TFDC Chapter 48.2

Chapter 48.2 - Being flirted with

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The whole capital all knew this and back then, how many people wasted their fortunes just to see the Night Prince just once?

And even then, how many people actually were able to see him?

Lou Qingwu heard this but her eyes only get darker and didn’t explain. Instead, she changed the topic, “What was our aim for today when we went to the Night Prince’s residence?”

“To make the Night Prince agree to save Su Sheng.”

“Then did he agree?”

“Agreed.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so carefree as to delve into gossip with his master.

“Then seeing as our aim was achieved, anything else can wait until after the Tang family’s case is resolved.”

“.... Okay.” Thousand face scratched his head, seeing his master this calm, maybe he was overthinking it.

But he still felt like there was something fishy.

This Night Prince seemed to be extremely generous towards his master.

Everyone else found it harder to meet the Night Prince than to step on the sky, but the master only asked once, and she was able to see him.

Furthermore, she only had to be a maid for him to save someone who wasn’t of any importance.

No matter how he looked at it, it was the Night Prince who got the short end of the stick.

But this Night Prince already agreed so that wasn’t their fault.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew his master and the Night Prince had never really interacted, he definitely would’ve thought that the Night Prince knew her.

The next day, Lou Qingwu personally pushed Su Sheng to Qingge Little Building.

However, this time, she didn’t follow the housekeeper to see Feng Yege.

Lou Qingwu waited until Su Sheng’s figure completely disappeared past the door frame, then she turned around and went to the front courtyard.

If she remembered correctly, that area was full of purple iris blooms.

She wanted to confirm if the iris blooms were of the same species as the ones she’d seen before.

On her way there, the light wind blew her clothes and they fluttered as if they were about to fly away.

The whole Qingge building didn’t have any maids or servants but because of this, she felt extremely free to do whatever she liked.

When she reached the front courtyard, the purple iris bloom’s sweet scent floated past.

She lifted up her eyes and it was like she’d been bewitched by all of the blooms.

She leaned closer as she crouched down, her icy cold finger brushed past an iris’ petal.

She only needed to look a little closer before her eyes flashed dark, it isn’t?

Indeed, she had been overthinking.

She was dazed as she looked at the iris blooms and suddenly, not knowing what Lou Qingwu thought, her heart and eyes seemed empty.

It was like she fell into an endless stream of thoughts.

Suddenly, a burst of sounds came from behind the little building.

Lou Qingwu came back to her senses as she looked over.

The little building’s door had been pushed open as the sounds became clearer.

A girl’s arrogant voice sounded, “This countess came here today to see brother Ye, whoever dares to stop this countess will get whipped! All of you, get away from this countess!”

“Countess, you can’t just charge in here like this, the prince will slaughter this old servant!”

“Get away!” The girl’s face was unhappy. She wore a rainbow coloured smoky gauze skirt which matched her brightly coloured, exquisite face.

Her hands gripped a golden iron whip and her eyes were impossibly arrogant and disdainful.

In only an eye, she swept past and suddenly saw the crouched down Lou Qingwu.

Her face suddenly changed, especially when she saw Lou Qingwu petting Feng Yege’s most beloved purple irises.

She seemed to get even angrier, as if she had personally planted them herself, “Lou Qingwu, what are you doing?!”

Lou Qingwu then reacted, slowly standing up and slightly bowing, “Countess of Chaoxia”

“This countess is asking what you were doing?!”

The Countess of Chaoxia’s face was green as she stomped with her soft boots over, her exquisitely painted eyes watched Lou Qingwu alertly.


TL note:

The troublesome countess is back and has a crush on Feng Yege. Lou Qingwu’s first love rival has appeared.

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