TFDC Chapter 179.1

Chapter 179.1 - Love rivals meet

Lou Qingwu followed the housekeeper into the main hall and waited inside.

Fifteen minutes hadn’t even passed before she heard Xiahou Qing’s weak and feeble voice from outside the doorway, “Qingwu, you’ve come?”

Lou Qingwu turned around, her eyes falling on Xiahou Qing.

Her eyes were warm, a few parts reserved and a few parts aloof as she acted out the perfect girl who had just seen her beloved sweetheart.

It was like a shy girl who wanted to be reserved but couldn’t help but be attracted to him.

Xiahou Qing’s eagle eyes lit up.

When he reached her, he started to cough violently, gripping his chest as his handsome face paled.

Lou Qingwu quickly hurried to support him as Xiahou Qing went to grab her hands.

Lou Qingwu tried to weakly pull away and struggle as her little face flushed red, even more charming than peach blossoms in bloom.

Xiahou Qing’s eyes darkened as he silently let go of her.

Lou Qingwu then sat back in her original seat, biting down on her lips as she softly spoke, “Third prince, is your body getting better?”

“Not yet.” Xiahou Qing sickly shook his head.

His warm eyes held regret, “Qingwu, don’t worry too much about me. I’ve already made my peace with my fate.”

“Third prince, don’t say that. Today, Qingwu’s here to tell the third prince that I’ve found a method, but …”

“But?” Xiahou Qing’s eyes brightened.

“But I still need to test it out.  So I temporarily can’t try it out on the third prince’s body yet.”

“Oh? What test?” Xiahou Qing’s eyes fell on her body gently, his tone soft as if he was scared that he’d scare the girl in front of him.

Lou Qingwu slightly lowered her eyes, biting her bottom lip as if she was in deep thought.

She finally lifted up her head as her watery eyes fell on Xiahou Qing, and as if she decided on something, slightly tightened her fists and slowly spoke.

“Third prince, don’t worry. Qingwu will definitely think of a way.”

“Qingwu …” Xiahou Qing’s eyes were gloating as he looked at her lovingly, “With that phrase, even if I die, I’ll be at peace.”

Lou Qingwu’s eyes flashed cold as she resisted the urge to dry heave, but she held it in as she calmly shook her head.

Her eyes were dark and filled with sorrow and were slightly lovestruck.

Xiahou Qing froze as he met her eyes, his heart slightly beating faster.

It was like something warm was spreading from his heart but he quickly shook it off.

How could he like something that he was just going to use?

“Qingwu, my heart feels a bit sore. Ye Ji’s not here either so can you accompany me to walk around the garden?” Xiahou Qing hit his chest a bit as if he couldn’t breathe properly.

Lou Qingwu quickly stood up to help him soothe his chest.

When Xiahou Qing finally calmed down, Lou Qingwu seemed to have realised they were a bit too close and quickly stepped backwards and nodded her head.


TL note:  

Xiahou Qing’s finally starting to fall in love with LQW.

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  1. yorozuyaginchan26 April 2018 at 19:03

    Don't give a F if he falls in love with her. All I care is how she gonna take revenge on him.

  2. If he falls far her then her revenge will be much more sweeter..I really look forward to that..

    1. Yeah, because she loved him so much and he so cruelly murdered her. He deserves a grieving heart before death

    2. The moment when he realises he was betrayed, is sweet 😏💞

    3. He deserves to feel betrayed and battered down 🤧🤧

  3. Hmph. Third princey should really decide properly if he wants her or if he wants to use her, they're rather mutually exclusive concepts =P

    Still if he falls for her, it would be rather poetic justice for her past life's injustice.

    1. LQW and her sneaky ways, making him feel conflicted 😤😤

      (he will fall for her because he's poop💩)

  4. I wonder who are these love rivals..
    Is it FY and XQ? or LQW and Ye Ji?

    I want the sweetest revenge for her. I can't forget her son who died because of them. If I could jump straight into the novel I'll strangle both (XQ and LLX) of them myself after giving them a couple of a beating.

    1. Surprise, why not both 👀👀

      LQW being happy is the best revenge (and foiling his dumb plots) 🔪🔪


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