TFDC Chapter 155.1

Chapter 155.1 - Consort Mei

The empress quickly got up and out of the masters seat so the emperor could take that seat, “Ten thousand greetings to the emperor for fortune and safety.”

She bent at the knees to greet him but the emperor didn’t say anything in response, or to let her up.

He surpassed her and sat at the very top, in the masters seat.

Consort Ying first greeted her in a flowery manner, smiling brilliantly, “Big sister, little sister is greeting you.”

Consort Ying and the empress stood together and even though the empress took care to maintain her looks, she was still, in the end, older by 20 years.

So when they stood side by side, it was more obvious how young and beautiful consort Ying was.

The emperor’s eyes fell on the two people before finally turning to consort Ying, waving his hands, “All rise. The empress and consort Ying, come to this emperor’s side.”

The empress and consort Ying moved in front but consort Ying leaned into the emperor’s embrace, causing the emperor to laugh out loud.

Then he turned to look at the people who had just greeted him in the hall.

His eyes finally turned to Lou Qingwu as they slightly darkened before he inspected her more carefully.

It was rare for him to look at someone so carefully but when his eyes fell on her newly braided up hair, his eye slit up, bring with them, a hint of joy and excitement.

“This is Qingwu, right. I heard from consort Ying that today was your coming of age ceremony so she dragged me here. She said no matter what, you saved her life so now I’ve come to take a look. You really are a beauty that could topple cities.”

“Subject-girl doesn’t dare to take that credit, it was all the Night Prince’s effort.” She looked down.

She knew what consort Ying’s aim was in bringing the emperor here today.

Her eyes slightly dimmed.

But she stood in a reserved manner, lightly and gently, like a stalk of a white lotus flower.

This caused the emperor to take a few more looks at her.

Then he finally turned to Feng Yege, “The Night Prince is also here, this is rare.”

“This prince also came here to join in on the celebrations.” The Night Prince spoke calmly but when he saw how the emperor was measuring up Lou Qingwu, he almost frowned, his eyes flashing disapproval.

But at this time, the consort Ying covered her mouth as she looked to the emperor, giggling, “Emperor, ah, didn’t you say that you had good news to announce? In the future, the palace will have a new little sister. Subject-concubine already can’t wait.” After speaking, she seemed to have glanced at Lou Qingwu, making the empress’ heart unexpectedly jump.

She’d originally had no idea what the emperor and consort Ying came for, but at this time, hearing consort Ying’s words …

She’d nearly guessed what they wanted.

Her fists tightened as she was shocked at how vicious consort Ying was, for her to be able to do something like this.

She really wanted to send Qingwu, that child, into the palace?

That truly was …

Feng Yege’s face coldened.

His long and slender fingers gripped the arm rest as he was about to rise from his chair.

Some time ago, Lan Bai had sneakily appeared behind him as she secretly passed a small letter to him.

Feng Yege’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he took it from her and opened it.

Four words were written in graceful handwriting, “Take care, don’t worry.”

The anger in his heart almost instantly abated.

He nearly forgot, how could Lou Qingwu let herself suffer anything?

Then he slowly turned to Lan Bai and gave her a look, slightly lifting his head.


TL note:  

Feng Yege, sweetheart.

The emperor’s literally like that gross guy who waits for girls to turn eighteen and swoops in. Gross.

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  1. Yep what a perv emperor :-(
    I can't wait for someone to topple him off his throne��

    1. That would be a bloody affair, unless he dies first πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

  2. -_- duh... where are assasins ninjas when you need them. Erm... helloo... good time to slash that emperor and that Ying slut.

  3. FY's pretty trusting though, cause this situation looks pretty untenable.

    Not even staying on guard to make sure he can shield LQW or anything, just flat out, waifu's got it. Okay. *thumbsup*

    1. Feng Yege knows that LQW would probably be able to handle it, he's still on stand by in case though 😣😣

  4. My ISP was fixed today and yey! I got to read 3 chapters.
    Thanks for the updates!~
    I wonder what kind of counter attack LQW is brewing for consort Ying's heinous schemes.
    I really want LQW and FY to be an official couple already. It is touching for LQW that FY is present in one of her important event in life. (´⌣`ΚƒΖͺ)

    1. You might want to hibernate for a month and then come back if you want to see LQW with Feng Yege 😭😭

    2. I can't that's too long.. _οΎ‰δΉ™(、ン、)_
      I'll just be content with there occasional PDA then. (´⌣`ΚƒΖͺ)

    3. Small morsels of affection every now and then πŸ’žπŸ’ž


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