TFDC Chapter 179.2

Chapter 179.2 - Love rivals meet

Lou Qingwu quickly stood up to help him soothe his chest.

When Xiahou Qing finally calmed down, Lou Qingwu seemed to have realised they were a bit too close and quickly stepped backwards and nodded her head.

Xiahou Qing smiled warmly at her but because of too much blood loss, his face was much more pale than usual so it wasn’t too much like his usual smile.

Instead, he looked a bit more fragile and delicate.

It really made you want to take a second look at him.

He took a step forward first before hearing some steps behind him.

His mouth curled up in a cocky smile.

They all said that romantic words were best said under a beautiful moon next to some flowers.

But it was broad daylight in his residence so there was no moon.

However, the only thing he wasn’t lacking, was flowers.

Once he reached his garden, he’d take the opportunity to saw a few more coaxing and romantic words.

He definitely didn’t believe that Lou Qingwu wouldn’t fall head over heels for him.

Then as long as she fell in love with him and she had no other allegiances, he’d have an extra trump card in his hands.

With her face, it really wasn’t too much of a burden.

As long as she attracted a few other people, then he’d be able to make a profit.

Women, ah, you just have to coax them a bit.

When he becomes emperor, he’ll have three thousand in his imperial chambers, a ten thousand mile jiangshan awaits him!

Just thinking about it made the gloominess in Xiahou Qing’s heart evaporate.

The two people walked towards the gardens in the front courtyard.

An eight cornered pavilion appeared with blooming chrysanthemums, they blossomed brilliantly in white clusters.

Lou Qingwu looked dazedly at the beautiful scenery in front of her, as if she really was shocked by its beauty.

Her eyes slightly swayed before her fists tightly gripped together.

A sudden malevolent urge rose up, she suddenly wanted to push that man into the chrysanthemum clusters, destroying those carefully designed chrysanthemums.

She didn’t like those brocade chrysanthemums.

From the moment she was reborn, she didn’t like them.

In her past life, she grew tons of them in the palace because Xiahou Qing liked him.

But because of a single word from Lou Lianxin, he destroyed all of those chrysanthemums and replanted peony flowers instead.

Back then, she thought that he just didn’t want her to clash with Lou Lianxin.

But now, looking back, it seemed like they’d already been together much earlier than she’d thought.

Only she was stupid enough to still think that he was thinking of her.

Looking back at how stupid she was, she really wanted to choke herself to death.

“Qingwu?” Xiahou Qing had some time ago, turned around to face her.

He just happened to catch the flash of hurt in her eyes as his brows furrowed.

“En?” Lou Qingwu returned to her senses, silently wiping away at her forehead.

“I just suddenly felt a bit faint. What happened? Did third prince just say something?”

“Faint? Do you feel unwell?” Xiahou Qing saw that she really did look unwell and finally felt relieved.

He didn’t think that such a small girl would have so many schemes.

He purposely helped support her as he carefully asked about her health.

His handsome face looked worried. “I”ll help you over to inside the pavilion so you can rest for a bit.”

“En.” If she was going to fake it, she had to make it look a bit real.

Lou Qingwu supported her forehead as she let him support her into the pavilion.

But she hadn’t said anything before Xiahou Qing sat next to her and gripped her hands.

The two people sat extremely close to each other, Lou Qingwu was nearly inside his arms.

Their breaths were nearly mingled together as her head started hurting.

She really had to keep resisting the urge to push him away ….

Just at this time, a mocking sound was heard behind them, “Brother, I was about to say, why couldn’t I find you inside your room? It turns out you were here with Qingwu little sister. Hahaha, did I interrupt you? Do I have to give you two space?”

Ye Ji’s tone was a bit ambiguous and hinting, her knowing smile made Lou Qingwu’s brows furrow.

She turned to face Ye Ji but just as Lou Qingwu’s eyes fell on her, her body suddenly stiffened.

She quickly looked down as she tried to hide her emotions before looking up.

When she looked up, her eyes were watery and shy, “Miss … Ye Ji, don’t speak nonsense.”

Ye Ji’s smile became even more suggestive, as if she didn’t think it was enough, she looked at the two people leaning close to each other and her eyes grew sly.

Suddenly, she hugged the arm of the man next to her, “Brother Ye, why don’t you say, don’t you think Qingwu little sister and big brother match together really well?”


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  1. Aww.. sad to hear about your mother already leaving >_<; schedules can be so cruel.

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  2. It's a win for Feng Ye Ge But a loss for Qingwu because she's trying to convince Xiahao Qing that she likes him.

    1. It's barely a win for Feng Yege because LQW won't give up on Xiahou Qing 😭😭

      (so he's just torturing himself by being here 😫😫)

    2. You’re a bit unfair... even though it’s her choice, is Qingwu not torturing herself too?

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  3. aw... why not just explain it to FY so they can make plans together than hurt each other... so sad!!

    1. Because Feng Yege would definitely not agree 😬😬

  4. Just binged through all the chapters. Really like sappy, melodramatic love stories like this one. And the translation is also good, I was laughing at most of your comments at the end of each chapter. Just posting this to show my sincere appreciation

    1. Forgot to say this... Reading this hurts. I can't wait for her to just tear apart Xiahou Quing damn him! And why can't she just be honest with her senior brother?! Ugh.

    2. I'm glad someone appreciates my lil comments 💞💞

    3. Feng Yege would be vehemently opposed to seducing Xiahou Qing and LQW doesn't want Feng Yege wrapped up in her mess. A bit too late though 😭😩


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