TFDC Chapter 153.2

Chapter 153.2 - Kindness and power as tools

But he couldn’t touch the person behind Yue Ji so he could only temporarily not fight it out against that mysterious person.

Otherwise, who else would help Shangguan Yiyun or Xiahou Rui?

A slender figure appeared in his mind as his eyes deepened, did he make a mistake of judgement?

He waved goodbye to Li Jingsheng as he stepped aside and waved behind him.

Instantly, a person appeared behind him.

“Has there been anything out of the ordinary lately?”

“Reporting to your majesty, nothing strange has happened at the Lou residence. Miss Lou has been staying in her Leaning Wind Pavilion these few days, not leaving her pavilion at all. But I have something else to report.” His hoarse and low voice was monotone and for some reason, made Xiahou Qing’s expression grow cold.

“Oh? What happened?”

“These few days, the Night Prince has been avoiding guests and not allowing anyone inside his residence. This is strange.”

“Did you find out the reason?” Because of Ye Ji’s words, he hadn’t noticed the Night Prince’s activities lately, focusing solely on Lou Qingwu.

But now that he thought about it, it did seem a bit strange.

When the Night Prince was injured, Lou Qingwu went to the Night Prince’s residence to visit him, so why did she suddenly stop?

Or was the Night Prince not at his residence?

“The Night Prince’s residence is heavily guarded, not even a fly could get in. I’m useless!” Behind him, the person dropped to their knees as Xiahou Qing grew silent.

“Alright, retreat. Continue to monitor the Lou residence and the Night Prince’s residence.”


Behind him, the shadowy figure disappeared as quickly as he came.

Xiahou Qing tidied up his brocade gown before appearing on the busy streets of the capital again.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, it seemed like he’d have to investigate Lou Qingwu as well.

It was a pity she’d have to enter the palace, because when they’d meet again, their statuses would change.

He looked up towards the direction as his face darkened, before setting forth.

  • Inside the palace

Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai were on their way to the Kunning palace and the person who was leading them, was the empress’ personal housekeeper senior aide.

As they walked, the red tiles turned to green as the exquisitely built palace towered above them, majestic.

As she walked into the mai hall, Lou Qingwu suddenly turned towards Lan Bai.

Lan Bai silently looked up and quickly walked forward, chasing up to the senior aid and sneaking a silver banknote into her sleeve.

The senior aide froze, widening her eyes before quickly scoping around her and when she saw no one, relaxed.

“What does this miss want to ask?”

“Senior aide, do you know who’s at the Kunning place today?”

“About fifteen minutes ago, the palace only had the second prince and the seventh prince, no one else.”

“That way, hmm, thank you senior aide.”

“No problems, no problems.” The housekeeper senior aid waved her hands as she stuffed the bank note deeper inside her sleeves.

Lan Bai turned around to look at Lou Qingwu.

Lou Qingwu avoided her gaze and looked down, Lan Bai then quickly returned to Lou Qingwu’s side.

Not hearing the name she wanted to hear, Lou Qingwu’s eyes darkened before she quickly concealed that.

She adjusted her expression before stepping into the main hall.

On the master’s seat in the main hall, the empress wore bright red palace robes as she sat elegantly.

Below her, sat the second prince Xiahou Rui and the seventh prince Xiahou Liuyun.

The three people were chatting happily when Lou Qingwu walked in.

The eunuch called out in his reedy and high pitched voice, “Miss Lou is here --”

The empress quickly turned around and just seeing Lou Qingwu with her eyes downcast, her eyes lit up, laughing, “Qingwu’s here, quickly come. Let me see, I haven’t seen you in a few days, you’ve grown even more beautiful.”

Lou Qingwu walked closer before she bent her knees and greeted her, “Qingwu greets the empress, the second prince, the seventh prince.” Then she returned her smile with a gentle laugh.

The empress looked at her and her appreciation for her grew even more.

She gestured for Lou Qingwu to walk closer to her.

Lou Qingwu leaned in as the empress pulled her hand and started to warmly talk to her before the topic changed.

Her voice held a few notes of regret as she said, “About the hibiscus festival, I’ve let you feel wronged.”


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  1. Hmm... Looks like third princey finds her suspicious,(which to be fair, she kinda is? So many things revolve around her.)

    >_>; Sigh, are we going back to backcourt politics? Cause remembering the nonsense LQW(not to mention us as readers lol) had to endure at the beginning of this novel wasn't fun.

    1. Agreed! It was rather painful and very agonising����

    2. LQW isn't doing too well in cleaning up after herself. But it's mostly because Ye Ji was being jealous and managed to hit the target somehow.

      There won't be much backcourt politics in the next few chapters. LQW's sweet plan comes to fruition and we see consort Ying angry πŸ’•πŸ’•

    3. Chinese historical novels are like mostly backcourt politics though πŸ€”πŸ€”

    4. Yeah, but they're usually not as passive as LQW's :P

      She got squished to a pretty tiny corner before she managed to counter everything @_@;

    5. LQW's low-key trying to not make it obvious that she's reincarnated. Xiahou Qing is already suspicious about how she (or someone) keeps foiling his plans and showing her cards too early would be a mistake. She still has a lot to accomplish. 🀧🀧

  2. Kekeke gym is bad place to go. I agree 100%

    1. My calves and thighs are so sore, it's not worth itπŸ’€πŸ’€

  3. I don't feel well stepping outside of my safe zone so I just follow the instructor in YT for my exercise and to burn this fats that won't break up with me eventhough I already said I don't love them anymore. _οΎ‰δΉ™(、ン、)_

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    2. Don't push too hard. Just make sure your body is healthy even with a few fats here and there or just toning your body. The most important is your healthy. ( ̄Ξ΅ ̄〃)b

    3. Yeah, I'm never going to push myself hard ever again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. The empress such a two race. She not as kind as she appear.

  5. LLX -
    that prince -

    I don't think much of the empress, really, she's quite simple, isn't she
    i was expecting more of an empress, expected older QW, really
    i like to say my walk to school and occasional jogging is enough workout (probably not)

    1. The empress is sly enough to have raised up Xiahou Rui and Xiahou Liuyun so she's not simple really 😣😣😣


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