TFDC Chapter 177.1

Chapter 177.1 - Right prime minister goes crazy

“Exactly what happened?” Ruan Zhen was frightened by the fear and unease in Lou Lianxin’s eyes.

“Mother, it’s not a place for humans to live in …” She retold what happened at the Li residence that night, shocking Ruan Zhen completely.

Li family’s affair had already been suppressed by the emperor.

Even though there were a few rumours swirling around, they ended up disappearing soon after.

Ruan Zhen had spent most of her time these few days, focusing on the baby in the fourth madam’s stomach.

She had no time to think of the rumours beyond the Lou residence.

The only time she’d left the residence was to go and buy safflower, but who knew that her daughter had suffered such a huge grievance.

Ruan Zhen was so angry her body was shaking.

She gripped Lou Lianxin’s hands, “Lian’er, don’t worry. I’ll definitely find a way for you!”

“Wuwuwuwu, thank you mother, mother, you’re the best!” Lou Lianxin ran into Ruan Zhen’s arms again, her tears falling down her face.

But behind those tears, her eyes were cold.

From today, she wouldn’t believe in a single person again.

No one deserved it.

Previously, her mother said she’d prepare a dowry but in the end, she married tragically and poorly.

Previously, Li Jingsheng said he’d treat her well forever, but once Lou Qingwu came, everything changed.

If they were all going to wrong her like that, then she’d let everyone die alongside her misfortunes!

At the same time, the Li family was a mess too.

This time, we’d have to go two hours back.

The right prime minister, Li Miao, was already so busy his head was spinning, because of the emperor’s phrase, ‘Let Su Gelao retire to the fields’.

And at this time, the housekeeper knocked on his door.

Li Miao’s hand was holding some books, his head still down, not even looking up at the housekeeper.

“Come in!”

“Laoye, someone sent in a box from outside, they said it had to be given to laoye personally.” The housekeeper pushed the door open and entered.

In his hands, was a beautiful sandalwood box.

It wasn’t big or small, rectangular, and there were were some strange ancient carvings on the top, it looked especially exquisite and expensive.

“What type of person sent it?” Li Miao looked up to glance at it.

People below him would often send gifts to try and flatter him.

Li Miao was already used to it, he didn’t mind it so much.

“This, this old servant doesn’t know. But a very young gentleman sent it and said that once laoye took a look at it, you would know who sent it.”

“Oh?” Li Miao’s interest was piqued.

For someone to send a gift, and to be this mysterious?

He was suddenly very interested in what was inside.

He put down the writing brush in his hand and leaned back in his chair, his hands waving in the air, “Open it and take a look.”

The box slowly opened, revealing what was inside.

But with only a single eye, Li Miao suddenly sat upright, his eyes widening in fear and shock as he looked at the box.

Not too long later, an inconsolable and heartbreaking howl pierced the air from inside the study.


“Lao, laoye?!” The housekeeper was shocked.

He didn’t understand what kind of thing would make Li Miao suddenly go crazy.

He stretched his neck to take a look at the box before suddenly, like he’d seen a ghost, threw the box as far as he could.

The box hit the ground hard, bursting open as the thing inside of the box rolled out.

It was a human head.


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  1. ... I guess his son? whose name I can't be bothered to go back to look for. (... or if it's mentioned more recently, still can't be bothered xD)

  2. yorozuyaginchan22 April 2018 at 02:21

    The son who LQW skinned and made a display of.

  3. Ziqing? or just random head with Ziqing's skin mask?
    It's been.. months? when he died right? I can't imagine his head-body still intact...
    _(´ΰ½€`」 ∠)_

    Thanks for the updates.

    1. Li Ziqing, congrats on remembering the cannon fodder's name ✨✨

      It has only been a few weeks? Time passes very slowly in this novel πŸ’€πŸ’€

    2. WTF! Ξ£(οΎŸΠ”οΎŸ)
      Weeks!? I thought months.. maybe I'm mixing up her previous and present timeline.

    3. I would think so because her fifteenth birthday hasn't even come yet.

      We get to see a character from a previous arc pop up again too 🀧🀧


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