TFDC Chapter 98.2

Chapter 98.2 - Used up her life

Lou Qingwu’s eyes grew deeper, to protect her that well, then this ninth madam’s identity must be peculiar.

But she just didn’t know what the relation between Ruan Zhen and this ninth madam was.

And this time, the Ruan family head went to find Ruan Zhen, was it related to the ninth madam?

So if she wanted to find out how Ruan Zhen could force the Ruan family head to give into her needs, time and time again, she’d have to find out this ninth madam’s identity.

“Thousand Face, figure out a way to get the ninth madam’s painting, is there a way?”

“That … even if it’s a bit hard, I can still try.”

“En, go then.”


Right until Thousand Face left did Lou Qingwu then rub her forehead.

She stood up as Lan Bai leaned in closer, “Master, are we going to see Miss Su Sheng?”

“En, remember to bring the medicine box.” The time was about right, if they waited any longer, she was afraid an accident could happen.

“Okay, I’ll go get it now.”

The night deepened as Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai secretly slipped out of the Lou residence.

They arrived at a remote residence on the western outskirts of the capital as they pushed its rusted metal gates.

They walked in, surrounded by darkness in all four directions.

Only Lan Bai’s hand held a lantern that radiated a feeble light.

When they reached the room’s door, Lan Bai pushed open a door and the two people walked inside.

It was still pitch dark, but you could just barely make out a person lying on the bed.

It still wasn’t too clear so Lan Bai went to light up some candles.

The room instantly brightened..

Now it could be seen that the person lying on the bed was Su Sheng, who had been lying on the ground in the justice department’s floor.

She lay flat on the bed, silent and without breath.

Her face was still caked in blood and looked extremely battered.

Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai walked closer, Lou Qingwu took the medicine box that Lan Bai passed her.

She opened it, took out a white coloured vial and opened it to take out a small pill.

She bent over, pinching SU Sheng’s chin to force her jaw to open and fed her the pill.

In about ten minutes, the originally lifeless girl suddenly started to breathe in and out slowly.

After half an hour, Su Sheng opened her eyes and saw Lou Qingwu.

Feeling uncomfortable, she closed her eyes and when she adjusted to the light in the room, then she opend her eyes again.

Her eyes were blurry as she looked towards Lou Qingwu.

Lou Qingwu sat to her side and used a wet cloth to wipe away the blood on her face.

The blood stains were wiped away and revealed Su Sheng’s originally beautiful face.

It was just a lot more pale.

“Everything’s done now. Mu Yunqing already believes you’re dead and Li Xiangluan … has been locked up in jail.”

Su Sheng’s eyes then regained a bit of vitality.

Her cracked lips moved slightly before her hoarse throat spat out two words, “Thank … you.”

“No need to thank me. This is what I promised you and I always follow through on my promises. But, are you really planning on not telling Mu Yunqing? He seems … extremely upset.”

Thinking about that moment during the day, when Mu Yunqing’s back was bent in despair over her, his black hair was scattered and loose over his face, she’d nearly had the urge to tell him that Su Sheng hadn’t died, it was only a fake death.

But this was Su Sheng’s decision so she respected that.

Su Sheng’s eyes flashed grief.

Lou Qingwu wiped away the single tear that fell from her eye, ‘If you spent more time treating yourself, you probably could live for a lot longer. Why are you giving up?”

Su Sheng didn’t speak for a long time.

Just as Lou Qingwu thought she wouldn’t get a reply, Su Sheng slowly opened her mouth, her voice slow but clear, “Miss Lou … all of the love that I had in this life, has been spent.”


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Surprise! Poor Mu Yunqing [x1000000].

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  1. Yeah, if I were her, I would be tired. She really doesn't have long to live either, so might as well have it happen right now rather than get his hopes up.

    1. Exactly, she's been through so much and honestly, I need a nap just from reading her arc. She does only have a few months to live and Mu Yunqing would probably be shattered if he lost her for the second time 😭😭

  2. I should have voiced my suspicion about SS's death in the previous chapter. So there's a chance of happiness for MYQ and SS even it's a short one.

    1. It did seem a bit smooth hmm 🤔

      (spoiler: there's no chance of happiness, only more sadness. Hold out until 99.2 😬)

  3. What drama is the picture at the top from?

    I thought she would want to spend her last few days with him. If all her love is spent, isn’t it more painful to be living lifeless let? She might as well have died for real.

    1. The drama is Fighter of the Destiny.

      I'd be sick of Mu Yunqing's face if I went through all of what Su Sheng did. I think she's just tired of everything and in the next update, she kinda goes through why she did this 😫😔

  4. I need more interactions with the night prince.

    1. Me too, how do we call the author 🤔😂

      (we'll be seeing a lot of Feng Yege afterwards, so much that you'll get sick of him 😌)

    2. I have to see it first to believe it! Hehehe..

    3. (but we'll see her ex first 😰😰)

  5. Ah, so she didn't pass.

    Hopefully she can live the last of her life in peace, I think she deserves that much at least.

    ... I'm still not fully sympathetic with Mu Yunqing! Yeah yeah, I know I'm too harsh but! XD NOT HAPPENING! :P

    1. You'll feel sorry for Mu Yunqing soon 😣😭😭

  6. The name of the novel is really weird "Thousand Face Demonic Concubine"...after all Thousand Face is neither mc, nor the male lead, but just her subordinate

    1. The thousand face refers to how the female lead is always changing 'faces' e.g. innocent for Li Jingsheng, her ex husband and her family, tough for Xiahou Rui and honest in front of Feng Yege. She also wears someone else's face literally later on in the novel.

      Bonus: the title is 千(thousand)面(face/side)邪(demonic/evil)妃(concubine/consort) 💗💗


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