TFDC Chapter 178.2

Chapter 178.2 - Lost their left arm

“The people that we sent over said that when the third prince received news about Miss Shangguan, he was so angry that he nearly jumped out of bed. He probably only just remembered that he still had heavy injuries, so he forced himself to lie down. In the end, he dispatched people over to the palace to check the news. Master, the third prince would definitely investigate thoroughly, what do we do?”

“Tell our people to retreat. Temporarily, apart from Shangguan Yiyun’s affair, don’t do anything else.” These two affairs were already enough for Li Jingsheng and Xiahou Qing to be busy for a while.

“Yes. I’ll go organise that now. When Miss Shangguan’s funeral passes, then we’ll immediately send her out of the capital with gentleman Zhou.”

“Go organise it. After a while, find a way to get Li Jingsheng to admit to killing Li Ziqing. At that time, if Li Jingsheng wants to redeem himself … it’d be hard.” Li Jingsheng was Xiahou Qing’s person.

If we chopped off Li Jingsheng, this left arm, it’d be enough for Xiahou Qing to choke on for a while.

“Master, then we just don’t do anything for now?” After Thousand Face left, Lan Bai couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course not. Xiahou Qing’s laid down a trap for me. If I don’t step into it, wouldn’t it be a waste of his time and energy? Get ready, we’re heading to the third prince’s residence today.”

She’d spent so much time on this, so how could she not go and aggravate that Xiahou Qing?

Just thinking about his twisted face in frustration, but not being able to vent it out, made her feel like everything was worth it.

-- Third prince’s residence


After Xiahou Qing heard the report, he smashed some medicine over at the guard.

The porcelain broke into pieces on the reporting guard.

But the guard didn’t move an inch as he quietly kneeled down, accepting Xiahou Qing’s fury.

Xiahou Qing huffed as his chest heaved, so angry that his heart started to hurt.


Exactly who was it that kept messing up his plans from the shadows?

Time after time, messing everything up, they definitely weren’t simple!

“Continue to investigate! You definitely have to pluck that person out! I don’t care how you do it, but if you don’t, don’t even think about coming back!”


The guard quickly retreated.

Xiahou Qing then hit his chest with his fist, forcing himself to calm down.

He’d already reached this step so he definitely wouldn’t let this random just come and destroy all of his efforts!

“Go to the justice department, the military department. Tell them to keep an eye out. If there’s anything that happens in the palace or in the capital that is strange, tell them to immediately report to me!

“Yes, this subordinate will go do that now.”

When the guards had left the room, Xiahou Qing then angrily yanked a chair and threw it at the door.

But just at that moment, the housekeeper suddenly knocked at his door.

“Master, Miss Lou is here.”

“En?” Xiahou Qing’s brows furrowed. What was she doing here?

He suddenly sat up, tearing open his wounds again.

Then he remembered he was still pretending to be injured and sick, so she was probably here to visit him.

He sucked in a deep breath as he looked at the broken pieces of furniture and mess around him.

His voice was low, “Take Miss Lou to the main hall. Tell her, I’ll be there soon. Also, send two people who are nimble and fast to quickly sweep clean this room.”

“Yes! This servant will go do that now.”

Once the doorway was cleared, Xiahou Qing then sat up.

He called a maidservant to clothe him and when he’d regained his usual composure, stepped out of his room and towards the main hall.


TL note:  

A random snatching his efforts - the term used here is “Chen Yaojin” which is basically someone who happens to be there at the right time, at the right place and wins by pure chance. So here, LQW is the Chen Yaojin and Xiahou Qing is cursing her out.

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