TFDC Chapter 164.2

Chapter 164.2 - Two people split apart

So she was betting, that Feng Yege didn’t want her to know.

Feng Yege’s face slightly paled, “So even if you know, that’s fine. My intent was to help you this whole time.”

“That way, ah.” Lou Qingwu’s started to laugh.

“Then, Night Prince, do you know that I’m just using you? Like now. I’m using you right now. Look, something just has to happen to me, and you’ll appear. Isn’t that just great?”

“... Junior sister, what are you trying to say?” Feng Yege’s voice was a bit hoarse, suddenly feeling like the girl in front of him was someone he didn’t recognise.

She was like a stranger, he suddenly felt like he’d never seen through her at all.

“It’s nothing much but I just hate how you always try to show that you care. Do you know what I want to do? I want to marry Xiahou Qing but every single time, you come and mess up my plans. So sometimes I’m just so annoyed, because I originally didn't want to say this but up to this point, let’s just lay it open between us. I don’t want to see you again. Not even a bit.” Her eyes were deep as she watched Feng Yege.

She looked at him unblinkingly, “And your concern … I don’t need it, not at all.”

Feng Yege’s face completely paled, his jade-like handsome face was shockingly white.

His pale lips were pursed together, his eyes almost dazed as he watched the girl in front of him, spit words like poison.

This, was really the junior sister he knew?

It was clearly the same face, but the words were like knives that sharply slashed into his heart.

Her eyes were so cold that they could hurt people.

He suddenly felt his emotions were a mess.

She was clearly speaking but why did it have to suddenly go to Xiahou Qing?

To his concern for her …

“Junior sister.” He forced himself to calm down.

Feng Yege struggled to speak, “It’s too late tonight, let’s talk about this tomorrow.”

“But I’m too lazy to say it a second time. Feng Yege, do you really not understand what I’m saying? I don’t want to see you. Your appearance is ruining my plans.”

“What plans? Your senior brother can help you.”

“Does it have anything to do with you?” She coldly spat out.

Lou Qingwu’s eyes concentrated on him.

But when she saw how hard he was suppressing himself, the veins in his hands popping because he was trying hard to restrain himself.

A piece of her chest suddenly felt empty, it hurt so much that she was going numb.

She slowly tightened her hands into a fist, forcing herself to remain cold towards Feng Yege.

She didn’t want to say these things but after tonight, she felt like she couldn’t get closer to Feng Yege any more.

The closer she got, the softer she was towards him.

Time after time, she’d go against her original plans.

She nearly wanted to tell everything to Feng Yege.

When she was about to move tonight, her mind even flashed to Feng Yege’s face.

When her hands were drenched with fresh blood, she hated this version of herself.

His appearance, represented her softening heart and towards her revenge, a soft heart was the biggest blockage.

So if it wasn’t for her purposely trying to get closer to him and using him, he would’ve followed his original plans to leave the capital.

He would’ve continued to be his carefree and happy Night Prince, he wouldn’t have fallen to being trapped into the power games of the capital.

None of this was originally supposed to involve him.

So, just leave …

She didn’t want to see him hurt, time after time, for her.

Because her heart would soften every time.

And every time her heart softened, it meant she was a step further away from her revenge.

She was even scared that at that time, she’d be too soft-hearted to … not marry Xiahou Qing!

He was her weakness so she had to rip him out herself, send him to a place where she couldn’t reach for him.

This way, she could be even more ruthless, even more … emotionless.


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  1. Oh LQW, you're being way too hard on yourself... If you wanted to get revenge on these jerks, FY would gladly help you out along the way.

    There's no need to carry everything yourself. Let's see how long this goes on before something breaks. ... something that isn't LQW XD

    1. LQW just doesn't wanna drag Feng Yege in her mess but it's just making everything worse 💀💀💀

  2. Aiiii... the best revenge to your enemy is for yourself to live well sleep well and days filled with happiness.

    1. Except Xiahou Qing is actively plotting against LQW and Feng Yege so they have to do something 😭😭

  3. *sobs* my heart is breaking for feng yeye.

  4. What's the novel? Is it translated? Anywayssss qinwu how can you do this??? Youre so heartless ������

    1. It's not translated yet, it's still fairly new ~300 chapters. I'm considering translating it after WNSYM finishes 💗💗

  5. So the torture already started
    FY hold on <3 <3 Be strong T^T

    Thx for the ch <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Feng Yege needs to hold on for quite a while 😭🤧🤧

  6. She loves him. She doesn't want him tainted or accused for anything she is doing. she should leave with Feng YeGe and make a life together

    1. But then we'd see Xiahou Qing happy and being the emperor with LLX 💀😣😣

  7. Such a fool, why marry that ex. Just the thoughts make my skin crawl. She can still get revenge without using her body. Ugh mad at her now.

    1. Don't worry, Feng Yege will save her in time 💖💖

  8. Why...why does their love have to be so complicated? Drama, drama, and more drama. (That's what I cam here for.) Thank you very much translator!


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