baby counts as one life 💓💓

    4. I was kind of joking, if Lou Qingwu married Xiahou Qing, she'd take the name of Xiahou Qingwu, so that's one lifetime already done being named as Xiahou Qingwu~

      So i'm telling Soupy not to make her marry a Xiahou again~ ... That scuttles Rui too, but I'm okay with that :P

    5. (if Chinese people took their spouse's surnames, which they don't)

      Xiahou Qingwu and Xiahou Qing would be a mouthful to pronounce at their wedding 😬😬

    6. Definately would be, but there goes my "joke" D:

      RIP all the fun in life. :P

  4. Replies
    1. Otherwise how could our smart cookie LQW fall for him in her past life 😭😭

  5. Hopefully, LQW will give him a good lesson for life soon and I can't wait for that time to come.

    1. He doesn't believe that LQW sets him up like time and time again afterwards, that's pretty sweet to read 💗💗

  6. She better win an Oscar for this performance lol

    1. Let's settle for winning Xiahou Qing's heart and faith in her 😚😚

  7. Reminds me of something I've read, someone saying a guy was quite the gigolo for setting up the lady's distress and solving it at the same time lmao.

    1. Common ploy honestly, same with the purposely taking an arrow to 'save' their life and making them feel deeply responsible/in love with them 😷😷

  8. Wow wat a dick fucking beat the shit out of him with that stick! 👹👹👹👹

    1. Language 😱

      (also LQW needs to trick Xiahou Qing into falling in love with her, so no stick beating 🙅🏻)


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