TFDC Chapter 35.2

Chapter 35.2 - The crime of deceiving the emperor

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This person’s words were like a clap of thunder, suddenly sounding in the middle of everyone.

Everyone was shocked as they turned around, facing towards where the sound was heard and in only an eye, all were dumbstruck.

They only saw a person slowly enter the palace, clothed in white silk brocade, showing the person’s tall and slim figure.

His eyes and eyebrows were clean and handsome like a deep pool, deep enough for someone to sink in.

His face was incomparably handsome, his clothes fluttered as he walked like a deity descended on earth.

When he came closer, everyone saw his face clearly and they all couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

It was actually the Night Prince --- Feng Yege.

This Feng Yege was Dongyu country’s only succeeding prince, he had been bestowed the title of prince from a young age even though he didn’t desire the title.

He normally liked to travel and had medical skills that were like a godly doctor.

His hand’s “plum blossom needles” could raise the dead to the living, and the people called him Yege gongzi.

His medical skills could even allow for him to be called the number one godly doctor, but he was intensely secretive and wouldn’t easily show off his skills.

This was because he saved the empress dowager once and had gained her trust.

His looks and bearing were also excellent which meant that a lot of noble girls were secretly in love with him, he was truly a gentle, elegant and noble gongzi.

The last time they had seen the Night Prince was five years ago.

They didn’t think that the Night Prince would actually personally come for the emperor’s birthday banquet.

“Yege?” The emperor was also quite shocked, he didn’t think that he’d be able to see him at the palace tonight.

“When did you come back? This emperor hadn’t received news …”

“Emperor.” Feng Yege stood by the emperor’s side and respectfully called out his title.

His eyes and eyebrows brought a hint of gentleness, but those who knew him, would know that his bones brought a slight hint of distancing and coldness.

His gentleness seemed to only be a facade, “Because I hadn’t determined my itinerary, so I didn’t let anyone know. I hope that I still came in time.”

The emperor thought of his godly medical skills as didn’t worry about others, only quickly stepping towards Feng Yege, almost anxiously, “Yege, help this emperor look, Ning’er miscarried and these dog servants said she’s already … this emperor didn’t believe it. You’re the godly doctor, see if she can still live? This emperor can’t live without her!”

The emperor’s last words made everyone in the room’s faces change completely.

And the empress who was still kneeling on the ground felt like her heart was stopped by something, her face showing a bit of despair.

Feng Yege made the emperor first calm down, then he would see if he could save her after he had a look at her.

The emperor quickly told people to step to the side as he followed Feng Yege towards the inner palace.

The main eunuch Liu Jing wanted to stop the emperor, afraid that the blood and filth would dirty the emperor, but the emperor kicked him aside.

Feng Yege’s cold and clear face didn’t show any emotions, but his phoenix eyes stopped on a girl who stood silently.

In a moment, his eyes flashed a light.

When he stepped closer to her, he unexpectedly picked up the pot of no sons grass from her hands and passed it to an imperial guard.

“You, follow this prince.”

Throwing down a phrase, he walked into the palace hall.

Right until after he left, Lou Qingwu then lifted up her head and furrowed her brow at his silhouette.

For a long time, she didn’t return back to her senses.

At some unknown time, a person stood to her side.

“Don’t worry, the Night Prince opened his mouth and said that he would help you, so first enter and see.”

Xiahou Rui thought that she was worried so he tried to comfortingly reminded her.

But even he didn’t understand why this Night Prince, who hadn’t returned for five years, would suddenly return back to the capitol and at this time.

Furthermore, there were rumours that only a few people would be able to move the rumoured Night Prince.

He was rumoured to be proud, aloof and indifferent, and even him, a prince, hadn’t seen him for more than a few times.

So the fact that he was willing to help someone he had never even seen, was very strange.


TL note

The male lead is too cool, farewell Xiahou Rui~ you can die now

Feng Yege --- In Chinese, it’s much more descriptive. He’s not a prince in the traditional sense, i.e not the emperor’s son and has a completely different surname to the royal surname. But he is indeed a prince/duke - still tossing up which term to use. His title is one that is succeeded from his father so his father was the original Night Prince, and Feng Yege inherited the Night Prince title when his father died.

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