TFDC Chapter 43.2

Chapter 43.2 - Girl with a disfigured face

Time could heal wounds and it could also cover up any filthy affairs.

She was also very clear that Ruan Zhen wouldn’t just take it all lying down.

She wasn’t able to kill her once, so there definitely would be a second time.

So even if she didn’t go provoking them, they’d definitely come to her door and flay her skin, rip out her bones.

In that case, what she would need to do would be just to wait for them.

In the near foreseeable future, the most important thing that she had to deal with was how to grab the files from the Tang family’s affairs all those years ago.

Thousand face had gone to Jiangyin and still hadn’t come back, but she only sent him to confirm something she had been suspicious about.

The result of that investigation was something she had actually already guessed but the next step would be deciding where to strike Mu Yunqing at.

“Tang Er, go investigate where Mu Yunqing likes to hang around.” If there weren’t any roads, she could only follow her gut feeling.

As long as one part of Mu Yunqing loosens up, then that whole problem would solve itself easily.

“Yes, this subordinate will send people to investigate. Eldest miss, Jin shopkeeper wants you to go visit ‘Number One Jinsi Building” if you have time. This year’s newest designs have come out and she wanted you to first choose the ones you like.”

“Okay.” Lou Qingwu’s eyes fell on the jewellery box in front of her, her eyes moved and decided to seize the day. “Then we’ll go today.”

When Lou Qingwu left Jinsi building, the sky was already beginning to get dark.

The golden rays of the sunset fell on her body, it looked like she was awash with a golden light.

She wore a face veil to cover her face and Tang Er followed behind her, also disguising his face.

The two people looked like an ordinary master-servant pair, except that Tang Er held a jewellery box with the newest and best jewellery pieces that even the most high ranked housewives hadn’t seen.

Lou Qingwu had only taken a few steps before she heard fighting sounds break out from a nearby embroidery store, a pleading sound was also interspersed between it all, “I’m begging you, please sell that wedding gown to my miss, this is all of the money that we have! Please, I’m begging you!”
“I already said that I’m not selling, not selling! You don’t have enough money and you want to wear good clothes? You’re really full of it. I’m repeating, even if I sell it to you, your miss wearing it would be a waste of such a good wedding gown anyway …”

“You! You, how could you could you say that?”

“What? Did I say something wrong? Look at your miss’ face,“ He clicked her tongue. Such an ugly face, who would want to marry her?”

Even if there was someone willing to marry her, having his best wedding gown on her body would be an extreme waste. Furthermore, they couldn’t even afford the cost of the gown, so he just wanted them to leave.

The servant girl was so angered by the shopkeeper’s words, her face flushed and her eyes became even redder, shuddering and stuttering, “You, how could you say that, you know, my miss, back then … “

“Little bell, it’s okay.” Just as the servant girl was about to speak, the silent girl next to her suddenly opened her mouth.

When she spoke, even the bystanders all froze.

What type of heavenly voice was that? It was like the sweetest oriole crying out, it could even be heard after three days.

The listeners all felt like their bones were about to go soft, the voice was that soft and sweet.

Even the shopkeeper clearly froze, checking the girl in the wheelchair up and down again.

Her dark hair hung around her face, she looked as if she was already twenty, but still wore her hair like an unmarried girl, it was strange that she was of that age and still unmarried.

Her eyes and face didn’t have any powder, but still seemed alluring.

This girl’s identity was quite clearly high and the shopkeeper laughed strangely.

But when his eyes fell on her paralysed legs as well as that veil covered disfigured half of her face, he pityingly shrugged his shoulders.

He clicked his tongue as he rubbed his chin, “Then what about this, your voice isn’t bad. Can you play a song? If you give this lord a song, I’ll reluctantly sell that wedding gown to you.”

As his words fell, the girl on the wheelchair’s face suddenly changed, the scar covered hands death gripped the handles as her face lowered completely.

But even then, you could still feel her strong rejection.


TL note:

I’m going to shorten Number One Jinsi Building to just Jinsi building because adding the ‘number one’ makes it kinda tacky.

The servant’s name is Ling Dang which means little bell and I feel like using it English shows how trivial the name is, and how little worth the servant has but also how close the master-servant seem.

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