TFDC Chapter 163.1

Chapter 163.1 - Hate the stench of blood

Lou Lianxin had only reacted, “Daughter in law, doesn’t, doesn’t dare …”

“You don’t dare? Why can’t I see even half a bit of you not daring to do so? Who dared to say that they were going to pack their things? What? You want to leave and say that my Li residence is bullying you, bullying their new daughter-in-law? Senior aide, watch her for me. Without my orders, the second young master’s family can’t leave this pavilion, not even a single step”!

“Yes”! The eldest madam’s senior aide was a robust and big woman, she heavily agreed.

Like a door guard, she watched Lou Lianxin and her two servants, “Second madam, go.”

Lou Lianxin’s anger was growing in her heart like flames, and adding to the fright that she’d received before, she couldn’t even spit out her anger so she fainted.

-- Lou residence, Leaning Wind Pavilion

Lan Bai came in with yet another basin of water as Lou Qingwu placed her hands to soak inside again.

Her ten fingers were jade-like and white and clearly very clean.

But she washed them, again and again.

Behind her, under the window lattice, an incense burner sent whirls of smoke up in the air, covering the room with the heavy scent of an exotic fragrance.

Lou Qingwu’s pretty profile was subdued and cold, indifferent and expressionless.

But Lan Bai knew that her master was acting out of the ordinary.

Up until Lou Qingwu’s hands started to peel, did Lan Bai finally speak out, unable to help herself, “Master, don’t wash any more. Your hands are all red, they’re about to start bleeding.”

“En?” Lou Qingwu seemed to have only snapped out of it.

She looked down, seeing a small thread of blood slither out from the place where her hands had started to peel.

The sliver of blood seemed to float upwards as it began to pale until it disappeared.

Lou Qingwu’s calm eyes seemed to crack before quickly mending itself.

She lifted up her hands before turning to take the brocade handkerchief that Lan Bai offered, “Take it away.”

Lan Bai then let out a relieved breath.

But when she saw Lou Qingwu’s reddened fingers, she went to get some medicinal ointment after she put away the water basin.

She walked in front of Lou Qingwu, “Master, apply some. Otherwise, your fingers will be swollen tomorrow.”

Lou Qingwu looked at her before shaking her head, “Take it away. I’m fine.”

“But …” Lan Bai still wanted to say something but Thousand Face had already soundlessly appeared in the room, scaring her.

She jumped back before quickly calming down, after all, she’d already been scared too many times by him.

She silently retreated to the side.

Lou Qingwu picked up the teapot and poured out two cups of green tea, pushing one towards Thousand Face.

Thousand Face picked it up and drank it all in a single gulp.

But his brows furrowed at how bitter it was, “Master, this tea is so bitter, my heart can feel it.”
Lou Qingwu just smiled, not saying anything as she sipped on her tea.

“What’s happening with the Li residence now?”

“The whole residence has pretty much been moving. Li Miao originally said he’d go to the justice department tomorrow but then later, I don’t know what Li Jingsheng said to him, but he reluctantly told the housekeeper to suppress all news of what happened. Furthermore, he also went to the third prince’s residence. Master, what do we do next?”

“No need to do anything.”

“Ah? But the right prime minister would definitely suppress the news and when that happens, it’ll all be quiet and well for them. Wouldn’t tonight be a total waste?”


Lou Qingwu savoured the bitterness in her mouth as she smiled meaningfully, “He can’t suppress it. Nearly everyone in the Li residence will know about the bloody mass in the Li residence. Unless he can kill all of the servants in the Li residence, he won’t be able to suppress all of the rumours.”

Furthermore, she didn’t just give Li Jingsheng a present.

She also had one for the right prime minister.

How could that be enough?

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  1. Aww... Poor LQW ;-; Needed to get revenge but doing it like this and feeling unclean still hurts...

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    Btw, i'm quite slow but why does LQW wants to thoroughly wash her hands?
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    1. There'll be a single morsel of dog food but you gotta prepare your tissues too 😷😷

      LQW skinned them and killed them herself so she keeps feeling blood on her hands and smelling blood around her. She hates it because it reminds her of her own death but she has to do it personally to avenge her friends and the innocent who were killed 😭🤧

  4. Did Qingwu help with the preparation of the Li family gifts?

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